Things to Consider While Developing Small Business Mobile App

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Dec 04, 2018 in Enterprise App Developers Resources
Things to Consider While Developing Small Business Mobile App


Mobile phones have become quite advanced and essentially turned into a significant part of various businesses. Form retail, transportation, hospitality, healthcare, marketing, manufacturing, as well as education and many more, industries now become quite reliant on this ever-developing innovation. The mobile apps are often preferred by most of the business leaders. The main and prominent goal behind the development of the small business mobile app is to maximize the overall reach of the business with much more user engagement. The most prominent and effective way to easily run a business in order to reach the target audience is through mobile apps. Here smartphones play quite an important role in both customer interaction and acquisition.

In order to develop a small business mobile app, there are certain things that a mobile app Development Company needs to consider. Some of them are:

1. Selection of Platform

The most basic idea behind the development of a mobile app is to reach a wider audience. The mobile app platform plays a key role while creating a mobile app. Before you choose a platform, you have to consider few factors like age group, region demographics, the purchasing power of the users and type of business along with many others.

One of the most vital things which you have to consider before you develop a mobile app is to know how many platforms you actually wish to launch the app in. It is always best to become a master of one particular platform first, and then you can easily get into the other types of platforms. To decide the most suitable platform for your mobile app, you need to consider things like app brand, app features, target audience and most importantly the pricing strategy. After considering this, you have to choose a development methodology for the business app. It can be Native, Web or Hybrid. Native apps have many advantages, but it does cost relatively high. iPhone app developers should be hired in case you are creating a Native app for the iOS platform.

2. Native or Hybrid

Native apps are particular mobile apps which are developed precisely for one particular mobile operating system. In case of iOS, Swift programming language is used while in case of Android, Java is used, As native apps are for one specific platform, they can certainly take advantage of the features of the operating system. It has the inherent ability to use the particular device-specific software, hardware and can easily use the latest technology which is available on the devices like one-touch pay, GPS, camera, and fingerprint.

In the case of Hybrid apps, they are basically the combination of both native as well as web apps. It is a particular app in which the same app is actually developed in different operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows etc. and they can even run on different browsers such as Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, IE etc. It actually works on the most basic principle of “write once and deploy everywhere”. Hybrid apps are essentially cross-platform apps which can be easily distributed between various app stores immediately without different versions. Hire app developer who can create a Hybrid app which runs on every platform.

3. Application Backend

It is again a perceptive choice that has to be made before the app development. Most of the mobile apps are generally API-driven. Mobile App Development Company considers this as the most vital aspect of mobile app development. Simultaneously, not all types of app that you develop need a custom backend and can easily connect to the mobiles through APIs. You can easily handle the entire mobile app with one local database, and these apps don’t even require any type of backend support. From the perspective of the developer, you need to analyze the requirement for a backend while keeping the constraints such as time and cost in mind in order to set up a backend and then make a decision.

4. UI/UX Design of the Mobile App

If you ignore this particular aspect before the app development, your app will certainly fail. UI/UX actually holds a prominent role in the entire mobile app world. It is quite essential that it is considered to be among the factors which decide the fate and future of the app. You have to understand the subtle difference between both UI and UX. UI is actually the design interface while UX is the user experience. In case you have a good UI for your app with poor UX, the app is certainly doomed.

User experience becomes a crucial factor when it comes down to the digital landscape. An app actually defines how a particular user feels as well as thinks about the business and services. It is about creating something valuable that is easy to use as well as effective for the target audience. You shouldn’t make the app complicated and confusing. Hire app developer who can create an appealing UI/UX.

A well-thought mobile app provides a seamless user experience which can translate into various key benefits. The content and functionalities which are delivered to the app need to in line with the target audience. The entire end product should provide a much superior quality customer experience and service.

5. Target Audience of the Mobile App

Identifying the actual users of your app is quite important. You have to focus on the target audience while developing apps. Factors such as the country that you are targeting, purchasing power of the user and their age group, gender, occupation as well as their interests needs to be taken into account for the designing of the app. For instance, if you are creating a retail app, you need to provide pictorial illustrations instead of more content. This will allow your audience to remain connected with the app. If you meet the inherent needs and expectations of the users, your app will definitely become popular and help you in generating more revenue.


There are billions of smartphones users. And more people are getting access to this technology. Most of the people spend a huge amount of time on mobile apps, and a major portion of them use mobile apps for purchasing, payment as well as booking. Irrespective of any particular industry, mobile apps are actually proving to be quite an essential tool for small business’s growth. The opportunities are quite high, and the market potential is quite huge. So, when you are developing a mobile app for your small business, you need to consider the above-mentioned things.

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