Tips to Design UI/UX of Any App as Per Audience

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Jun 28, 2019 in Mobile App Marketing
Tips to Design UI/UX of Any App as Per Audience


There are thousands of applications being uploaded daily over the app store where only a few are flourishing actually. What makes an app create everlasting impact over user's mind is its UI and UX. UX creates an amazing impression of your mind to visualize the content and let user decipher the target of the app. For women just remember your favorite application and try to assess what makes that app create so strong stamp over your memory. The frontal part of the brain translates the word which is how to remember and demand some effort to learn whereas the secondary participles train to translate the images into context and letters perform an action accordingly.

The similar concept is used by mobile app development services in visualizing UX through visual storytelling which lets every component tell the story for the purpose of the app and creates an emotional bonding with the customer. Narrating the visual story has long been a simple method for communicating the message and our brain is habitual of processing images in better than the text. Visual designers leverage this characteristic of mind and faster the decision-making process. Here we have listed out of the golden rules of UX designing.

1. Psychological connection to a human

One of the easiest ways to design a successful mobile app design by android app Development Company is to connect emphatically with the user. Every component of your design must push your idea and concept forward. A seamless design is the one which stays updated with the use cases and the developer need to be updated with the market trends. For example, Dream11 is a fantasy sports app which completely resembles the expectation of user and justifies the purpose of the app. Two apps must show an extremely different perspective to users, therefore a designer must not skip adding some human element to an app.

2. Conceal the forefront ideas

A user is always concerned with the end product and therefore he does not go deep down to the intricacies of the design and pain of incorporating the UX finally. A designer must learn to conceal the design ideas and providing the UX which looks vibrant and attracts the instant focus. For example, Instagram offers such a seamless UX, that anyone can hardly imagine its trial and error.

3. Be culture sensitive

The images and colors possess a very unique meaning all over the world. Designers must select optimistic and engaging images while providing mobile app development services so that the user does not get distracted. Alongside, the app must be made localized and geographically sensitive to behave as per the local laws. For example, an online sports app is used to betting online, but few countries do not permit betting as per local law. These apps behave accordingly in those countries with elimination and addition of a few features.

4. Strategizing a Plan to Solve a Problem

It is must to understand the actual problem and then devise a contemplative strategy for providing the solution for any project. It is essential for developers to understand the user pain point and the same applies to the designers. Designers need to identify the challenges and solve them through agile thinking and logical planning. Once the plan is ready, it is needed to be implemented in a smooth way. This is the reason why a designer needs ample imaginative power.

Most of the stakeholders and the users have a too vague idea about how the solution will look like until they hire web designer and how it is to be presented to users. It is the responsibility of a user to carve the engaging and eye-catching designs. A design must entirely resemble the theme of the task and the project the value of the product.

5. Provide the tools which are needed

For providing the users, access to different areas of the application, it is important to make the pathway and clutter free. Proving the entire tool for searching using different parameters may exploit the user experience of the app. Instead, the focus must be over making the search easier. Remember the search must not be too restricted but also not overloaded with the informative decision too.

6. The first impression is the last impression

We human take fraction of seconds to make an assumption about something. Therefore the UI and UX need to be more attractive eye-catching even at its first impression. Though it is difficult to woo the user from the offset, if you maintain the uniformity, and choose appropriate color combination then you can win a few loyal customers easily. The interface guide too works well in expressing things which are otherwise complex to understand at first sight. A good consultant can help you with this or you may hire an app developer.

7. Extra unique feature

For woo the users, UX needs to deliver an amazing experience to capture the mind. As per the study conducted by Neilson, a user opens 26 apps on an average in a month. So, implementing the custom touch gesture makes the task harder. Therefore, the new touch gesture simplifies the work.

8. Adaptive UI and UX

The app must fit onto every size, and then only it is called the responsive design. Today the user is accustomed for the adaptive apps irrespective of the size of the screen. Therefore it is essential for designers to make an adaptive UX for optimal feel and comfort. We will recommend hiring an app developer for this crucial feature.

How to build your story around?

There are multiple ways of visual storytelling, apps are using to market.

Interactive: Bringing the entire prevalent communication medium together and making users engaged with the app and its functioning fall under this category. Designers employ images, animation, maps, and text to give the user the freedom to navigate and go deeper into a certain topic.

Hyperreal: It best uses AR and VR technology. The recent notorious app Pokemon Go played with the AR and VR technology and engaged users in a large amount. It delivers a great experience and gives the user a long-lasting impression.

Real-time: This is mostly used by the event-based companies and the product makers who want to engage the people in real-time events. For example, fitness apps, engage people in their real-time fitness sessions and the workout plan demos.

Social impacting: These include visualizing the story over socially trending topics with innovative VR and AR technologies. Health apps developed by renowned android app development companies promote empathy for the people suffering from certain disease and raise funds.


The UX and UI are the integrated part of development, where they are not just used for enhancing the looks and feel but to make the long lasting impression over the user’s mind. A perfect app is the one which the user tends to open even after the download and used frequently. This occurs when the app completely accustoms to the exact requirement and the UX reflects the motive of the app. A good UI and UX create a good visual appeal and invoke more audience, for which you can hire a web designer.

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