Things to consider to develop a medium app project

Published on Nov 16, 2017 in App Development
Things to consider to develop a medium app project

Mobile apps are categorized in three different groups: small, medium and large apps. But what is considered to be a medium app project? Does the category apply to the work hours, the number of users, the number of developers, the size, the number of downloads or the client’s budget?

In this report, some of the mobile app development companies on AppFutura explain what’s a medium app project for them and how it is developed. We have already covered the small app projects on another report, and now we take a step forward and analyze the app projects in between small and large apps.


The categorization of an app depends on the functionalities that the mobile application has. However a small app project has few functions and is a good way of developing an MVP before starting the full mobile app development; a medium app project is already an application that can use third-party integration, chat functions and sometimes the app also involves technical issues.

IntellectsoftIntellectsoftMobile app development company in United States

A medium app project takes up to 1,000 hours of work and a team of up to 5 mobile app developers and IT experts.

Konstant InfosolutionsKonstant InfosolutionsMobile app development company in United States

For us, many factors go into project sizing including:

  • Client’s timeline
  • Number of team members involved
  • Complexity of deliverables
  • Total number of sprints (releases)
  • Size of each sprint
  • Number of third-party tools needed
  • Technical issues and dependencies
  • App’s visibility and target audience

A medium app project would be defined by these factors.

PrismetricPrismetricMobile app development company in India

An app project size can be categorized under 3 main parameters:

  • Number of features the app has
  • Complexity and technical challenges involved
  • 3rd party integration, analytics and reports

From the above mentioned parameters, the project with features (which usually take 2-4 weeks of development time), medium level of complexity, basic reporting and 3rd party integration (like SMS gateway, payment gateway or push notifications) are considered to be medium app projects.

TechugoTechugoMobile app development company in India

The project which we consider as a medium project has Socket connections like a Socket chat, audio or video calling.


If a client wants to develop a medium app, it normally takes from 2 to 4 months. For some mobile app development companies, the amount of developers and IT experts involved in the medium projects is also a key factor. For the time invested in going from scratch to the final release on the app stores, our app developer interviewees have similar answers.

Konstant InfosolutionsKonstant InfosolutionsMobile app development company in United States

Our Project Managers usually estimate a time of around 3 to 4 months to finally deploy a medium app on the app stores.

PrismetricPrismetricMobile app development company in India

Usually a medium app can be developed between 2 to 4 months.

TechugoTechugoMobile app development company in India

The average timeline of a medium app to be developed is 3 to 4 months, depending on the features and functionalities involved.

IntellectsoftIntellectsoftMobile app development company in United States

A medium app for us involves 1,000 hours of work approximately.


The mobile app functionalities, the concept of the app idea, the benchmarking, as well as the wireframing and design, and finally the development or testing of the app, most of the mobile app development companies that we have interviewed follow these phases when developing a medium app project. As it is a product that will be launched to the general public, these app developers have to make sure that the application works before publishing it to an app store.

PrismetricPrismetricMobile app development company in India

Wireframing, design, development or app testing, all of these phases are important aspects of the project development and we make sure we don’t miss out on any one of these. Apart from this, we educate naïve clients and share our suggestions so they understand what we are doing and we help them take decisions, this gives them confidence and satisfaction.

TechugoTechugoMobile app development company in India

At Techugo, we include all the mobile app development phases : concept, benchmarking, wireframing, design, development or testing in a medium project.

IntellectsoftIntellectsoftMobile app development company in United States

In the case of medium apps, the phases that we include are:

  • Concept
  • Features backlog creation, business analysis
  • Wireframing
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • DevOps
Konstant InfosolutionsKonstant InfosolutionsMobile app development company in United States

Our development practices do not depend on the size of the project because if you apply a good mobile app development strategy, each of these phases including benchmarking, wireframing, design, development and testing are important equally in all app projects.

What changes with the size of the project are the activities typically undertaken in each of these phases. For instance, a medium app project may not include an in-depth feasibility study at the initiation while for a large project, our mobile app developers undertake a feasibility study. At Konstant, we really can’t do away with any of these phases for any type of app projects.


A medium app has its complexities due to the huge amount of development behind the UI and UX. With technology like chatbots, push notifications, Apple Watch’s notifications or even mobile payment integrations. Our mobile app developer interviewees explain their experience developing medium apps and the advantages and disadvantages they have encountered.

TechugoTechugoMobile app development company in India

Some of the medium apps Techugo has developed are:

MyFollowUp: An application specially designed by a group of senior doctors keeping in mind the intricate relationship between the doctor and the patient for an online follow up . The main aim is to keep it simple yet informative. This application enables patients to upload their reports before the call so doctors can examine, diagnose accordingly and give medical advice on a simple phone call, followed by an online prescription. With 4.2 star rating, MyFollowUp is used by the best doctors, surgeons and specialists from India and the mobile app is co-owned by one of the best Indian hospitals.

MovieRanker: A very first movie-related social media tool that lets the users discover the best movie recommendations with a tap on their smartphone. Users can discover movies that match their preferences and share and receive movie recommendations with their friends. Also, users are allowed to create a community of shared interest for connectivity and curated content. MovieRanker aims to focus on an impeccable user experience with a more personalized approach than any other movie-related site can offer.

Fanzir: This app is for football lovers, a mobile app where they can get football news, scores and statistics through the medium of a clean and well thought out and neatly designed app. Users can check the live scores, video highlights at any place as per their convenience, also they get pertinent information about football games through push notifications, to keep them updated. Powered by Euroleague, Fanzir raised over US $6.7M and recorded over 10,000 downloads in just 2 days.

Medium app projects are complex in nature and in architecture. All the features and UX integrated should have a smooth layout. They mostly have socket programming, map algorithm, backend complex structure, live feeds and timelines, messaging features with text, images and files. These apps also consist of OTP authentication, third party APIs or payment integration with commission calculation. Also, medium apps include Apple Watch device to show the notifications as well.

We have never found any disadvantage in developing medium app projects.

IntellectsoftIntellectsoftMobile app development company in United States

The most interesting medium app project we have developed is GSW (Golden State Warriors) with chatbot technology, launched at Facebook’s F8 event when the NBA playoffs took place.

Konstant InfosolutionsKonstant InfosolutionsMobile app development company in United States

We recently developed a food ordering app for one of our clients. We’ve made 8 white-label applications in this project for small-scale restaurants to order online through app. The basic need of the app was to send a clear notification to the manager at the reception and the chefs and staff working in the kitchen and inside the restaurant of any new order that is placed. So, to save time to the staff in going out to the system (computer) and checking the order, the client came up with an app solution where they placed a printer inside the kitchen and as soon as an order is made through the app, a printout is generated, and they can start preparing it. The manager can check the order on their tablet.

The most interesting experience while developing this medium app was that we had to create a white label app to reduce the complexity of the app, we worked so much so we could create the Android and Microsoft versions within a week time.

The challenges we faced during the app development were:

  • Since there were two teams working on this app simultaneously (one remote team working in the US on the server-side and our team here in India working on the front-end of the application) to maintain 100% coordination every time was a challenge for both. Also, we had to manage the time well to deliver it on the promised date.
  • The backend of the cart was OpenCart. To modify OpenCart’s API structure for every app was a challenge. Again, we did it well without compromising the speed and performance of the mobile app.
  • The third important challenge that we came across with was the Apple App Store, which started rejecting apps as they were on the same theme. The guidelines of iOS don’t allow mobile app developers deploy similar apps prepared using the App Builder. So, we had to quickly re-theme the apps for every new client.
PrismetricPrismetricMobile app development company in India

We’ve recently developed a couple of apps that can be considered a medium level app:

The main advantage of developing a medium app is that the client gets to see the results faster compared to the large app development. Developing a mobile app with robust backend or best performance can be a benefit for a company as the client might come up with a lot of new work/projects. Teams working on different category apps with unique ideas get to learn a lot. We get to know the client’s idea about the app and get to have our inputs.

On the other hand, developing medium app projects has some disadvantages. Some projects are depicted to be a medium size project but as time passes, the client might come with lot of surprises and non functional requirements. At times, the app can require some additional UI/UX aspects, animations and extending the extra features/services embedded into the app.

If medium projects are not dealt with a proper development plan, medium apps can become a bigger project in terms of efforts involved by team, development time or R&D.


With an estimate time of maximum 4 months, a medium app project can be launched to the public without any problem. If a client wants to have a well done application with different key features like a chatbot, a medium app can be one of the best options.

The price will be lower than developing a large application, which some of the clients don’t need, and they can benefit of better functions that a small app can’t offer. With a good mobile app developers team behind the application, the app owner will have the medium project available on an app store in a very short time.

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