The future of mobile: 2017 app numbers, predictions and trends

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Published on Aug 16, 2017 in App Development
The future of mobile: 2017 app numbers, predictions and trends

Smartphones today are sewn seamlessly into our lives. The recent years have onlooked a tumultuous revolution in technology and with it, growth in the use. The insatiable consumer demands are met by bringing in sensation trends in the mobile technology and app development. There is an increasing competition, and the mobile app development companies rivals have sprung up to keep pace with the technological developments in order to get maximum customer satisfaction and a boom in their businesses.

Innovations have become an inextricably integral part of the corporate enterprise world. The propelling change has brought everything on the tips of the consumers, whether it be applications, sites or databases, you name it!

Technology and the world have contracted down to a single mobile screen with the adroitness of men. To pace up with the progressive world, it is important to be cognizant of the latest trends and updates.

Here is a glimpse of the latest trends numbers and predictions for the mobile world, including mobile apps, of course.


The trends of mobile app technology are ever-dynamic and have been witnessed by the changes that have taken place. It signals not only rapid evolution, but ascertains the need for mobile app developers to be adaptive and versatile to the preceding changes.

Beacon with integrated GPS technology

Distinguishing between offline and online is the key purpose of this technology. The offline mode launched by YouTube this year is one of the examples. iOS devices were already accustomed to this technology called iBeacon and now android devices are experimenting with it. iBeacon technology along with location information is being jazzed up to show the right information for any retail price that pops up.

Beacon with integrated GPS technology

Location-based technologies can be a life saver as they help you find the correct destination and provide you with useful information. It has greatly helped the retail and travel sector. Uber has fully exploited this on its app. So far location-based features have proved to be lucrative both for the company and the consumers.

Hybrid app development

Hybrid app development is a rapidly emerging technique in the mobile app development. There is no ceiling to its demand and you will find its never-ending features fetching. App developers won’t need to waste their money, it can be used in any operating system OS and is burgeoning in mobile app development.

Many of the app developers adopt the native style for apps, but hybrid app development needs are increasing on the consumer side. If you want efficient and enhanced performance, this is it!

Hybrid app development

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

Both Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are the new buzz words. The launching of Pokémon Go game and Facebook’s Oculus Rift is a perfect example. More work needs to be done for Artificial Intelligence, and the giant tech companies are ready to embrace any chance to create history. Complicated algorithms are being made with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence.

Security and consumer apps

The complex development and challenging designs have given birth to Enterprise apps. The heavy graphics have enabled the hacking of these apps to be difficult. App security has become a necessity with the revolution we are living. Mobile phones are private property and need to be safe for the users.

Security and consumer apps

Cloud-based mobile apps

Apps need a lot of space for storage so that they can function properly. For all the apps that have heavy graphics and functions, Cloud is the perfect place to store them. It is fast, and above all, it is secure. An upsurge in the use of multiple devices connected to mobiles has resulted in focusing on integrating and syncing mobile apps to multiple devices. Hence, the cloud will enable technologies like IoT, AI and wearable for multiple functionalities.

Cloud-based mobile apps

Big Data integration

In order to comprehend the change emerging from the use of technology, analysis plays a significant role, especially for businesses, where analysis is a requisite. For this purpose, Big Data analysis comes in handy to track down the use of a device. It is an insight into the future.

Big Data integration

Easy navigation

If an app is too complicated to use, it will be uninstalled immediately. Therefore, unfriendly navigation is a speed bump in an app progress. Mobile technology has now advanced by merging with other technologies to come up with top-notch and user-friendly apps. The world is folding up for your ease.

Monetization models

There are six existing app monetization models: direct sales, freemium, subscription and in-app purchases are few of the examples. The hybrid monetization models such as in-app ads and purchases are gaining popularity worldwide. The in-app advertisements are among the many key drivers.


Internet of Things

IoT or internet of Things is all about connecting one device to another. Your mobile remains constant but the devices being connected can change. Although its future is unpredictable, one can guarantee something big and useful from it. In the years to come, IoT will reveal its full potential. With the growing development, mobile app developers will soon need to divert their attention towards smart devices rather than smartphones.

Internet of Things


Wearables are limited since they have recently made their mark. It is the hottest topic and is steadily shaping up the electronic world. Until now, wearables were only confined to the healthcare sector but now they are making their way to the enterprises for improved productivity and efficiency. In the coming days, it is expected to spread to every corner.


The giant tech companies have made their go at the use of drones. There are 27 companies which are currently running drones. They are employed for customer service, maintenance and for capturing news.


According to a research, an individual spends an average of about 3.5 hours using mobile devices, this has resulted in 66% increase in the investment of digital advertisement for 2018.

22% of all eCommerce in retail and sales belong to mobile devices.

Phone users

Globally this number of sales is expected to increase to $100 billion in 2018 owing to the wearable devices that are being released gradually. With integration in 2nd generation Apple Watch, fitness tracking and homes being connected to IoT technology, cars too will have smart technology very soon.

Years back what was thought of as sci-fiction is now becoming a reality. Virtual Reality is being evolved and transformed, and we can rightly expect something bigger to hit the markets in the coming years.

45% of all the online purchases will be accounted to eCommerce by 2020. Online payments are quickly taking over the credit and debit cards. Fingers crossed to what comes next.


Every person is designed to think and act differently, for some user experience matters while others focus on cutting edge ideas. It’s difficult to figure out the mechanism of every individual, but by the analysis of the data and actions, one can jump to a likely conclusion.

Researchers have claimed the global population using mobile phones is around 4.93 billion and it will perpetuate given the transformation pace. What one needs to understand is that requirements won’t be changing. Your device needs to be user-friendly, backed up with data, interactive, and innovative. Is it just the beginning of the revolution or the end? The world has yet to see.


Just attracting the masses shouldn’t be the sole purpose of the mobile app developers. What matters is the emulation of your beliefs. Understand your audience and their needs and then try to materialize their thoughts in your work. Discover a way to comfort your app customers. App developers must bring out useful features that capture their attention. Find the right people to structure your mobile app. Design, customize, experiment and be unique. Watch everything from the user’s perspective. The world is ready to welcome new mobile app ideas.

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