The Know-How to develop an App Like Airbnb

Hemendra Singh
Hemendra Singh, Managing Director at The NineHertz
Published on Mar 18, 2019 in App Development
The Know-How to develop an App Like Airbnb

Every little task in today's world is assisted by technology. This has made our lives easy and we have access to almost everything. In this perspective, if an entrepreneur is searching to enhance the business, then it can be possible through mobile applications.

Applications have changed the lifestyle of people completely and expectations have become higher. Most people love traveling and applications like Airbnb have brought in all aspects of traveling in one single platform. It has become one of the most successful mobile applications that satisfy all the requirements of every traveler.

Nearly 55% of millennial-owned business have a mobile app. And if your business also serves millennial who constitute 30% of our population then you must have a mobile app.

Business need for Airbnb app

Airbnb is a digitalized travel application that connects hosts and guests to exchange rental opportunities. "Hosts" are property owners who can use Airbnb as a marketplace for selling. "Guests" are the ones who are looking for a place of accommodation. The reason behind the popularity of the application lies in many aspects. One of the key aspects is huge growth in traveling as an interest for millennial.

With a global economic contribution of $ 7.6 trillion, travel and tourism are one of the world’s largest industry. Can you feel the importance of app like Airbnb?

The app has earned itself a vast amount of audience due to the connectivity it provides. Currently, the application is operating in over 190 countries worldwide. And in order to make an app like Airbnb will include the cost, team of developers, application architecture, features of the app and the time taken.

So let’s explore every aspect one by one

Understanding the business model of Airbnb

Before building an app it is critical to understand the major problem of customers Airbnb is solving.

Two critical massive problems:

  1. For travelers, to find accommodation at a fair price
  2. For house owners, to easily rent out their property

So Airbnb analyzed this problem to bring about a solution which is hosting. This becomes the ultimate aim of the app. Let us understand their strategy to create the best Airbnb clone script for any other business.

To accomplish this, the application uses a list of a stable value proposition. It has linked that with the target audience along with several additional services. The customer segment of Airbnb are hosts, guests, and freelance photographers.

Airbnb gives hosts a free photo shoot for the property with a network of qualified photographers. They also get insurance and profit for the living place that is given for rent. The network of guests to get to contact a local host in a country. This gives them a sense of hospitality. They can quickly choose homes from all destinations worldwide and check the variety of prices from anywhere.

It’s a well-known fact that 90% of consumer decision is impacted by product reviews. Winning the game, Airbnb has influenced people from everywhere as it uses a unique rating and reviewing system. Both hosts and guests fancy several benefits out of this by using Airbnb. Moreover, the booking process can be completed in just a few minutes.

Now that the aspects of implementing the application are complete, it will be followed by networking. Airbnb has used 5 main channels to find clients(hosts and guests) from around the world. These are social media, special events through listings and partnerships, promotional offers, digital marketing and by refer-and-earn models. Thus Airbnb has gained a massive amount of client base. The revenue collected from hosts and guests is also reasonable.

Every owner or guest needs to pay 3% and the tenant pays revenue from 6% to 12%. Also, this is paid only after the host and guest are fully satisfied.

The requisite for building an app like Airbnb

It can be concluded now that Airbnb is a complete application that fulfills all the needs of people. Also, we can understand that it is a sharing economy which is ideal for obtaining stable revenue growth. Here are some of the requisite for cloning Airbnb source code. It follows a planned strategy that involves pre-development stage, creation and stabilization stage.

Developing the Airbnb source code will depend on the factors mentioned here.

Development team:

  • UI Designer
  • iOS/Android developer
  • Back-end developer
  • Project manager
  • QA engineer

Application Architecture:

  • Project setup
  • REST API implementation
  • Database model
  • Implementation of libraries and services

Features of the application:

  • Registration, login, user profile
  • Map settings
  • Advertising options (for hosts)
  • Search filters (for guests)
  • Social media integration
  • Notification system (Guests get notified for new rental homes)
  • Payment system
  • Review and messaging system
  • Statistics and history of travel
  • Additional tips (for choosing the right home)
  • Bonus system(revenue and insurance)

These are the functionalities used in the Airbnb source code. And are needful for any business to create one of the best Airbnb clone scripts.

The overall design of the application plays an important role too. New designs, user-friendly interface, and customized designs are the key factors for creating an application design that will be engaging.

The in-app features also play a vital role in creating a large network of clients. This will definitely increase the overall development cost, yet can be very beneficial. Some special features under this are data syncing, enabling geo-location, wish lists, SMS notification, and in-app calling.

All business firms are likely to have a rate per hour for development. But if estimate then, an Airbnb source code will require $30 per hour approximately. And the estimated time to complete the best Airbnb clone script is from 2630 hours to 3730 hours.

Tips to develop an app like Airbnb

The cost of developing applications like that can depend upon plenty of factors. It requires the contribution of the developing team and an understanding of customer behavior. The budget poses to be the greatest challenge for any business, regardless of its size. It also faces the constraint of bringing up an application with quality features in a reasonable budget. Thus some development tips here can help you create a user-friendly mobile application.

  • Create a unique application interface by investing in the UI interface
  • Create applications for both Andriod and iOS, thus enabling cross-platform
  • Contacting a preliminary test for the application for mobile and browser clients separately can create significant changes
  • Startups can first focus on a small product and then multiply productivity
  • Develop a review system. This is useful for both enterprises and startups to comprehend client behavior.

On a lighter note, everyone has their reasons on what they and why they do it. That being said, please do let us know in the comment section on what kind of similar app like Airbnb are you looking along with what features.

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