The cheapest Apple smartphone, the iPhone SE

Published on Jun 20, 2016 in App Development

Last March, Apple launched the iPhone SE, its cheapest smartphone to date. Externally, the SE looks similar to the iPhone 5s and it will work as the entry-level product for the Cupertino company. But, on the inside, this device has much more than entry-level specifications.


In general terms, the iPhone SE is an iPhone 6s inside the body of an iPhone 5s. But in case, you didn’t have an opportunity to take a closer look at the new iPhone SE, these are some of the most relevant features of Apple’s latest iPhone:

  • A9 chip with 64-bit architecture with the M9 motion coprocessor embedded
  • 12 megapixels camera that captures 4K videos (four times the resolution of a 1080p HD video). As the iPhone 6s, it also includes Live Photos
  • It incorporates LTE, Bluetooth, and Wifi
  • NFC chip is included, also incorporating Apple Pay
  • It includes Touch ID
  • Siri can be activated directly by voice
  • Available with 16 or 64 GB
  • 4” IPS panel and resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels
  • CPU performance two times faster than an iPhone 5s
  • GPU performance is even better, 3 times faster than iPhone 5s

Iphone SE features for mobile app development companies

Both the iPhone 6s and the new SE include similar features, with the only exception of the 3D Touch, the iPhone SE is not sensitive to pressure, and the dimensions, closer to the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone SE adds new functionalities if we compare this device to the iPhone 5s: it includes a better chip, better camera, it includes NFC and the performance is superior. All these new features will extend the possibilities for developers when dealing with app development. But, the latest trends in devices’ design are moving towards bigger screens. Even, Apple has moved from 4.7 to 5.5-inch screens. The iPhone SE breaks the rules with its 4 inches display what means changes on App development.

Now that large screens are not they only option, developers have to think about tailoring apps for both, small and large screens. Most of the users that choose to buy devices with smaller screens prefer to use a smartphone with just one hand. This together the limitations that a small screen can present, it is necessary to think about moving button placements, changing font sizes or even omitting some functions when developing new apps.

iphone SE

Apps for iPhone 5c, 5s and iPhone SE

The specific features of a device in terms of software and hardware can make a big difference when dealing with apps and users’ experience. For those who have developedapps for the iPhone 5s or 5c, the iPhone SE presents some differences that definitely willhave an impact:

  • The three devices include the same size screen, same resolutions and same pixel density of 326px.
  • iPhone 5c has no fingertip sensor as the iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s doesn’t support NFC, the SE includes NFC and Apple Pay.
  • As iPhone 5s and 5c, the new device doesn’t include 3D Touch, Apple’s display sensitive to pressure.
  • The camera of the new model of iPhone is only comparable to the one of the 6s. In comparison, the cameras of the iPhone 5c and 5s have lower-quality.
  • Although the front camera is the same we can find on both iPhones 5c and 5s, the SE front camera includes Retina Flash what improves the quality of selfies.
  • In terms of hardware, the SE is superior to the old 5s and 5c, since it includes the same processor than the iPhone 6 models. This is a very important feature to have in mind because it affects directly the device performance.
  • IPhone SE includes a battery very similar to the iPhone 5s battery, but the new processor will make us see an improvement. This will make a big difference when developing apps especially games.
  • All the models, 5c, 5s and SE work under iOS 9, the latest Apple’s software, so surprises are not expected on this matter.

What is the position of the iPhone SE in the market?

The technology included in the iPhone SE can be considered high-quality and new since it incorporates almost the same characteristics and features of the iPhone 6s. But at the same time, its smaller size and reduced price can have a serious impact on the market. The iPhone SE seems to be an excellent choice for those attracted by smaller smartphones, those who acquire their first phone or those who loved the brand but are not willing to pay the price of an iPhone 6s.

In conclusion, although the 6s has been a total success, in a way, it seems that in Apple nobody wants to give up the golden child, the iPhone 5, which brought huge benefits for the company and they have tried to recreate the success formula. It’s still soon to predict the future that is waiting for the iPhone SE, given the ferocious competence that works on devices with similar features and prices.

Mobile app developers can keep building apps for iOS as they have been doing until now. But development companies must keep in mind the newest features to take the most out of the apps and be successful in the app stores.

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