Tips to streamline your Enterprise application development process

Prateek Saxena
Prateek Saxena, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Appinventiv
Published on Feb 09, 2018 in Enterprise App Developers Resources
Tips to streamline your Enterprise application development process

More and more enterprises are jumping on board to launch their own mobile apps and grow their businesses rapidly. However, they are still facing the issue of the perfect one for their business productivity. If they invest in a complex enterprise app development process, it is likely to be expensive and app services remain underutilized by the employees. Whereas if they rely on simple services from unauthorized sources, their sensitive business information might get hacked.

Recalling how we developed our first enterprise application and our experience in making apps for enterprises till now, here we are sharing some effective tips to get the best of both worlds, i.e. create a simple, cost-effective and secure enterprise mobile app.


Decide the app platform, device type and features

Today, enterprise apps are far more than an email-on-the-go tool. Companies are using mobile applications for different purposes, including invoicing, sales, CRM, etc. In such scenario, it is beneficial to understand your business needs and define the features and services you want in your application. Apart from this, it is necessary to consider the platform your employees’ devices run on and the way you want them to access your application. This information will help you decide the app type you should create.

Presently, there are three types of applications enterprises: native, web-based and hybrid.

Tips to streamline your Enterprise application development process
  • Native apps: Native mobile applications are designed basically for a particular platform (Android or iOS) and can be installed from an app store. These applications occupy a space in your device memory and can take the advantage of device features like GPS, camera, contact list, compass, as well as include gestures into their functioning.
  • Web-based apps: Web apps are basically websites that look and feel like native apps. They are developed using HTML5 and do not hold a space on your device. Rather, they run by a browser. Besides, they can employ only a few native device features compared to native mobile apps.
  • Hybrid apps: These apps are a fusion of native and web applications. Just like native apps, these mobile applications are placed in the app store and can access various device features. And just like web applications, they are built using HTML and are wrapped in a native container that loads most of the content on the page as the app user navigates through the app.

Plan out everything

If you jump into the enterprise application development process without a prior plan, you will end up with unexpected mistakes and costly development. However, if you plan out your enterprise app by considering the market needs and illustrating wireframes and app interfaces, you can overcome costly mistakes. You can hire a mobile app development company and ensure that your app develops as per your requirements.

Opt for a MADP

A MADP (Mobile App Development Platform) is basically a type of software that lets the companies develop a mobile app one-time and deploy it on different devices now and then. According to top enterprise application development companies, it is the best method to build a mobile app easily, without investing a higher amount of efforts and funds into the process.

Consider security throughout the process

Tips to streamline your Enterprise application development process

In 2016, 57 million users and driver’s personal data was hacked from Uber’s portal, for which they paid $100,000 to the hackers. To ensure that you do not face such situation and your sensitive data remains secure, consider security practices such as multifactor authentication, reliable password policies, IP login restrictions, backup and disaster recovery options, from the beginning itself. Invest in the best security model and test your app security throughout. And this way, prevent costly security issues and speed up the app launch process.


Taking the decision of enterprise application development is easy, but building a perfect enterprise app solution that is simple to use, protects your sensitive data, can be deployed on various platforms, and meets your hundreds of customized critical requirements is tough.

However, by considering the aforementioned tips and hiring the right enterprise app development company, you can simplify the process and add value to your business.

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