Time and Cost to develop Health and Fitness App

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Published on Nov 05, 2018 in Health & Wellness App Developers Resources
Time and Cost to develop Health and Fitness App


Health and fitness have become common buzzwords. People take different resolutions to improve their health and become fit. A lot of them pledge to maintain a healthy diet and take necessary measure to improve general health. Most of the people are determined to go to the gym from the next day but often fails to do so. Usually, the excuse is that they don’t have adequate time to go to the gym due to their overtly busy schedule. However, this problem can easily be sorted out to a larger extent. It can be achieved through mobile apps. Healthcare mobile app development has received a huge boost these days. Since most of the people are hooked with their own smartphones, a health app can essentially become a daily instructor or coach in some form. However, to develop such an app, a mobile app development company has to know the cost of development of such an app. The cost majorly depends on the features and functionalities of the app. Here, we will venture into the necessary features of health and fitness app and how much time and cost it takes to develop such an app.

Features of Health and Fitness app

Let’s look at the vital features that need to be included in a health and fitness app.

1. Registration Process

First, you have to create a user account through which an individual can easily register with the app. The user needs to type his name, email id and mobile number. A verification code or a One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the corresponding number, and the user gets registered.

2. Creating a User Profile

The second step is to know if the user wishes to enter his own personal information like height, weight, age, body type, gender etc. He can also add any physical condition or disease like sciatica or diabetes etc.

3. Social Media Integration

It is not necessary that the user always wishes to log into his account via his email. He just might not want to disclose his email id. So, you need to provide him with different other options like logging through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. If the user’s account is linked with any social media platform, it will assist the user to publish his results after using the app and can also search out for different types of valuable information. A mobile application development company should inculcate this feature into the app.

4. Wearable Devices Integration

The mobile app developer certainly has to keep in mind that only developing a health and fitness app for the user isn’t going to solve the purpose. It is vital that the app should be duly connected to different external devices especially like wearable devices such that the user can easily track his activities as well as exercise routine with ease. In case of Android Health and Fitness app, hire Android developer who can integrate these devices into the Android app.

5. Tracking Record of Diet Plan and Workout

The prominent function of the app is to assist the user in his daily physical activities. It has to maintain the data related to distance travelled by running, walking, cycling and more. Apart from this, the app should also display how much calories have been burnt by the user, how much weight the user has reduced etc. All data that is collected in the cloud should go into the fitness stores. Along with this, it should help in preparing a diet plan as per the calorie requirement and weight of the body of the user. The user can also fix his own exercise schedule according to his convenience. The user can also plan his own personal schedule. All these features need to be included in the app.

6. Option of Geolocation

Geolocation remains to be among the most essential features to almost all types of mobile apps and health, and fitness apps aren’t different. Geolocation can help the user to monitor the directions as well as routes that he has been following while walking or cycling. The user can easily know his exact location.

7. Option of Push Notification

A health and fitness app should keep motivating its users to achieve their goals and hence, should set up reminders whenever the users go out to their workout sessions.

It should help the user to keep on track with his exercise schedule or take the meal at the right time.

8. Live Video Tutorials Facility

In case you wish to add live video tutorial options into the app like providing vital tips on how to exercise for particular part of the body or how to prepare proper diet meal, then it will provide many added advantages. The users will certainly benefit from such types of videos, and you can easily utilize them to promote your app.

9. Payment Options

Even though most of the services provided in health and fitness apps are free, but there are services which are chargeable. If you are selling particular equipment or health drink, then it becomes important to add the payment option. So, you need to make this option convenient and also provide different options like paying through wallet transfer, or payment credit or debit card.

Time for Health and Fitness App Development

When it comes to determining the exact estimate of app development time of health and fitness app, it can be quite difficult since it depends on process adopted by the developers, their technological expertise, the option of the platform and so on. However, in the usual case, it is estimated that around 1000 to 1500 hours are required if all the procedures are taken into account to develop a health and fitness app. For instance, the documentation may alone take 50 hours, while the designing requiring 70 to 100 hours, frontend and backend requiring 200 hours each and testing taking nearly 100 hours and so on.

Cost to Develop a Health and Fitness App

There is no accurate amount that can be fixed on health and fitness app development. The cost majorly depends on mobile application development company you are hiring. However, it may cost nearly $35,000 to $40,000 to develop such an app with all the above-mentioned features. Hire Android developer who charges less in case you wish to develop at a cheaper rate


Health and fitness apps are significantly growing in popularity as more people are adopting mobile apps to manage and streamline their daily routine. These apps help the people to follow regular exercise and diet plan. However, you need to be quite precise when you are adding different features to the app. Creating such an app can be quite a challenging task for any mobile application development company, and it should know all the time and cost of development of health and fitness app to inculcate all the features which provide a seamless experience to the users.

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