Tips to Outsource App Development

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Mar 06, 2019 in App Development
Tips to Outsource App Development


Integration of mobile app with your real life tasks is always oriented to make things easier. The million-dollar idea for a mobile application can make your business grows manifold. The idea is a too valuable asset for your business, equally important is the perfect implementation of your idea. The mobile app development can be done in one of the two ways. You either choose in-house development or outsource the development to a good mobile app development company. In-house mobile app development has its own pros and cons, but all come with a load of responsibilities and overheads.

Now, come at outsourcing. The mobile app industry has become the multi-million dollar industry in a few years. Not judging it by figures, there are millions of mobile apps available over the app store and play store, and thousands are being uploaded daily. What seems crucial here is to look upon the success ratio of any app, which is too low in comparison to the apps being uploaded daily. Ideas never stay low. Some fantastic ideas are also suffering from low rated app development.

Where to Go

50 percent are working over mobile app development among around 19 million software developers. The core task is to hire an app developer who is competent enough and understands the real implementation of your idea or a renowned company. It is a tedious task to get proficient mobile app developer; it takes a lot of time and effort. Outsourcing your mobile app development task to an expert developer or fine development company can take your app from ordinary to extraordinary.

Outsourcing your app development projects, to offshore companies helps in reducing the cost and time. The influx of business and tight deadlines make the in house development a mountain to cross, while outsourcing lightens the load. Here is a general guideline for outsourcing app development so that you will not end up with a steep fall down of your idea.

Always Create a Mockup:

Now, if you have made up your mind to outsource your development project, you first need to put your idea over the paper. A verbal explanation cannot tell your exact vision with the idea. Go explanatory, put everything over the paper. Go with the flow. If you have some design in mind, put them onto paper too. Without your guidance, the developer is not capable even to draw the flow chart of your idea. Nor, the development cost can be decided.

Ineffective communication is the root cause of most of the project failures. With no proper communication, sometimes the developer adds a few features that you never needed. The best way to prevent confusion is to draw a thorough mockup using any tool of your choice.

Need for the Technical Manager:

A non-technical person is not able to manage the technical project on its own. It is needed to hire a technical person, who can understand the code and review the functionality of the app. some cunning developers or few companies take advantage of the less technical knowledge of client and cut the corners. This results in the bad performance of the app, sometimes to the redevelopment of the project. Therefore before you hire an app developer, arrange a technical person to manage the project.

Go Through the Reasons for Project Failures:

The wise person is the one who learns from others. Before outsourcing the project, it is must to identify the all-possible bad scenarios, which can lead to failure. The inefficient financial management, deviated project budgeting and control change lead to the failed strategy. Keep knowledge of cultural differences between you and the project vendor. This can always save you from misunderstanding.

Understand the Technical Standard:

Technology is a key aspect of outsourcing. Choose the one, which is the preferred choice of your customers. Investing over iPhone application for customers using an Android Smartphone is of no use. Recognize your customer's choice and define some standards that are must for your application. Startups outsourcing their app development, cannot hire app developer or mobile app development technology that have no idea of responsive design.

Avoid Frequent Changes:

Once you have rendered the mockup design to the developer, stop asking for the frequent changes. A well-thought mockup saves you from these things. A frequent tweak deteriorates the development quality, messes up the entire architecture of the app and increases the time as well. The delay in development occurs when you keep changing your requirements too frequently. Once the first version is developed, here is when you can ask for edits. Your aim must be to take your product out as early as possible. Once done, then start refining it.

Freelancer or Development Company

For outsourcing, you always have two options to go for. Either to hire iPhone developer or android developer or contact a development agency. Both has its pros and cons.

Freelancer Pros

  • The cost is reduced with a freelancer.
  • An experienced app developer can work according to project characteristic.
  • Quality is enhanced.
  • You save a lot of time.

Freelancer Cons

  • There is some lack of communication always.
  • There is neither guarantee of the meeting deadlines nor milestones.
  • A security issue is always there; some developer steals your idea and earns money by selling.

Mobile Development Agency Pros

  • A one-stop solution for every project needs, from design to development.
  • Technical resources are always there to assist.
  • Post-development assistance.
  • A pre-discussed SOP, which is followed in a timely manner
  • Complete transparency and control with no fear of idea being stolen or app being misused.

Mobile Development Agency Cons

  • Your data stays at risk
  • The day to day progress is impossible to track and you only end up with the fixed meeting as per the milestones decided.
  • Time difference, when a project is outsourced to another end of the world.


The choice is always yours. The choice depends on the need of your project. Always keep security at the peak. 2019 will see advance measures for data security. What is more interesting in 2019 is the hybrid cloud platform, which leads to better performance and efficient processes. A little timesaving in finding the best option results in the long-term loss and additional expenditure for tweaking. Overall, outsourcing can be a great advantage for your business, the world is a marketplace. We are always there to assist you here.

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