Time, Cost and Features to Develop Food Delivery App

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Dec 12, 2018 in App Development
Time, Cost and Features to Develop Food Delivery App


Eating quality food is one of the most prominent things people like to do, whether is it is done sitting at home, watching favorite movies, reading a book or idling with family and friends and this is where food ordering apps come into the picture.

Food delivery apps are currently the new range with restaurant owners coming up with their own restaurant management apps in order to streamline the order and delivery of food to their customers.

However, to develop such an app, you need to know the cost, time as well as features of such an application.

Features of Food Delivery App

The functions, as well as features of a food delivery app, are what set it apart from the rest. People who like to order through food delivery apps are actually looking for convenience and comfort, so your app should be simple to navigate as well as easy to customize according to user requirements. An introductory tour, as well as sleek design, is vital which help the user to find their way while using the app for the first time.

Some of the main basic features of such an app are:

1. Detailed Information

The most vital thing of such an app is that it should contain the detailed information of all the restaurants along with their menu as well as prices indicated. The images of various dishes are preferred to be shown in the menu to increase their aesthetic taste.

2. Quick Ordering Interface

There should be a particular option for the purpose of quick ordering like past orders of the particular user along with the popular items from a given restaurant.

3. Geolocation

This feature should be inculcated in the app to help users easily pick from various nearby restaurants which deliver at their locations. It also assists in calculating the delivery charges in case the restaurants don’t provide free delivery or they don’t have any fixed delivery fee.

4. Inbuilt Tracker

It allows the user to keep track of his order status along with the help of Google Maps integration for the various routing purposes. Having a particular navigation system helps in saving trouble for both the user and the delivery guy.

5. Multiple Payment Options

For people who don’t like to keep cash in hand and often prefer to make an online payment, there should be payment gateway integration. You can easily choose from various payment options like Credit or Debit Card, PayPal, Stripe etc.

6. SMS Notifications

They should be provided whenever an order is confirmed or dispatched etc. which saves the user from tracking their orders all the time and helps in keeping them relaxed.

7. Custom Search Option

It is best suited for finding restaurants by location, cuisine, availability etc. Going through a detailed list of options isn’t what a user actually always wants.

8. Social Media Logins

Logins and registration through social media can help the user in easily ordering the food with ease in registration and making an order. The user is allowed to post on his social media accounts about what he is eating and share his reviews.

9. Push Notifications

They are a great retention tools for keeping customers and allows the restaurants to offer new deals, coupons etc. to their customers.

10. Ratings and Reviews

The ability for the users to leave ratings and provide reviews of their favorite eating places helps in gathering relevant data about the restaurants which can assist in improving the service quality. Most of the restaurant management apps have this feature.

Time and Cost to Develop Food Delivery App

When it comes to the cost of development of a food delivery app, you need to consider various aspects that drive it. Various aspects drive the cost of app development. Some of them are:

1. The complete extent of features that you wish in the app as well as the functions that you wish to provide to the users.

2. The platform for which you are developing the app. For iOS, the cost is relatively higher than the cost of development for Android.

3. You will require third-party integration or backend development. The server backend might cost more initially, but it is quite preferred for long-term, while the third-party is best for a small budget, but it does have huge recurring costs.

4. The social media integration also affects the cost of development and also if you are actually planning to keep an admin panel in your app.

5. It is better to go for a cross-platform app than native app as it is significantly less costly.

6. The cost of hiring restaurant app developers is also important in calculating the entire cost of development.

7. The maintenance required after the launch and the upgrades that you are planning after the release also drives up the cost.

Based on these above-mentioned factors, it is clear that there isn’t a specific range to the app development and maintenance costs. However, you can generalize the apps based on these price brackets.

a. Basic Apps- They are the apps which have plain UI/UX, a simple search, item lists, and minimal required functionality which can cost up to $50,000. Maintenance costs post-development of such apps are quite minimal.

b. Advanced Apps- Apps with more advanced features as well as integrated features, custom UI/UX, tables support added, social media integration, payment gateway integration, navigator, push notifications etc. can range from $50,000 to $100,000.

c. High-End Apps- These apps include advanced level complexity, audio/video processing, custom graphics, real-time tracker enabled, third-party APIs integration, offline local cache, server backend with multiple databases etc. and can cost anything above $100,000.

For developing a food delivery app, you require an UI/UX designer, from 2 to 4 developers, backend developers, a project manager, a quality assurance engineer, and a tester.

Apart from this, the cost can vary from location to location across the globe, so you should carefully hire the app development company. You can also hire a restaurant app developer at a reasonable rate.

At an average, the average cost of development of food delivery app is nearly $50,000 with the time of development around 3 months.


Food ordering apps have revolutionized the food industry. These apps provide comfort and convenience to the users. They allow them to easily order their food and get it delivered right at their doorstep. However, the development of such an app can be quite tricky. The cost of development depends on a variety of factors which is mentioned above. This provides you with quite an estimate of how much time as well as money it takes to develop such an app with various features listed above.

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