The year of UI/UX in responsive web design

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Published on Nov 17, 2017 in Web Developers Resources
The year of UI/UX in responsive web design

Over the years, the internet has undergone many transformations. When it comes to UX design, the changes have been substantial. The app and web designers have changed their websites and mobile apps. They focused more on user experience and they have taken interaction of people with websites, products as well as services, into account.

In the past, the mobile designers had to deal with a single screen. But now, thanks to responsive design, the screen can mean almost anything, from a smartwatch to an entire wall. With the evolution of devices and screens, the designs have constantly changed. For website design services, these changes created many challenges.

The requirements of the clients make mobile designers create more innovative websites. Over the years, the penetration of the internet has increased multiple times. People now use websites to shop, interact with other users, communicate as well as socialize. Websites are growing in number by leaps and bounds. The internet is now more competitive than ever. The basic design is no longer in demand when it comes to e-commerce stores and other websites. To remain on top, the websites need to keep up with latest trends.

The ulterior motive of digital designs remains to offer improved User experience (UX). This can be achieved by modernized User Interface (UI). With changes in the web, the trends are now becoming dynamic.

Up till now, the websites used to add stock images. Now, older and popular websites are changing their appearance by inculcating creative design solutions. This makes websites more appealing to the visitors. From icons and illustrations to various images of products, everything needs smart personalization. It enhances the user experience. The main notion is to create a brand by customizing the different aspects of the business. Personalization does more than increasing the appearance of the website, it also improves the user interface by providing smarter and appealing websites to the user.

Websites have to consider designing different personalized icons. They are necessary to compel users to explore and navigate the website more. Product images as well icons are now manually shot in the dedicated studio of a store. This is required to display the product from various perspectives. The results are quite rewarding.

In the past, UX was determined on the basis of the time spent by customers on the website. This notion is not outdated. Now, the user experience relies on the swiftness of website. It also depends on how fast mobile designers can fulfill the customer’s requirement. The customers shouldn’t get lost while surfing various products and services they don’t need. UI and UX design companies now build the websites in a smarter way. Filters and intelligent find options are the essential part of UI and UX of websites.

Time controlled designs allow websites to achieve better UX. It provides the customer what they need in no time. An e-commerce store isn’t the place where a user gets lost while wasting their crucial time. Faster and improved services significantly offer better website UI, which leads to greater UX as well.

With the fast-paced evolution of web market, the trends change within no time. There is an increasing trend of displaying designer images of high definition. This is especially in case of product images in place of boring and lame images with white background. Animations and videos are already emerging as the newest addition to improving UI of websites.

Animations are the coolest way to offer the idea to the customers. Creating animations for the store is quite budgetary in comparison with new videos posted every day. However, the animations need not to be forced. Animations aren’t for entertainment. They serve a particular purpose. They should be designed keeping this mind.


Website designs used to focus on screens of computers and laptops. Then, after a few years, workable versions were launched for small screens of smartphone and tablets. It provided ease to navigation via different devices. Now, graphic designs are prioritized for mobile devices. The major reason is the shifting of users from laptops to smaller screens, the responsive design arrived.

Mobile devices that people own are now the basic source of customer interaction. That’s why companies now focus on mobile devices and mobile design. Almost every person now has one mobile device along with internet connection. They spend more time on the phone in comparison to laptops and computers. The latest UI and UX now require responsive website design for these devices.

Scrolling is generally a basic function of any website, however, the usage of scrolling by the websites at a particular instant of time has certainly changed. Now websites have adopted long-scroll option to display content. They have reduced the number of pages. It aims to enhance the website design. It also improves the user experience. A web design company needs to take this into account. Long scroll websites are a direct manifestation of the mobile website trend. Now the users prefer to scroll through the entire page in case its content seems meaningful. They prefer it over clicking and then moving to various links of content. It allows the mobile user to have a quick look over more content, without getting interrupted. A long scroll directly affects the UI and UX of the website. It provides a linear narrative as well as offer seamless content.

The minimalistic design of websites is still a progressive trend. However, making the website too simple does affect the UI and UX of the website. It offers monotonous UI which can be boring for the users. Now mobile and web designers need to adopt appealing color palettes for their websites. It helps them to keep their minimalist design from being little too ordinary. Vibrant colors add the appeal of the websites, which gain customer attention. Before hiring a web designer, make sure the professional knows how to select contrasting colors. The designer should know the importance of choosing a themed website with various color shades for different groups. The importance of color palettes is increasing manifolds as it adds more appeal to the websites and makes them more interactive.


When it comes to mobile responsive designs, the UI and UX design will play a key role. UI and UX bring more than boosting the aesthetic appeal of any website. They directly affect website’s visibility on the internet. The UI and UX design will continue to change. The market demand for responsive designs makes it more than necessary. The websites make the first impression on the prospective customers. So, it is necessary to adopt emerging UI and UX trends. In the years to come, UI and UX will highly affect the responsive web design. It is just up to the web designers whether they adapt to the changes or not.

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