The Internet of Things: IoT Solutions and its Benefits

The Internet of Things: IoT Solutions and its Benefits

What is Internet of Things

Internet of things is an idea with an aim to integrate physical world with information technology equipment and in the process enhance their functionality, overall performance, reduce their power consumption and make them more responsive to the end user needs.

It is in fact a network of physical devices like AC’s, Geysers, Car audio systems, Cooking ovens and many more under development phase around the world, all of which are embedded with a NIC i.e. network interface card, sensors, actuators and customized software which enables data / information processing and act appropriately as per the instructions provided by the user.

Requirements to make IoT a reality

a. Target Physical Device like an Air Conditioner.

b. Customized Software

c. Internet Connection

d. Electronic Devices that process input i.e. user instructions and then provide the appropriate response to the target device: NIC (Network Interface Card), Sensors & Actuators.


How IoT compliant Air Conditioner functions.

Past: You are travelling back home and it would take an hour before you reach your place. In a normal situation, you would switch on the AC after reaching home and then go for a shower.

Present with IoT: You want to program your AC to switch on automatically the very moment you reach home so that you can directly go for a shower. Now you will enter settings in the AC app on your mobile that gives instructions to your AC installed at home while both your AC and mobile are online. You would set the on-time at 8 pm and temperature settings 26 degrees all while sitting in the office or while travelling in metro back home.

Economic projections

Globally IoT devices have seen a growth of 31% over a span of few years to 8.4 billion in 2017. And the future is bright as the estimates show that there would 30 billion IoT devices in use globally by 2020. Global projections of market value of IoT is 7.1 trillion by 2020.

Hence it is a bright future for IoT device manufacturers.

Security Concerns

The operating concept behind IoT is what makes the critics and its user’s worry, as IoT devices increasingly become a part of our daily life.

The need for Internet connectivity and hardware specific software.

a) As IoT devices rely heavily on the internet as an interface to communicate with each other, so these devices pose a threat to user personal info from day one of their operation on the ground. These devices can be used in one of the following ways to breach customer privacy and even misuse it for intentional or unintentional damage:

b) IoT devices can be used as a tool to record the daily schedule of its users on a cloud storage which could be then used to seller’s advantage and user’s disadvantage. As the usage pattern created from the cloud data can be sold to companies spread throughout the world who value such data so as to market their products much to the user harassment.

c) Whenever these devices are used by Govt. Officials or officials dealing with critical govt. or defense information it can be used for anti-national activities.

Moving ahead Internet has been always a toy for anti-social elements much to the user harassment, whether it is a personal or professional user of internet services. Like your email account being hacked to get access to your confidential contacts or unwanted pop-ups on popular websites clicking which encrypts the user data, restricting your data access and only after the ransom is given the data access could be restored.

How these security issues are addressed

Whenever something new comes into the market and starts to gain success there are some elements that use this success to fulfill their antisocial dreams. So keeping in mind the possible bad happenings that could happen to new inventions that are here to stay IoT device manufacturers, respective programmers & local govt. authorities all work in coordination with each other so that a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) or a set of rules and regulations are drafted and put forth in public domain for inviting suggestions for possible improvements. As a result of the end draft that becomes the official document (or standards for development of IoT devices) and with the contribution of all the parties who are needed to make an IoT device a success, there is an increased chance that the security issues are very well addressed pre-product launch.

Successful IoT devices

1. Air Conditioners that can be remotely switched on and off and settings like temperature change and off-timer and on-timer modified all in real time without the need of physical presence of the user at the site.

2. Geysers that could be programmed to start heating the water at the told temperature from a remote location.

3. Cooking ovens that could begin pre-heating the food kept inside whenever the user messages it to do so from his / her mobile at the told temperature.

How IoT helps human health & environment

1. As user sends the operating instructions to the IoT device only when needed and the action is taken in real time, so they need not keep the device always on. As a result, there are substantial savings on power bills.

2. IoT devices can be designed to work taking into consideration the user health. Like a heart, patients cannot withstand extreme temperatures, so a smart watch that monitors the patient's body temperature real-time can send the temperature settings to the centralized air conditioning system to operate at the patient-compatible temperature level.

3. Different kinds of food need different cooking temperature and cooking time, so the user can just put the food in the oven and enter the name of the dish in the app which will look out for cooking information regarding this dish on the internet and thereafter send the appropriate settings. As a result, the issue of energy wastage & food wastage due to overheating is tackled.

What is the relevance of AafiLogic Infotech in IoT industry

With the increase in penetration of IoT technology on a global scale, there would be an exponential increase in IoT devices worldwide. As a result, normal software solutions will not be able to meet the need of the hour. So with each new IoT device under development, its software development will begin simultaneously, in order to meet customer expectations from product and ensure product launch on time. It is also necessary that the software clubbed with them shall not add to its costing for which the SDLC shall be run be in a well planned and cost-effective manner.

We Aafilogic Infotech are Web & Mobile App Development solutions provider with a global clientele and have a reputation to meet customer expectations and deliver the product within the specified deadlines. You can rely on us to make your IoT device a global success. Just reach us anytime or our website for a quotation.

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