Tips to use AI for fast-paced application development

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Jul 26, 2018 in Internet of Things Developers Resources
Tips to use AI for fast-paced application development


Over the recent years, the computer technology has been undergoing development at a tremendous exponential rate. The entire humanity is developing the power of these computer systems which is being implemented into applications in different spheres of our daily lives like production, healthcare, education, economics etc. using the devices. So what is actually happening in the modern world? Owing to the progress and consistent development in the field of science and technology, the entire scope of problem-solving is growing, and the size of most used devices is decreasing. A mobile app development company consider the emergence of these technologies as an opportunity to grow and acquire more market share.

Artificial Intelligence- What it Means?

When it comes to launching the rockets into space, controlling technological processes, providing security systems to different enterprises, computers are controlling everything. And now the mobile can also recognize the speech, make decisions on behalf of users and perform different other tasks without the active involvement of the user. All these things are actually based on the usage of Artificial Intelligence which is an entirely new methodology of computer systems in the mode of thinking and learning. Smart programs are now developed on the basis of research and knowledge of mental capabilities and potential of the humans, and then they are actually being implemented as in-built intellectual functions in different applications including the mobile apps.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Application Development

Developers in the area of mobile application development suppose that the Artificial Intelligence is going to become a vital part of mobile applications. It will include speech recognition, usage in smart devices, improved games etc. Mobile applications will see a surge in more implementation of AI in them to meet the demands of the user to offer better solutions without actual involvement or input from them.

Tips to use AI for Mobile App Development

Now, let’s consider the common tips when it comes to using Artificial Intelligence in mobile applications.

1. Deciding what to the problem to address and for whom

It is vital for the developers to find out what they wish to achieve, what problems should they try to solve and for whom They need to know how unique as well as in demand is the mobile app idea in the market. They should know all the competitors. Consider the history of the market. Companies are divided into two kinds, horizontal and vertical. In the case of horizontal ones, they are aimed at developing a solution for a particular fundamental problem which takes a considerably significant amount of time as well as resources. So this development model is for the larger companies. The vertical ones are engaged in search of a particular solution to one completely specialized task for a given consumer. Most likely, the mobile application will have to perform the vertical task which is quite good as the possibility of rapid development in very short time is there. AI helps in faster development of mobile applications and mobile app development solutions which serves the purpose of vertical ones.

2. Research the potential market

Along with studying the market, one should know the potential customers. Given that there is rapidly increasing the digital market, the most vital strategies which are presently relevant are providing mobile data access, implementing an API-based architecture, integrating the apps with the legacy systems and adopting more flexible development methods. Along with this, the business needs to create a web page describing how it uses artificial intelligence to develop the application to make it more attractive for the users.

3. Deep Learning of the Ideas

You have to get immersed in the entire development of the idea of the mobile app. To achieve this, it is vital to conduct the advanced level of analytics like using machine learning to automate the data preparation along with finding the necessary information. It is the recent trend of using the combination of analytics and smart applications. Over the coming years, each service application will certainly consist of artificial intelligence at a particular level. AI is becoming the next main battlefield in a wider range of service and software markets which also includes the aspects of ERP. It is evident that intelligent applications also lead to the creation of new intellectual intermediate level between the systems and the people and it can essentially transform the structure and work of the workplace.

Along with developing the application, you need to pay close attention to the design and what exactly the product will look like. You need to identify the different strengths of artificial intelligence app developments along with their functions, attractiveness to the user and the advantages which let make the application becoming indispensable in the daily use of a user.

4. Pre-testing of the Application

You need to consider the pre-testing, both manual as well as automated, of the mobile application. It will offer you with the vital ability to easily identify the shortcomings of the mobile application to work harder to eliminate them. It is quite an ordinary process, especially if at this stage of product launch you actually find out a number of bugs and errors, you can easily remove them in the shortest amount of time with the assistance of application updates. Try to take the role of the application user which will certainly allow you to objectively observe and assess the vitality of a given problem, tools and internal functions.

5. The Convenience of the Application

The introduction of AI or the use of AI in the mobile application, despite the inherent complexity of the entire process, try to bet technically elegant as the user isn’t interested in this particular aspect of the issue. They are more concerned about how convenient the mobile application is and whether it solves their different problems.


In the recent years, and also in the current times, the integration of Artificial Intelligence into the most recent and latest technologies including the mobile devices has been revolutionary. The main task of AI is to make the devices or computer networks much smarter by means of coordinating the working of all the devices, connecting sensors, tools, and networks, and the usage of AI as a particular way to increase the activity of the users instead of replacing them. To use AI for fast-paced mobile application development, you should hire expert developer who has wide experience in inculcating AI in mobile apps.

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