Top 10 Customer retention strategies to boost sales

Anshul Sharma
Anshul Sharma, CEO & Business Head at Fluper Limited
Published on Aug 07, 2019 in Mobile App Marketing

Do you know acquiring a new customer is easy than retaining an existing customer? If no, then you will be surprised to know that most of the entrepreneurs already know this and it’s time you should too! It is also a well-proven fact that keeping customers is a tougher job than acquiring a new customer.

While there’s a set of strategies for acquiring new customers, but it is the customer retention rate which will constantly result in greater sales. To stay genuine and keep your best customers contented, it’s important to continuously change and optimize your customer retention strategies. Everything from customer marketing to changing your Omni-channel approach can help you improve your customer retention and increase trust and loyalty.

Before we jump any further into the best strategies to boost your business sales rate, let’s understand customer retention.

What is customer retention?

Most of the businesses around the world believe that if they have a great brand value or service, then customer retention will follow obviously. Yes, good services and products help you to retain customers up to some extent but, sooner or later, your customers may just … leave. So what you need is to implement some customer retention strategies in your business.

Because if you stop trying your best, your customers ultimately start feeling that you no longer care about them. Having an efficient maintenance program gives you the knack to identify, track and sell more to the customers who are most expected to become your lasting sources of revenue. In short, the retention strategy helps you build customer relationships and most prominently maximize revenue for your business.

Below listed are some of the finest customer retention strategies which can help your business.

Give preference to customer experience

In the mobile app development marketplace, most of the brands today may think they build their brands around their customers, but in reality, they only listen to less than 1 percent of their customer base, which we call the “vocal minority.” That means that the voice of more than about 99 percent of their customers is neglected and their advice and loyalty are not prioritized.  So to boost the retention rate, you need to first understand your customers.

Proactive engagement strategies

Most of the entrepreneurs believe that the key to customer engagement is messaging. Keeping your customers updated with the latest news and offers to keep them engaged with your mobile app. When customers are busy in an intelligent way, the results speak for themselves. When it comes to customer retention, how you engage your customers matters just as much as what you message your customers. From the past few years, Android app development has helped the businesses to boost customer retention rates in an intelligent, appropriate, and contextually significant manner.

Give attention to Customer reviews

It is important for retaining customers to continuously focus on your product to meet the customers’ requirements. It is better to know what your customers want from your products in the first place. That’s why a lot of companies make use of ratings and reviews software to gain insights about their products.

Modify your loyalty program

To boost your business goals loyalty is one strategy that fits all your needs. The best loyalty programs motivate the actions that matter most to your product. In case you’re looking to improve your brand engagement, you should focus on actions like sharing informative content, enhance social shares, and refer your services to friends.

Keep customers updated

The best way to retain your customers is to make them feel that they are valued. It is when you treat your customers like associates rather than profits generators; they feel like they are part of your company. As such, it’s significant to keep them continuously informed about new developments at your business because those new developments have a consequence on customers directly.

Easy to use features

To provide a seamless customer experience what you need is dedicated mobile app developers for your business app. Several apps are remembered just because of their elite contents and to your surprise, to make your app exclusive in the marketplace, you do not need to be a publication house. A feature-rich mobile app developed can help a business stay alive and open for engagement 24*7* 365. A mobile app with rich content and user-friendly features help customers to reach the business throughout the day. This strategy makes mobile apps an ideal customer retention solution as well.

Limited time offers

It is one of the best strategies to retain customers. Top eCommerce brands often use big banners to emphasize time-limited advertising. In that particular time slot, the visitors must complete the purchase, determined by the viewer's section they belong to. In addition, the promotional coupon code gift card is automatically used during the checkout procedure to boost promotion. The benefit of using these limited-time offers is double: the time-specific promotion boosts conversion rate and the gift card brings customers back to the e-commerce website to make one more purchase.

Push notifications

With the advancement in mobile apps, many businesses are using push notifications that help customers to remind your products. According to a survey, a customer needs to see your product as a minimum of 7-10 times to make a purchase. Hence, push notifications feature when induced in mobile application acts as a great tool of reminding customers about your products, new deals, costs, offers, product details, etc.

Referral program

Another strategy to attract your customers that has gained great recognition in recent years is the referral programs. Thus, you need to come up with a quick referral program that not only focuses on customers to refer your product but at the similar time maintains the result of your business.

Don’t over-promise

It is good to meet the expectations of your customers regularly. Never promise the things that you are not capable to deliver. Over-promising and not delivering the products on time is an easy way to lose integrity. To improve customer trust you need to keep everything from product descriptions to promotional offers as accurate as feasible.


The key to generating high levels of customer retention is maintaining a keen focus on your customers and their needs. Moreover, to implement all these strategies in your business, you need to choose a company that has end-to-end solutions to execute your app ideas. Fluper is a leading mobile app Development Company.  It has helped hundreds of startup companies across the globe by providing high-quality apps. For any sort of queries, contact Fluper on their official website. 

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