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Published on Jan 27, 2017 in App Development
new york top mobile app developers

New York City. The Big Apple. For decades, this city has been a hub of progress and innovation. A melting pot of people from all corners of the world and from all walks of life has resulted in a rich and highly diverse talent pool.

The mobile app developers that choose to call New York home are fortunate enough to tap into this talent pool and are able to come up with solutions using the skills and perspectives afforded by such people. Let's check the top 10 mobile app development companies in New York from our directory.

AppinventivAppinventivLeading InnovationMobile app development company in Manhattan, New YorkFeatured mobile app: Gullack

A true multinational firm, Appinventiv has offices in 5 countries which include their office in Manhattan. Appinventiv prides itself on being able to tackle any challenge or task that the client brings to the table, and whose expertise ranges from mobile and web app development to UI/UX design, and from the Internet of Things all the way to wearable technology. Having worked with clients and companies from a multitude of verticals, Appinventiv has shown itself to be highly capable at dealing with requests from the finance, hospitality, mCommerce, entertainment and social networking sectors. The company has a client list which includes Kmart, UCLA, Spiritec, BMG and Stylefind. This firm demonstrates that they can work with any client, from startups all the way to complex enterprises.

Konstant InfosolutionsKonstant InfosolutionsMobile application development captivating and appealingMobile app development company in New York, New YorkFeatured mobile app: Story

Seconds, Feedspie and Jetseta are only a handful of apps that Konstant Infosolutions has brought to market. And, while it is known mainly as a highly skilled mobile app developer that has produced apps for iOS and Android, Konstant has also shown that they are equally proficient at developing web apps, developing wearables, all the way up to prototyping. A highly versatile developer, Konstant Infosolutions plays in various industries and verticals which includes real estate, transportation, banking and gambling.

MessappsMessappsWe don’t just develop apps. We build dreams.Mobile app development company in New York, New YorkFeatured mobile app: American Jazz Museum

Messapps considers themselves perfectionists in both design and mobile app development. A bold statement to say the least, but Messapps has nonetheless executed with this in mind. They have worked with companies large and small, from startups all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. The sectors and verticals they are active in, the company also has a vast range from a standard corporate affair to universities. Their offerings span the gamut of mobile app development with strategy and growth planning, wireframing, UX, design and branding. This high quality approach has led them to successfully produce apps like Reefill, LIT, TradeMade, Suppr and Unimash.

Creative360Creative360We design & develop stunning mobile & web appsMobile app development company in New York, New YorkFeatured mobile app: Traca

Creative360 attempts to ensure success of their projects by leaving very little to chance. By utilizing a 4 step procedure that includes ideation, design, development and marketing, this firm is able to take a client's app request from an idea to a marketable product. From the outside, Creative360 looks like just any other app developer providing app development in iOS and Android, web development. UI and UX services and branding, but take a deeper look at their methodology and you will see that they are not just focused on the end product, but are concerned with every minute step of the development process. Just take a look at some of their completed projects in Bridgeworks, Vaulet and Hunter’s Edge. Their emphasis on producing highly functional apps is why companies like Marked Private, Traca, TMB, C2GO and Fototwics have entrusted their app business with Creative360.

OxagileOxagileEnterprise-Grade Software DevelopmentMobile app development company in New York, New York

Oxagile is a mobile development company through and through. Whether your need is mobile app development, website development or custom software development, Oxagile can handle it. On top of this, they also provide software testing, quality assurance and automation testing services. With apps like Speed Tracker, Car Camera, Vsnap (video messaging), The End Client, and AmpliVision, Oxagile has shown that it can tackle app developmet requests from all corners of the industry. However, this company has also gained a notoriety of sorts for being particularly adept at handling online communication projects. So much so that it offers solutions for video and live streaming, video chat and conferencing, web real time communication, ed-tech and e-learning. This is why their clients, which include Cardiff University, Google, JumpTV, 60 Seconds and, have entrusted their projects to Oxagile.

Mindbowser InfosolutionsMindbowser InfosolutionsWe are a design sprint led development studioMobile app development company in New York, New YorkFeatured mobile app: Smiling mind

With offices in New York, San Francisco, Boston and India, Mindbowser is able to supply their clients with a comprehensive list of services which includes app and web development, ecommerce, design and engineering. The manpower also gives them the ability to provide their clients with a full year support in code. Ranked as one of AppFutura’s Top 10 US Development Companies, Mindbowser offers its clients services such as mobile and web app development, chatbots and digital transformation. It plays in a multitude of cutting edge app sectors that include the Internet of Things, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), media streaming, payments, social, and location-based. Using their winning approach, Mindbowser has brought to market apps such as youGovi, Jayu Rewards, BuyNow, TeachReach, Draft Dynasty, JP Logistics and Motorsports, whoTree, and SmartGoals.

Mobikasa Inc.Mobikasa Inc.Speed, innovation & qualityMobile app development company in New York, New YorkFeatured mobile app: Car Dekho

With clients like 1-800-Flowers, Versace, The City University of New York and L’Objet, Mobikasa is a multinational mobile app development company that measures itself by the quality of its work. Its certified designers, developers and coders are spread over three cities around the globe (New York, London and New Delhi) and provide their clients with full app development services for their web, tablet and mobile needs. This company doesn’t stretch itself by dabbling in other parts of the business rather they focus on providing the highest quality of development service possible. Just take a look at their completed apps which include trackagile, MilkandEggs, EveryDoc, CarDekho, and StreetLight. Using agile development practices Mobikasa can effectively analyze a client’s needs, spec it out, blueprint the entire app, design it and finally deploy it.

Omega-ROmega-RWe are perfectionists in design and development. Our Apps are a reflection of it: elegant, reliable, engaging and fun to use.Mobile app development company in New York, New YorkFeatured mobile app: Manhattan Reefs

Omega-R has been in the development game for more than 10 years and has successfully completed over 150 projects. Its 56 in-house experts are split between its offices in New York and Russia. Omega-R does not discriminate and works with companies of all shapes and sizes from SMEs and Startups, to Fortune 500 and enterprise level. This firm provides a host of services but tends to focus on iOS and Android mobile app development, website and apps interaction, UI/UX design, identity and branding and iconography. While this may seem like a lot for a client to take in at once, one cannot argue with the results which include apps like Wise Wallet, Curly Wings, Savvee, Guitarbility, Live Colors, World Gym, Moves Tracker.

L+RL+RStrategy + AestheticsMobile app development company in Brooklyn, New YorkFeatured mobile app: Slimfast Coach

L+R has made a name for itself in the mobile app development world as one of the leaders in design aesthetics. Understandably, their strength lies in design, UX, UI, architecture and in creative content. However, their mobile app development team and their clients are quick to point out that the apps they put out are of equal strength and quality. Their skills and techniques can be applied to both mobile apps an web experiences. They also apply their creative skills to branding and can help a company generate its identity, positioning, strategy and logo. A fairly new company, L+R has nonetheless been sought out by some of the biggest names in the world. Their list of clients includes GE, FLIR, Slimfast, Global Citizen, Hot Pockets, Sneakerpedia and Google.

Appetizer MobileAppetizer MobileAward Winning Mobile & Digital Development AgencyMobile app development company in New York, New YorkFeatured mobile app: Chic Sketch

Born and bred in the Big Apple, Appetizer Mobile puts the well-being of its clients first and foremost. Its goal is to develop new revenue channel solutions for its clients and to ensure that they are return on investment is maximized. Appetizer Mobile does this by using a mixture of Agile and Scrum development practices giving their clients a high quality yet cost effective solution to get their app ideas out and into the marketplace. Aside from mobile app development, their services include project consultation, branding, design and marketing. Appetizer Mobile wanted to make sure that they had the ability to meet the clients needs at every step of the development process. Their efforts have brought to reality apps like Chic Sketch, PortalBall, Shu, Streem, Epproachable and Mightytops. Their work and company has been featured on the popular show “The Doctors” and was named a leader in mobile game development by SourceLine.

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