The need of a comprehensive enterprise mobility strategy

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Published on Jun 28, 2017 in App Development
The need of a comprehensive enterprise mobility strategy

For both, B2C and B2B companies

Many organizations globally have taken the plunge into the world of enterprise mobility for leveraging the advantages of it. The lure of being connected to the crucial information while cracking a deal and accessing information from any device, anywhere, anytime worked in favor of enterprise mobility.

Yet a significant part of the industry has not been able to take proper advantage of enterprise mobility because they do not have a comprehensive strategy in place. These organizations do not understand the technological requirements, governance of the data access and the data security standards needed for an apt enterprise mobility environment.

Components of an enterprise mobility strategy

  • Enterprise mobility is the enabler of long-term growth. But any business will need a dynamic mobility strategy for a successful digital transformation.
  • An enterprise looks for a subtle digital solution that helps their systems become more efficient, enhancing the employee engagement.

Various components play their parts in developing the ultimate mobility strategy:

Shifting the digital assets to mobile devices

When the organization decides to move ahead with its mobility transformation, the first step is to shift or move its digital assets into mobile devices.

This is done by

Transform everyday processes

Enterprises upgrade the capabilities of any available apps by fusing their capabilities with the capabilities of the mobile device.

Let’s take the example of a time tracking app. With the mobility components, enterprises can use iBeacons, and the GPS feature of mobile devices and the app can track the attendance of every employee. Not just that, the app will also be able to send the data of where employees spent most of their time inside the office area, which in turn will help in tracking the overall employee productivity and that too without wasting all the time that is wasted while following the standard procedures.

Better business dynamics

Mobility has provided enterprises with the privilege of fusing the modern technologies with the process transformation.

The inbuilt features of the modern mobile devices and their mobility provide the best set up of dynamism to any enterprise. Also, enterprise mobility helps them unlock many segments of their business processes that could not do previously due to the dearth of technology.

Major players in the IT market have successfully fused technology and mobility and have used the data they extracted from the mobility features in providing a personalized, seamless and dynamic service to their customers.

Today the competition requires businesses to be proactive in the way they carry out their business processes. Enterprise mobility has been able to aid every business with the help of its ability to provide predictive data about the users’ purchase patterns, their emotional intelligence and the nature of their purchase. This has enabled the enterprises in developing a very productive mobile ecosystem that compliments the perfect strategy.

Extensive mobility ecosystem

Enterprise mobility is not an isolated event. The Social Mobile Analytics Cloud (SMAC) stack has been behind the successful implementation of mobility strategy and has helped various industries in realizing the full potential of mobility.

To put this in a layman term, if as an entrepreneur or organization, you are planning to utilize mobility for your enterprise’s growth, then you will need the expertise of a mobile app development company that has successfully delivered solutions that were based on SAAS (Software as a Service) and AAAS (Analytics as a Service).

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