The number of downloads may depend on the size of the mobile app

Published on Nov 03, 2017 in App Development
The number of downloads may depend on the size of the mobile app

Advancement in technology has led to the development of apps that streamline business operations and improve communication. According to the recent statistics, there are more than 2.8 million apps on Google Play Store, 2.2 million on Apple App Store, 669,000 on Windows Store, 600,000 on Amazon Store and 234,500 on Blackberry World.

These figures are expected to continue increasing as more people embrace the impact of apps on business and our daily lives. Mobile app developers need to work smart to come up with new ideas and technologies and improve the functionalism of these apps.

Here is a comprehensive overview of how the size of an app affects the number of downloads and we will also study the average size of Android and iOS app in the current fast-paced digital world.


The concern over the size of mobile apps continues to gain traction across the globe as most businesses and organizations strive to achieve as many downloads as humanly possible without compromising user experience. It has become increasingly important for mobile app publishers to come up with robust ways of managing the size of every mobile application that they develop.

Here are three factors to help you understand the impact that app size have on downloads.

Data usage

The larger the size of the app, the more data it will be required to download from Google Play Store and other app marketplaces. Also, users will need to have more data bundles as well as a high-speed connection to get maximum utility from the app. Otherwise, some of the dense features of the apps may not run smoothly.

Based on these facts, it is essential to make sure that the size of the app is not above the fold to avoid compromising the number of downloads. Note that savvy users understand the impact of downloading and installing a large app on their smartphone. In fact, some will go an extra mile to check the size before clicking the download button.

Concisely, large apps are too expensive or difficult for most users to download compared to the smaller apps.

Download time

Downloading an application from the internet is very similar to downloading a file or document from your email inbox. The larger the file, the more time it will take to download. Also, you might have to wait for up to 20 minutes depending on its architecture and the quality of your internet connection to install and run the application.

As a mobile app developer who is keen on reaping maximum returns from the current lucrative market, it is imperative to keep this factor in mind throughout the design, development, and testing phase to meet the needs and expectations of your clients and target audience.

Storage usage

Do not assume that all the target users will have plenty of storage space on their smartphone. The larger the app, the more space it will occupy thereby reducing the amount of space available for storing other files such as photos and music.

As mentioned earlier, people who are conversant with mobile apps will check the size of the app before download to determine if the available storage space on their smartphone is enough to accommodate it. Apps that occupy more space are less likely to get more downloads than compact apps that only require a fraction of the available storage space.

According to a report by the co-founder of Segment, Peter Reinhardt, the size of mobile applications is increasing. Mobile app developers have no option but to load their apps with videos, fonts, SDKs, and other features in a bid to compete effectively with other players in the industry. Even though the benefits of these features are undisputed, you will rarely see experts discuss the impact of size on usage and installs. His study and experiments proved that larger apps tend to be less responsive, slow to load, and more likely to crash. As a result, such apps offer a poor user experience that triggers users to uninstall them or bury them deep on their phones and watch them fail.

The co-founder of Segment also states that the current mobile market requires app developers to include images, analytics, and other complementary features to ensure that the app works well. Mobile app development companies also need to focus on efficiency and user experience at every stage of development. Minor issues can adversely affect downloads, user experience, and reputation of the company.

In July 2017, Google Play Store started to display the actual size of every app on the platform to eliminate guesswork and help users decide on whether to download an app or not. In addition, it improved the Play Store algorithm to compress app updates. At the moment, 98% of all Android apps only download changes to their APK files when updated. The new files are seamlessly merged with the older ones.


According to a report that was published on Sweet Pricing in February 2017, the average size of an Android mobile app is 15MB. On the other hand, most of the iOS apps in the market are 38MB.

The number of downloads may depend on the size of the mobile app

With this information at hand, you can be able to know if you need to tweak the app to conform to the industry trends.


While it is essential to make sure that your app does not exceed the recommended size, it is imperative to consider this factor alongside other fundamental aspects such as usability and the objectives that you aim to achieve through the app. It is possible to trim the size of the app by reducing the number of images, videos and other extra files that are not essential to its functionalism.

More importantly, it is recommended to carry out A/B tests to know which features to add or eliminate to enhance the functionalism of the mobile application and at the same time offer the best possible user experience to the target audience. Also, make sure that your app has a robust firewall to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your users from the new generation of threats such as spyware and malware. In conclusion, the size of the app (due to all its features) matters a lot.

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