The definitive guide to build a successful app startup

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Published on Nov 17, 2017 in App Development
The definitive guide to build a successful app startup

Ever since the smartphone has entered the market, apps and webs are dominating the mobile industry. The popularity of the smartphone has soared mainly due to mobile apps. Applications are tools that enhance the functionality of the smartphone and convert the humble communication device into a personal computer that has become an integral part of our lives.

There are many success stories of mobile app startups such as Angry Birds, Shazam and Tweetbot to name a few. Technology rules in the digital age and many entrepreneurs are interested in launching their app startup to benefit from the popularity of the mobile apps. If you look down the history lane, not all entrepreneurs who were successful in building mobile apps were mobile app developers like Promatics.

You need not have the technical background of a programmer or a coder to build a successful app startup. Even if none of your team members (founders) have a technical background, you can still build a successful mobile app.

For those aspiring mobile app startup entrepreneurs, here are some valuable tips to build a successful app startup without a technical background.


The app idea is the foundation of your mobile app startup and you need to know where the target audience lies and how to reach them. All the efforts to bring your app idea to life will be useless if there is no market for your app idea. Hence before you take the plunge into mobile app development make sure you are not heading to creating something that is not unique and valuable.


While we have discussed the importance of the target audience, don’t make the mistake of limiting your audience. You should remember the fact that there are countless uses of technology and you can never predict how technology will evolve. So limiting your audience based on the functionality of the mobile app can be a big mistake. Don’t think your mobile app is designed to cater to only a specific group of people. Innovations happen in different ways and you cannot predict how your app idea will evolve over the time.

To be successful, never box your app idea in a specific user segment and limit your opportunities for expansion and growth. Always look for opportunities to improve user experience and functional efficiencies that will increase the app value for the customer.


In the early stages of mobile app development, continuous feedback plays an important role in shaping and developing the app. Hence you need to be sure of the proof of concept of your idea before you leap into the world of tech startups.

The definitive guide to build a successful app startup


Just because you started as a non-techie does not mean you remain a non-techie till the end. We are not suggesting you start learning to code right away but you need to get acquainted yourself with the mobile app technology. Once you have determined the economic viability of the app idea, you need to put efforts into understanding what happens during the app development process.

Being a founder of a mobile app startup, you can start reading books on basic software engineering and learn more about the process. It’s good to know the tech lingo because when you meet mobile app development companies representatives you can easily communicate with them on technical aspects of the app development. You can also check similar apps and note what elements in those apps need improvement and take note of it. Having a good business plan will help you attract leading mobile app development companies.


Approaching mobile app development companies with your app idea and a business plan is the right way to go. By hiring a mobile app development company with years of experience in the sector, you can reduce the overhead, infrastructure and development costs.

While it may be exciting to start development in-house by hiring app developers, you are bound to face challenges due to your non-technical background. Remember, you also need to build an infrastructure for the app development that calls for significant investments. Since many startups are cash-crunched in their initial years, it can be cost-effective to outsource the app development work to an experienced mobile app development company that can take the responsibility while you focus on bringing more investors in.

Make sure you look for a mobile app development company with relevant experience. Take a look at their portfolio and you will be able to determine whether they have the technical expertise and experience to build a mobile app just like the one you want. Outsourcing app development to a company also means you can define a timeline and track the progress of the app development. Leading app development companies communicate with their clients regularly to keep them updated about the progress.


Though the market research and business planning is important, they are often overrated. The best market research is creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and see how the target audience reacts to it. Remember, developing an MVP is an important stage in the app development process that will attract customers and give you something to attract investors. Minimum Viable Product is like a film trailer that attracts the attention of people before the final product gets released. You need to ensure the Minimum Viable Product is attractive enough to generate interest in your target audience and investors.

The Minimum Viable Product can be a PowerPoint slide presentation, a landing page or even a dialogue box. The prototype can be a trimmed down version of your mobile app with the main functionalities.


If your app idea and the MVP are good, you will see investors keen on investing in your mobile app startup. The MVP along with the business plan can convince investors to provide funds in return for equity. Unless your mobile app is groundbreaking, the majority of the technical problems like scalability, performance, concurrency and multi-tenancy will be sorted by the multiple viable product stage.


With investors providing wings to your mobile app startup, you can start looking for the right office space to jump start your tech business and accelerate your startup’s growth. In the right ecosystem, you will be required to connect with the industry and legal professionals and get ready to secure the next round of funding.


The next stage is to plan the app launch and create a roadmap that gets your app to the stage of revenue generation. Planning for the final stage of the mobile app development will ensure you have arms around both your product and target audience. It will help you respond quickly to the problems and suggestions and provide fixes and improvements that enhance the value of your app. These activities will also show your mobile application development progress on the roadmap and help analyze the journey of your app startup.

Now you know that you can build a successful mobile app startup even if you are not a technical person.

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