The best 5 strategies to promote your app holiday offers

Hemendra Singh
Hemendra Singh, Managing Director at The NineHertz
Published on Aug 10, 2018 in Mobile App Marketing
Best 5 app strategy for promoting your holiday offers

Apps are a vital tool to promote a business. According to research, users spend most of their leisure time on their smartphones. If you are a travel agency and want to expand your business, we will tell you the five best app strategies. Following these plans, you can sell your holiday offers.

1. Push Notifications

Push notification is a useful technology to aware the users about the latest offers. It is the best way to deliver the newest offers to the potential buyers. Let's take an example if you do not use the push messages. You have to use another medium to let the users know about the latest offers like email. But it is not a valid approach. In such a plan, it is possible when the users open their email; the deal has been expired. Hence, you will not get good traffic on your website.

On the other hand, if you use the push messages, users will get an alert instantly when you post an offer. It results in increased traffic on your website. Moreover, if you personalize the push messages, you will get better results. You can modify the push notifications by analyzing the users' behavioral data. By doing this, you can send them only the alerts of their interest.

Have a look at some of the benefits of push notifications:

More effective than email marketing

Push notifications are more useful than email marketing. Many customers do not pay attention to such emails. Even most of the time, such emails land in promotions folder. On the other hand, you can use SMS marketing, but it is not a cost-effective plan. Also, most of the users do not want to give their contact numbers.

Push notifications are cost-effective

Push messages are simple and cost-effective. It is the best way to reach the maximum audience under a budget.

Works on both PC and mobile phones

Push messages work on both PC and smartphones. No matter whether the users are using smartphones or PC, they will get alerts from your website. Hence, when you hire a website design company to design your site, make sure that it installs push message feature to the website.

Number of visits

You will get a higher number of visits to your website. Studies showed that the response time to push messages of Apple users is more elevated than Android users. It is because the push messages remain visible on the notification bar for a limited time in iOS.

In this way, push notifications is a grand strategy to promote your holiday offers. But it is better only the relevant messages to the users. Useless push messages may irritate the users due to which they may uninstall your app.

2. Location-based strategy

The location-based strategy is another factor for promoting holiday offers. By providing the location-based data, you can promote holiday offers better than before. By following this strategy, you can give the users, living in the vicinity, a closer look at the offers. It lets users better understand the deals before availing them. Moreover, if users have any query regarding the offers, they can clear them via one-to-one interaction.

Let's see some benefits of location-based strategy in holiday offers' promotion.

Better targeting

By modifying the messages on your app based on location, you can target a more significant number of users. Many times, people also look to plan local trips. On such a trip, they like to visit the local places. Hence, giving location-based alerts, you can promote your holiday offers.


If you are a local firm, you can build an excellent reputation in your local area. You can offer the one-to-one interaction for the people of your local area. It will let them clear their doubts before buying any holiday offer. Once, you build your reputation; you can easily promote your holiday offers.


If you are targeting to promote holiday offers globally, you have to invest a significant amount of money. On the other hand, promoting holiday offers in your local area is affordable.

In this way, the location-based strategy helps you promoting holidays offers better.

3. Offer a sneak peek

A sneak peek strategy is the best way to attract more users. Just think, if the users get information about the upcoming holiday offers. They will plan for their vacations in advance. It also increases the sale of your holiday offers. Moreover, if the users like it, they will share your app with other users. It will profit your business more.

Therefore, while taking UI design services, it is better to make a separate section on your app for the sneak peek services. When users tap on this section, they will get updated about all the upcoming holiday offers.

4. Availability

If you are launching a travel app or any other marketing app, you have to remain available all the time. Users can open your app anytime. If they have any query regarding your services, they will ask you. In such a case, you have to respond to them quickly. If they do not get the answers to their queries, they will lose interest in your app. It also decreases the users' experience.

How to offer 24x7 services

It is impossible for humans to read and respond to a massive number of comments. What is the solution to this problem? Chatbot.

Install chatbot on your app. The chatbot provides users with 24x7 services. Users can ask general queries to the chatbots and get replies instantly. Many big firms are using chatbots on their websites and apps. Chatbots also help in boosting the users' experience.

5. Offer special discounts

To promote holiday offers, you should offer special discounts timely. Special discounts attract more users and increase your sale. On the other hand, users will visit your website regularly. Hence, by offering exclusive discounts, you can promote your holiday offers.


You will not get success without a proper strategy. If you apply a planned strategy to your approach, you will get success in less time. After learning the appropriate strategy, you will know the techniques to attract a broader audience. You will also recognize the correct method to promote your holiday offers. If you want to promote your travel app, you should follow the strategies explained in this article.

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