Tips to Make Your Mobile App a Hit

Anshul Sharma
Anshul Sharma, CEO & Business Head at Fluper Limited
Published on Mar 14, 2019 in Mobile App Marketing
Tips to Make Your Mobile App a Hit

Is your mobile app lingering in the App Store without having sufficient downloads? Do you think developing an app was not the right decision for you? If your answer is yes for both the questions, then you have landed on the right place. Today, I am going to give you some tips to revive your app once again in the App Store.

Thinking that you should not have gone for the process of mobile app development is wrong. Let me clarify to you why and then I will come back to the first question I asked.

Technology has now become a crucial part of our lives. The way we execute things in today’ time is quite different from how we used to do it earlier. Mobile applications play an essential role here. Our dependency on these apps is such that from the smallest to the biggest, we need them for almost everything. Therefore, if you have shown the courage to take your business to the next level by developing an app, then I must say you have made a wise decision.

Coming back to the first question of how you can boost the popularity of your app? Is there any way using which you can give a rebirth to your dying app? The answer is YES, you can! How? To know how it is important to read the next section. So, prepare yourself with a cup of coffee or something to munch on. Also, you can take out a pen and paper to write down the key points.

Revive your App with These Tricks

App Store Optimization

iOS or Android app developers put their 100% while designing an app. Therefore, it is important to execute every possible effort, in order to make it a hit.

Concentrating on application keywords in the name of your application and low competition can tremendously affect your app download. Performing App Store Optimization, also called App Store SEO, can bring a tremendous effect on the branding of your app.

After that, you can put these keywords into a tool, such as App Tweak and Sensor Tower to get in the competition, as well as a traffic score.

Tips to Make Your Mobile App a Hit

Find Out a Publisher

There are several game publishers in the market that can give you instant downloads. Publishers, for example, Fortafy Games, Ketchapp, Genera Games, and more have the knowledge of marketing, cross-promotional abilities, and App Store associations, in order to guarantee your success make sure that your game has an opportunity to be a hit. Prior to moving towards any of these distributors, ensure your game is polished. Try not to pitch them your minimum viable item. Regardless of whether these distributors download your game or not, the act of telling them can prompt profitable criticism.

Modify Your Designs

From the icon to the App Store screenshots to the user interface, users will be judging the quality of your mobile application based on these superficial parameters. This is why it is crucial to test and have good quality designs. Don’t think that you are wasting your time by working on the designing part. It is as important as checking the functionality of your application.

Run Facebook Ads

When you truly need to support your application downloads, run Facebook promotions. However, you have to ensure that you have a complete strategy to execute this process.

Andrew Hubbard of Smart App Marketer recommends beginning with a $25-to-$50-per-day spending plan and testing three diverse promotion sets, with the spending split equally among the three.

Make certain to track the advancement of the promotion with an examination device. Introduce the Facebook SDK in your application and test distinctive advertisement designs.

Opt for Paid-to-Free Ad Campaigns

Mobile app developers consider this method as one of the best approaches. It generates approximately 5,000 to 20,000 downloads within a few days. In case you're not acquainted with a paid-to-free ad campaign, it's the place where you make a paid application accessible absolutely free for a few days. Also, if you have a free mobile app, you can make in-app of your app at no cost.

But, the in-app purchases should not be a non-consumable type. This implies that the service or product is bought once by users and never decrease or expire with use. For instance, your “remove ads” IAP is categorized as a non-consumable purchase.

Consumable purchases usually are based on subscription and impossible to make free of cost within iTunes Connect. To effectively run this battle, you have to get an exposure on a website, for example, or AppAdvice.

Build it Adaptable in Nature

The flexibility of its design is one of the important factors. There are hundreds of varieties of specifications available on the market. All of them consist of a dissimilar set of display screens, features, and resolutions. Some of them have a button while others are without it.

Due to this, you are required to build the interface of your mobile app adaptable to variations. At times it implies maintaining the feature set to a minimum. Sometimes it allows you to add some more. It is possible for you to transfer functions to the external buttons, in other scenarios you required to create it a division of the interface. The font size must be easy to read every time with the purpose of manual alteration.

Apart from this, the complete interface system should be adapting to portrait, as well as landscape screen’s configurations. Moreover, it is practical to comprise a dissimilarity of a mobile app for left-handed people.

All Things to be Considered

Mobile applications are quite in demands. Whether its iPhone app development, Android app development, or iOS app development, everything is possible with the help of the best mobile app development company. However, make sure that the company you are hiring is capable to execute all these things in an easy and suitable manner. Fluper is one of the recommended organizations to build innovative apps. In order to get in touch with the team, go to their official website.

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