This is why investing in mobile apps makes sense

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Published on Nov 09, 2017 in App Development
This is why investing in mobile apps makes sense

Internet has changed the ways of doing business. We live in a digital era and mobile devices have taken place of the computer. Just having a website will not serve all business purposes. If you own a business that interacts with users and customers for sales, you can’t afford to miss mobile apps. Did you know that around 77% of Internet traffic is generated by mobile devices? This is the reason many businesses are investing in mobile apps.


With more than 2.8 million apps in the Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps in Apple’s App Store, mobile apps offer you the easiest way to take your business to a large number of consumers. Features like offline access, push notifications, in-app purchases and others can help businesses to personalize the user experience for their customers. Don’t forget a well-developed mobile app also helps in strengthening your brand. Having said that, here are some additional reasons for businesses to invest in mobile apps.


According to Smart Insights mobile statistics, mobile devices have already surpassed fixed internet connections in 2014. The amount of time spent on mobile has increased and today mobile users spend around 4 hours on their mobiles. By building visually appealing, robust and efficient mobile apps for different mobile platforms, businesses can reach a large number of prospective clients and engage them. The more visible your business app is, the higher sales target you can achieve.


Unlike desktops, where the user has to type in the website URL, enter login credentials to visit your website or online store; the mobile app connects the user to your business in a single tap. This enhanced usability saves time for the busy user. Also unlike the desktops, people always carry their mobile phones wherever they go which means they can connect with your business or visit your online store even when on the move.

Mobile apps are faster than alternative forms of browsing. While the user is required to wait for few minutes for the website pages to load on desktop, the content in mobile app appears on screen in few seconds. Since a large part of the information is stored in the mobile app itself, the loading of information in the mobile app is much faster. As there is no or less waiting time, businesses have more chances of conversion. The usability of the mobile app cannot be compared with anything else and it engages the user like no other.

This is why investing in mobile apps makes sense


Businesses can integrate analytical functions in mobile applications that can provide more information about the user and the way of interaction. It is easier for a business organization to know how much time the user spends on their mobile app, the most accessed and least accessed functions.

Using the in-app behavioral analytics, businesses can make changes in their mobile application to enhance user engagement. For example, if a loyalty program is not bringing the desired results, the company can change the nature of the loyalty program to increase its effectiveness. In simple words, a mobile app enables the business to know the hurdles in conversion and make changes to convert more users into customers. It is a known fact; users gauge the credibility of the business from their mobile apps. Companies who invest more in their mobile apps are able to woo their customers and compel them to buy their products and services. They also have edge over their competitors and companies get a higher return from their mobile apps.


If your mobile app is popular among your customers, it can also serve as the best marketing platform. Using the push notifications features, app owners can inform users about exciting offers and deals. When the users click on the notification, they are directly taken to the section where the deal is available. Moreover, companies can also integrate other app marketing tools like social media with their mobile app. Using in-app analytics, app owners can find out the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and also track its impact on sales.


Now that you know the reasons for investing in mobile apps, here are few benefits offered by mobile apps.

Offers more value to customers

Organizations are always looking for effective ways to engage customers. If you want to retain customers you must offer more value to your customers than your competitors. Today’s consumer is familiar with mobile shopping and they turn towards mobile apps when shopping for groceries, clothing and everything they need. To ensure your customer doesn't go to your competitors, you can create loyalty programs that will increase customer’s interaction with your business. There are many companies that offer rewards to their customers for using their mobile apps. For example, some deals are exclusive app deals while users can claim an additional discount when ordering from the mobile app. All these marketing practices motivate customers to shop more.

Increase in user engagement and reduction in user acquisition costs

Mobile apps reduce the cost of user acquisition; it is cheaper than instant messages and traditional advertising. Using deep linking technology, mobile app developers like Promatics can direct users to an specific location related to your advertisement in the app.

Though it may look the user acquisition costs are higher in terms of the mobile app, they aren’t. Many mobile marketing experts fail to acknowledge the fact that many users browse or compare on the mobile app and complete the purchase via web or offline store. Many customers also use the mobile app to know the deals but may not buy from the app. Thus, it is quite evident a mobile app plays a crucial role in customer acquisition. If you are using mobile ads to attract new customers, your customer acquisition costs will be reduced if you have a mobile app.

Mobile apps have advanced functions that can provide users with relevant content more easily. Features like latest notifications, news feed and general info keep the user connected to your business even when the customer is not in the sales pipeline. The mobile app presents to the users everything they need at fingertips. The user can order products, track delivery, post feedback and complaints through the app. The push notifications keep the user informed without the need to open the app. All these activities are examples of enhanced user engagement.

This is why investing in mobile apps makes sense

Increased visibility

A large number of user’s first check their mobile phone after getting up in the morning and it is also the last thing they check before going to bed. This shows mobile devices have become an essential part of people’s lives. By investing in the mobile app, you can stay connected with your clients at all times. With your mobile app installed on the users phones, they can visit your online store or check updates you provide at any time during the day. For example, they can check the news feed when standing in the queue at stations or while traveling on the train or during their lunch hours. The mobile app provides you an easy way to get the message out to buying customers and it also ensures your organization is always ready to serve them and listen to their concerns.

When customers use their mobile app during the day, your business needs to be always present in front of them. Since users know your mobile app is installed, they are more likely to use it when they need products or services you offer. Unlike desktops, where the user might be visiting your portal accidentally, the mobile app ensures the user is visiting your store with a specific purpose to browse products or to get information.

Helps your business move faster

Technological changes happen rapidly and technical innovations are evolving every day. The changing business environment requires business organizations to move faster and adapt to the changes. The mobile app is one such technological innovation that gives you a competitive edge and helps beat your competitors.

Mobile app technology is getting smarter and it helps business organizations understand a lot about customer preferences, buying patterns and many other things that can be useful to customise the offer and sweeten the deal to make it irresistible. Embracing new technology is a must for businesses and mobile apps can help your business move faster than your competitors. An app build by a professional mobile app development company for your business can take your business to new heights.


The world has shifted from desktops to smartphones and companies who have invested in mobile apps are enjoying tremendous ROI. There is no doubt mobile apps offer a great way to reach customers and enhance a user experience that helps in strengthening the brand. Today almost every business process is virtual and there is an ever growing need to invest in a mobile app.

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