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Published on Aug 12, 2016 in App Development
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For nearly a century now, Germany has been synonymous with precision, engineering and high quality products. We combed through our directory to bring you Germany’s top 10 mobile app development companies. True to form, they are among some of the best developers not only in Germany, but in the entire world.

Stereotypically, these companies display the same high standards and meticulousness so characteristic of German workmanship. Let’s run through the top 10 app development companies in Germany.

SibersSibersYour one-stop provider of premium software development servicesMobile app development company in Hildesheim, GermanyFeatured mobile app: Yap Chat

A true multinational with offices in 4 continents, Sibers utilizes a high efficiency and highly agile approach to solve their clients’ needs. Their expertise allows them to tackle development objectives that run the gamut of app development. Like other mobile app development companies on this list, they are outstanding at apps, but are not restricted to it. They also re-engineer software, automate certain business processes and are even able to take on research duties. They have been named as one of the worlds' top outsourcing providers by the International Association of Outsourcing Providers and the mobile app development company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Actiworks Application Solutions GmbHActiworks Application Solutions GmbHWe are motivated by complexity, we are energizing technology and progress with passion.Mobile app development company in Munich, GermanyFeatured mobile app: iHaus 2

With offices in both Germany and China, this global mobile app developer is not your typical app factory. They consider your project or product and its place in the wider Internet of Things. Actiworks develops mobile apps, web apps and cloud services in both a scalable and sustainable manner using tools and processes that they have refined over the years.

stfalcon.comstfalcon.comCooperating with us, you choose a reliable business partner!Mobile app development company in Stuttgart, GermanyFeatured mobile app: KeepSnap

Headquartered in the Ukraine but with a strong presence in Germany, the sleek-named stfalcon team is a lean mobile app developer that also designs websites and specializes in UI (user interface). Whether you are looking to launch a website, develop a game for iOS or Android, or would like to polish your products UI/UX then look no further than stfalcon and its team of highly qualified and talented developers and programmers.

DevExperts TeamDevExperts TeamWe provide solutions for the most sophisticated needsMobile app development company in Unna, GermanyFeatured mobile app: Tooti

As their name suggests, Dev Experts is a group of talented and highly skilled developers that are adept at producing both mobile and web apps. They also employ a handful of designers to ensure that their graphic design needs can be met in-house. Dev Experts doesn’t just make any old apps and then walks away upon completion. They make sure to look at apps not just from a design perspective, but through the lens of business as well. They also offer life-time support on their projects throughout its various stages.

PlazzPlazzWe accompany the product from the first line on the paper to marketing on the desired platformsMobile app development company in Munich, GermanyFeatured mobile app: Bundesliga Tippspiel

PLAZZ is one of those rare mobile app development companies that is willing to dip its foot into the marketing side of the app world. Composed of project managers, UI & UX designers and developers, PLAZZ is a highly agile development company that is able to navigate the intricacies of conceiving, building and launching an app. They are able to bring ideas from your head to paper to code and finally into the hands of your target demographic.

COBECOBECreators Of Beautiful ExperiencesMobile app development company in Munich, GermanyFeatured mobile app: Kickbase

COBE provides clients with sleek, professional and elegant solutions for their web and mobile app development needs. They let their work and client testimonials do most of their talking and marketing for them. Working with companies like Audi, Guidebase, Adidas and Vodafone, COBE provides end to end service in app development from concept to launch.

Pantheon pro GmbHPantheon pro GmbHPantheon pro is your true business partnerMobile app development company in Munich, Germany

Pantheon pro is one of those unique mobile app developers that truly take your idea through the entire development process and beyond. Pantheon pro's team will help you conceptualize the app, design, prototype, polish and publish it. However, unlike most other developers, Pantheon pro also tackles the marketing aspect of your app. They work to ensure that your app is well promoted and gets reached by the highest number of users as possible.

Web N App ProgrammingWeb N App ProgrammingCompany presentations on the web as app and lot moreMobile app development company in Heilbronn, GermanyFeatured mobile app: FitLife

What started as a company that primarily dealt with website and web app development, Web N App Programming has since expanded to include mobile app development as well. They have applied the knowledge and experience, particularly in the field of design, they gained through web development to their mobile apps and to the benefit of their clients.

JRS InnovationJRS InnovationGetting custom tailored solutions development matching your business needs was never that easy beforeMobile app development company in Dusseldorf, GermanyFeatured mobile app: Equipment rental agreement

Like many qualified mobile app developers, JRS Innovation is a web and mobile app developer that also produces cloud services. Composed of highly skilled developers they are really good at what they do. But what makes JRS Innovation mobile app development company unique is their ability to tackle the new and growing iWatch space. Apple’s iWatch took the mainstream by storm when it was released a couple years ago, but app development for it was slow until recently when Apple decided to open the doors for developers like JRS Innovation to come in and create apps for it.

Enough SoftwareEnough SoftwareAgile, open and goal-orientedMobile app development company in Bremen, Germany

Enough Software has been in the mobile app making since apps started impacting the lives of the everyday person. Developing apps since 2005, Enough Software specializes in the conceptualization of apps, turning ideas into actionable items, UI/UX in the mobile app space. But that’s not all. Enough goes the extra distance by coaching client throughout and after the app development process, ensuring a smooth rollout and better conversion afterwards.

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