The Incredible Role Of Blockchain In Improving Education Industry

Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta, Director Mobility at Techugo
Published on Sep 06, 2019 in Blockchain Developers Resources
The Incredible Role Of Blockchain In Improving Education Industry

The blockchain is attracting various industries and one such is education. Its use case declarations have been proposed by expert and it has emerged out as a boon in the changing world.

Despite its both positive and negative impact in business vertical, its utilization is being hugely appreciated by peers. In fact, there is no end to the glory of blockchain. From allowing money cross-border transfer without any third-party intervention to securing transaction through cryptography, from crypto coin creation to secured ledger system for data security, it is showing unthinkable ability in different streams.

Every time the name of blockchain technology comes in reference to the education industry, everybody shows keen interest in the ways this system can be enhanced through this technology. A number of questions have been asked and answers are still being speculated. While some educators are skeptical and others are ready to embrace the change.

With several challenges and chaos, its utilization in education industry is being supported and tested. So, take a look at how all of this can take place.

The Rise Of Blockchain In Education Industry

Lately, a number of studies have been conducted in several European universities, and through several analysis has confirmed that the collaboration of blockchain with education is an embryonic phase. This notion is encouraging the development of this technology in this space.

Several highlights and demonstration have been tabled by researchers in this sense. This includes a number of significant advantages that sometimes indicate to the immutability of the records in this distributed ledger system. Basically, this is the place where the record remains the same as when it was entered. This aspect has potential use case in terms of providing guarantee to digital courses and certificates.

The entries made in"blockchain" can be verified, even if institution stops working or a whole education system collapses. Besides, this provides ease to students as they don't need to collect paper copies of certificate to request a course in university or educational institutions, as with this system they can instantly apply and can verify organizational credentials and individuals.

On the other hand the concept of "smart contracts' will make the system more advanced by providing consensus. It means when certain conditions meet then agreements would automatically get closed, such as a student will only get the financial aid if the compulsory course of action or work gets completed by them. The rise of "blockchain technology" can improve several other aspects of this industry and can make educational institution functioning faster and efficient. Besides, this technology can also be implemented in education mobile application development.

So, curious to know how blockchain will impact the education industry?

Amazing Ways Blockchain Can Enhance Education

The applications of blockchain are growing steadily, which can provide people with various advantages. Despite a ledger for recording data and ensuring security, there are many different applications of this technology and education sector is one of them. So, take a glimpse of dissimilar ways blockchain can transform and improve education.

#1. Abolish The Fake Degree Fraud

Blockchain's distributed and immutable ledger system is able to eliminate the chances of academic degree frauds. Basically, the notion is that, it integrates security and trust, and ends the need for an intermediary for validating transactions. For universities, its relevance can't be immediately obvious but it can be used in higher education. This provides the boost to its utilization as it is a very useful way of decreasing the administrative costs and improved the certification validation schemes.

This technology will provide system to academics that will directly validate the information of students.

#2. Identity Management

It is quite difficult to monitor the identities while dealing with a huge heap of different applications and software. The blockchain can provide ease and convenience by offering software that can handle every issue and manage each identity individually. This reduces the inconvenience that comes while sorting student's data and identifying each applicant separately.

#3. Copyright And Digital Right Protection

This technology is incredibly able to share, manage, and protect digital content, which makes it absolute to aid researchers, faculty members, and other higher-ed principals in creating intellectual property, that they can easily share & control the way it gets used. This ledger system enables researchers to reserve the rights for the published contents, such as professors can publish their teaching material on blockchain and claim copyright. Besides, professors can be rewarded on the basis of citations in their journals and research papers through this system.

This technology will also be a significant advancement in the space of 'community content repositories'—generally known as libraries, where San Jose State University has a significant leader in the Library 2.0 movement. Besides, this technology can also be used in curating digital content and protect digital rights.

#4. Reliable Transactions

With the blockchain systems, it is very easy to manage financial transactions with universities and online education institutions. It is also possible to verify the credibility of online institutions and prevent the frauds takes over the internet.

#5. Improved Human Resource

With blockchain, it is easy to perform detailed checks on human resource of educational institutions such as drivers, substitute teachers, and others. It will be beneficial in streamlining the hiring and employment process.

What more do you expect to be changed in education system?

Blockchain is an incredible concept that can revolutionize the education industry and other industries. A number of educational technologies have been developed lately such as Apple II, and infusion of blockchain in this industry will improve education standards. Besides, mobile application development companies are exploring this tech stream and striving to infuse it in education apps that are making learning easy and more intuitive. To know more, stay tuned.

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