Top 10 Must-have Apps When Visiting Canada

Akansha Pandey
Published on May 15, 2018 in App Development
Top 10 must-have apps when visiting Canada

Visitors often face hindrances during their stay in a foreign land, especially if they are not familiar with the local dialect. And if they are not cautious enough, they are likely to fall a victim to fraudsters and tricksters. Top mobile application development companies across the world did quite an extensive market research to understand such issues that often go unrecognized.

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Their hard work and dedication resulted in following apps that fall under the ‘Must-have’ list of mobile app development services that must occupy a space in your smartphone when visiting a new place for the first time.

The Culture Trip

This is an online travel and magazine. The app is filled with articles and guides written by individuals local to the area that give briefs on places-of-interest so that any new visitor can have tons of knowledge before dropping off at a new location.


Visiting different places entails a full-time vehicle at your service. Afterall, Canada is not a small town which could be covered in a day on foot. Sometimes, tourists depend on car-services provided by the hotel but that can go heavy on the pocket. For that reason, you should install a cab-booking app like Uber and easily travel across the entire country with your personal cab but at cheaper rates. What’s more, one can easily order dinner from UberEats easily if the service is available in the locality where you live.

Air Canada

This app, however, has been designed only for iPhone users and offers many services across the singular platform. Not necessarily Canada, but rather any other place one wishes to travel. Air Canada proves to be the most helpful app that allows riders to check-in directly to the flight right from their smartphone. Booking, finding and tracking of flights, upgrading to the executive class, selecting seats on the flight to purchasing items on the flight etc, are a few of the other services are catered to right from the same app.


This is the definitely unique concept that struck the mobile app developer involved with building such an app. Often, it is not possible to book a hotel at certain places without shedding off quite a few bucks unnecessarily. Therefore, seeking out cheap rooms is easier and pocket-friendly on Airbnb. Residents do advertise for spare rooms in their home or an entire apartment for rent located at amazing places but price extremely cheap and friendly.

Top 10 must-have apps when visiting Canada


Visiting a new place for the first time calls for tasting the mouth watering delicacies local to the place of concern. Not necessarily, the local delicacies are available in the hotel where you are put up with. Just take a walk outside to find out which are the places available to satiate your gastronomy. Then again, preparing beforehand the offers available at what prices and discounts etc. from the eat-outs listed near to the hotel can save you a lot of time. Else, get the food delivered right to your room.

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What if you fail to own a proper cab-booking app? There are other cab services which are available for rent when visiting Canada or any other place. This free app has been designed keeping in mind the needs of both Android as well as iOS users. Such an app may not fetch rented cars for you, but can feed real-time information about bad traffic, closed roads, accidents, and diversions from other drivers to help your driver take you safely across the place in the absence of proper working GPS. This is like a social-media forum for cab drivers.


Choosing the right place to stay is yet another headache for tourists visiting Canada for the very first time. Availing the best hotels and even greater places to dine out is what TripAdvisor takes care of. This is undoubtedly the most helpful app for travelers if they want to have a good experience when visiting a foreign land.

River Belle Online Casino

Games are the perfect spare-time killers. When traveling long distance by either bus or train, you might need an extra accessory to pass the time. Therefore, switch over to games such as River Belle Online Casino, which helps players become an expert gambler without the fear of losing a penny.

Explore Canada like a Local

When you are visiting a new land, you do your homework carefully and list out the places that are worth paying a visit to. However, hiring a local guide can take you through the key tourist attraction places. Educating oneself on the local areas is done mostly by this particular app. The smartphone user can easily browse through the mobile app development framework for different locations and search for the places of interests there. Different themes, user-submitted lists and live maps etc. are available for any traveler to search for key places near to the user’s location. This is definitely a free iPhone app.

Whaddaya App

Understanding the local dialect can prove to be the most difficult task. In fact, the Newfoundlanders have quite a thick and unique accent, which is sometimes difficult to decipher. Whaddaya app comes to the rescue for those travelers who visit the land for the first time. However, this app charges $0.99 but is definitely a quick, simple and funny app to access. Available for both Android and iPhone users.

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Key Takeaways

The North-American country, stretching across the sprawling landscapes from the U.S. in the south to the Artics in the north, is the homeland for the rugged ranges of the Rockies and roaring water of the Niagara Falls. Housing a population of approximately 3.63 crores (2016), Canada is definitely a proud owner of some of the mobile app development companies of the world. These companies have served the mobile application requirement of the masses even beyond the borders of the Rockies. Visiting such a place where the language is spoken is divergent is tough for individual travelers. The mentioned mobile apps can prove to be the ‘best guide in disguise' for them, even if the app developers in Canada may not have contributed towards building them at all. Keeping oneself well-versed with the tradition and culture, immunized with the correct equipment and methods to counter any challenges successfully, is the sign of an ideal traveler. In modern times, these mentioned apps can actually help anyone serve the same purpose.

Next time, if you happen to visit an unknown place, make sure your smartphone has the right set of apps installed prior to the commencement of the journey.

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