Top 10 Android App Development Services for the Automotive Industry

Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at Fluper Limited
Published on Apr 11, 2018 in Android Developers Resources
Top 10 Android App Development Services for the Automotive Industry

With the growing dependency on smartphones and the supportive apps for each and every task, it has become imperative for companies to avail expert help from top mobile app development companies. Even vehicle owners require supportive apps to not only keep them posted on current happenings but a safe haven to search, purchase or sell cars at affordable rates.

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This blog groups together 10 Android app development services that are specially framed for the automotive industry. They are endowed with unlimited features that benefit both car lovers and car owners as well.

1. MyFuelLog2-Car Maintenance

With a 4.6 rating, Android app MyFuelLog 2 is one of the must-haves that should be installed on any vehicle owner's smartphone. Tracking of refueling and car expenses is done conveniently wherein insertion is instantaneous. Both time and location of the vehicle are well tracked, wherein the main screen, logo and the name of the said vehicle is customized. The app also houses other abilities such as maintaining backups, data restoration to cloud servers, as well as Dropbox and SD card. It also allows preparing and extraction of reports in the PDF, Excel or CSV format for further reference.

2. Car Expenses

Whoa!! 4.6-star rating?? This Android app development service is actually worth the shot for all vehicle owners. Car expenses and different costs are calculated along with the add-on expense that comes when you own a car. Monthly and yearly statistics are calculated and saved right on the app. Also, the figures are shared across other devices by saving data first in the SD card or syncing with Google account and storing as backup.

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3. AutoPortal app

This is a valuable Android app if you are looking for advice when purchasing new vehicles. This app promises to convert the entire journey, it all becomes simple and quick. Also, smartphone users do not need to spend time and consume extra energy in trying to run after dealers and financial guidance is offered when making purchase decisions. Timely news and latest updates keep you up-to-date about the automobile industry.

Top 10 Android App Development Services for the Automotive Industry

4. ZigWheels

A multi-utility application, ZigWheels compares old and new cars. Experts are available to assist the buyers in making the right purchase decision and connect them with a large number of dealers.

5. CarTrade

Yet another mobile application development service especially designed for vehicle owners. It has an inventory of about thousand used and unused cars available for new buyers. Learn a lot thanks to in-depth information about the latest or to-be-launched vehicles in the market and even sell off your old car right through the app.

6. Automobile magazine news apps

One of the leading mobile apps designed especially for car lovers. The app regularly publishes news and updates, videos and press releases related to the car world. Users can also share images on new cars being tested or spied before they are formally launched.

7. Vehicle Logger

Rated on n the Play store with a 4.2, Vehicle Logger is an Android app that offers the most simple and easiest way by which vehicle logbooks can be created for mileage, fuel and expenses. One can generate specific reports and upload them directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and many more. The reports as such can be exported as PDF or CSV data.

8. Vehicle Maintenance Guidance

Even though this particular app only has a 3.5 rating, it teaches the basics of vehicle maintenance to all car and bike owners. Knowledge of vehicle maintenance can save you a lot of money and makes driving safer. A routine check should be done on every part of a vehicle to ensure that riders have smooth and safe ride home. The app also carries a set of guidelines and other tips so as to maintain the vehicles in good, workable conditions. The app is perfect for getting advice on better fuel efficiency, retaining vehicle’s value and ensuring a safe ride.

9. Driver

One of the most powerful car apps available for Android users, Drivvo simply keeps track of everything. The app includes multiple features like repairment, maintenance, expenditures, miles driven, gas mileage, and a lot more. This app is best suited for those who drive to work daily. The app also tracks expenses for tax season and lets you set reminders for following maintenance tasks. There is a further option to opt for cloud backup, data syncing, data export etc.

10. Android Auto

Your search for the best automotive Android app stops at Android Auto. Quick access to Google maps, messaging, and music apps, as well as other utilities. There are certain vehicles, which actually have inbuilt Android Auto App. Such a useful app is available free of cost. Android Auto is not included in all vehicles and automobile,s but can certainly be expected in future automobiles.

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Wrapping up

Google Play offers endless options to choose from apart from the mere ten names mentioned here. These handpicked automotive or car apps can be the right choice to take up a bit more space from your smartphone. Such specific service requirements have pressured companies to hire dedicated mobile developers to share their experience and lend a supportive hand in app building. So, if you are one of them looking for the right app-building solution, consider contacting one of the top Android application development companies before beginning your journey.

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