Tips to minimize the app release cycle

Ajeet Singh
Ajeet Singh, Co-Founder at Algoworks
Published on Oct 06, 2017 in App Development

There are countless discussions across the internet around how minimizing the app release cycle could be advantageous for app development companies. Some noteworthy reasons to answer the question: Why should app developers minimize the app release cycles? are as follow:

  1. Considering the fierce competition in the market and announcements of new mobile devices every month, it has become necessary to release minor OS updates frequently that are compatible with new devices.
  2. Mobile app developers hustle through the process to satisfy users’ hunger for the latest features. And in order to do so, it is only fair to shorten the app release cycle and display the latest releases and updates.
  3. Ratings and reviews on app stores matter big time. One flaw in the app and the app store ranking goes down because of users’ negative reviews. Hence, less app downloads. By minimizing the app release cycle and offering frequent releases, mistakes can be fixed and implemented quickly.


Now that the grounds are clear and the reasons to minimize app release cycles are out in the open, it's time to discuss the ways to shorten the process.

Validating the app

Validating the app’s concept must be considered as a priority. By simply directing traffic to a landing page that properly describes the concept of the app can help in validating it, followed by analyzing the collected data. If a good engagement with the app concept is noticed, say, by analyzing the users opting in to the email list, then it is more favorable to launch the app with a shorter release cycle.

When writing the app idea, mentioning even the smallest detail is going to help majorly, as well as referring to the user flow of how the app will operate all the features and the interface. This will prove to be of great help to the mobile app developers, clearly stating them what is required and what is not, and hence, the development would speed up. Those features that can be discussed and added later should be avoided at this stage.

MVP is the key

Any new mobile/web app that is created with minimum features enough to test the app in the market in order to receive users’ response is called Minimum Viable Product (MVP). After the app testing is done and the feedback is gathered from users, the data can be taken into account for developing a full-fledged product.

Launching an MVP prior to the actual release of an app is always a good idea. Doing so gives a solid visibility of the app, and helps in harnessing user data and feedback for making improvements. The importance of collecting this user data from a decent source is very well known to app marketers and mobile app development companies. It helps in making the app release cycle shorter in comparison to releasing a completely developed app.

API strategy

Mobile app developers swear by APIs. Creating an API strategy could prove to be a savior for the app development team. A mobile-optimized API offers easy access to data, helping mobile app developers to focus on presenting exceptional user experience instead of bothering about probing the system. A strong and stable API strategy will also protect systems from rapidly transforming client apps, obliging each to be updated at their own speed.

The power of analytics

Depending only on app store feedback and reviews will not harness enough data required for improvement. Plus, doing so will bring along some drawbacks, like, incomplete information that lack details, insufficient number of users projecting their views, and a lot more.

App analytics is one way of shortening the feedback loop. Before the users start pouring in votes and ratings, it will help in observing and addressing their problems. App analytics can also provide with the crucial data needed for improving the overall app.


As the competition of the mobile app industry is increasing rapidly, minimizing the app release cycles and accommodating new strategies for launching new apps seems the only way to make a mark in the market.

The challenge is to speed up the process without compromising with the quality of the product. Plus, it is necessary to be up-to-date to meet the skyrocketing market demands.

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