Tips for effective in-app advertisement

by Techugo on Jan 10, 2018 / Mobile App Marketing
Tips for effective in-app advertisement

Thinking of a mobile app helps you weave many dreams to achieve the all-time desired business revenue, and ultimately you start to think further about the app and the number of benefits associated.

No point for guessing, your app requires a permanent cusp through which money always keeps flowing, so the business revenue always remain lusciously green and growing. For this very reason you require an app monetization model.

Undeniably, there are many app monetization methods and out of all, the most picked by the iPhone application development companies is the in-app advertisement.


As the name suggests, the in-app advertising is the number of adverts shown to users within the app. Does it mean in-app advertisement is bad for my app?

You can’t deny that most of the time users get annoyed while seeing the ads, and it drives them one step closer to your competitors. Thus it is a very sensitive part, which needs to be handled with care.

Albeit, in-app advertising is one of the most preferred ways to monetize your app, but dropping that line (a healthy existence of in-app adverts on your app) can turn the entire episode into a nightmare.

Here’s something that you need to consider to make the in-app adverts a pleasing and relishing experience for your users.

Ad placement

The placement of the in-app ads cannot happen out of the fluke, like you wake up one morning and place the ads as you deem correct in your mobile app. Rather the in-app ad placement has to be picked very smartly and there should not be a single aspect that makes the user think the ad placement is wrong.

But the question is how to achieve this task? Well, the primary aim of placing the in-app ad is to get noticed and clicked by the users, but this aim must not dictate the foul play of forceful entry of adverts. Your users must not feel at any point of time that they are not experiencing an app, but the heap of adverts only.

To overcome this issue, sit and analyze where the ads may work best for your app. Check how the competitors are following the in-app adverts placement in their app and most significantly, ask yourself a question as a user, would you enjoy this ad placement?

Ensure that your ad placement seems natural, engaging and interesting enough to allure the app users to go and click the ads.

Advert duration

When you pick the number of third-party adverts to be a part of your mobile, another factor you need to take care of is ad’s duration. While using your app, when ads appear, you need to notice the frequency and time length of the adverts. This can easily be analyzed with the usage of an app and the users’ behavior.

Make sure that the adverts are long enough so users can gain interest, and short enough to not to annoy the user. To make the process a little more user-centric, you can opt for the ad-clear option within the app, so if users want, they can proceed further after skipping the ads.

Ads need to be targeted

Your adverts must be in the consideration of your app type, users’ preference and demographic demand. The theory of showing the ads exactly matching what the app is all about does not fit all the time.

For instance, while accessing a gaming app, you can show the holiday destination ads, or anything which fits the genre of the app, that is relaxation. Thus I suggest indulging into a detailed research and analysis about your user's type and what is of their interest.

Take a serious note of age

This point is something which you cannot skip at any moment. You need to keep a strict watch on the suitability of the apps according to the age groups, if you fail at this, your app can get suspended from app stores as well.

More adverts strategy

Many mobile app marketers suggest different strategies for the adverts like a pop up at the start or wait to watch the app. That largely depends on the type of app you are using.

If you notice, there are certain in-app adverts in YouTube which cannot be avoided, whereas others can, yet users remain glued to the videos played afterwards since YouTube offers an engaging platform, and users don’t bother to watch or skip the ads.


It is a question and a concern, your users are picky and don’t want to waste their time on watching something which is not of their use. The abundance options available in the app market lead your users to opt for something different instantly, but there are certain strategies to follow that can help your users stay engaged to you in-app adverts such as:

Rewards: Allow your users to watch the ads and in return provide the bonus points, coupons or any other offer of their interest and something which complements the app genre.

Make ad presence worthy: With this you inform your users beforehand the worthiness of watching the ads. For instance, in a gaming app, they can opt to watch an ad and get the life back or they can watch an ad just to unlock some new features.


To conclude, we would like to suggest that the dosage of in-app advertisement must be given after a thorough research and testing process, and your users should feel connected to your app. If not, then not just your app will get rejected, but the dream and the aspirations related to your mobile app will also be diminished forever.

These are some of the best practices Techugo, as an iPhone application development company, follows to give a unique and memorable app experience to the end-users. You must get your app developed by an expert.

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