The 8 easy things to remember when reselling mobile apps

The 8 Easy Things to Remember When Reselling Mobile Apps by Konstant Infosolutions

If you have a question about how to market your mobile app product for sales this is one gem of an article written by the mobile app development company Konstant Infosolutions discussing points you need to keep in mind when reselling mobile apps.

This term ‘reselling’ sounds a bit mediocre and sloppy in terms of doing a business. But that’s not the case when it comes to mobile apps. While we have thousands of apps built on different categories already and there are new innovative ideas to which people are trying to mull over to explore and claim a successful endeavor, we have this very obvious trend coming in that separates those who build and innovate and those who play it all through investment channels and rotate opportunities.

These two business mindsets and approaches to mobile apps are different and we see an equally competent platform and thick opportunities, paving a way in the mobile apps bazaar quite compellingly.

Mobile apps reselling is becoming a big slice of the fruit. As we enter a different generation of mobile app development with a lot of automation and technology coming in, in the form of novelties like IoTs and NFCs, it is playing an increasingly vital role in transcending that arc of choice and trait to a different level of arrangement and opportunity, resourcefully generating possibilities and connecting the dots of buying and selling in the domain of mobile apps.

But while you choose to enter the tangent of mobile apps reselling, there are a few things to remember to help you aim and execute it right.

Having a mobile-optimized website

Before you even try to pitch your app to your prospective buyers make sure you have a convincing mobile website in place. This is because every buyer who looks to consider your app would first look through the fact that how your website works on a mobile device. This allows them to have an idea of how well you put up with mobile resources and properties and let them decide if they would look further into the proposal. And that’s where you acquire more than half of their trust!

Be polite and considerate

This seems to be a little off-track but has a far-reaching implication on how you create an overall impression on the prospect. Be courteous and show them how you value their time and efforts in their business by starting an empathetic conversation. Approach them with chats like, “I know how valuable your time is” or “we really appreciate your kind attention”. These words play a decisive role in grabbing the attention making them receptive to your talks and making it easy to for you to pitch your mobile app idea well.

Leverage through relevant social network

We all know how important social networks are and what role they play in accentuating and broadening your reach to your audiences. You just have to find relevant social media that perfectly represents and defines your idea of reselling mobile apps. To that, work on validating your apps resource fulness, brand value proposition, market authority, before pulling in a series of network options and channelizing resources to help you start with the social campaign.

Stay abreast with mobile app trends

Just keeping up with the latest news and information isn’t enough to be able to strike right with reselling. You need to keep close with the newest trends and adapt to the changes as they happen. This is important to be able to acquire, furnish and exhibit the best of mobile practices. In order to allow your users to have the best of advantage from your mobile app reselling attempt, you need to infuse in them latest knowledge resources and refined strategic details to help your users get the insights about the industry and product line your app belongs to.

Perfection is always on the horizon

You should never be aiming at providing your users the best app. This would make situation messy and you would end up wasting a lot of time to achieve those ‘extra’ details. Instead, you must try to offer a viable product that helps businesses attain a solution they are seeking. Hit hard on value propositions and focus on building a comprehensive utility that serves a purpose keenly and resourcefully. If you go by this approach, you would anyway reach that mark of perfection steadily working on those elements that help you eliminate flaws and hone and refine your presence and cogency with time.

Test it well

Before you even think of putting it into the Beta phase or passing it onto the launch tube, make sure you have tested your app well. Because this is the phase (it is when you have already developed your app and it has taken a full-fledged shape) when you get to assess and tune-up the quality of app from different perspectives before actually allowing people to find glitches, no matter how little or trivial they are. Once you are satisfied with your testing process, arrange for an internal feedback session and make sure you get enough heads-ups to let it flow through to the other end.

Utilize an analytics solution

It’s always a good idea to track and measure your performance rather than depending on sheer assumptions and estimations. To make sure that you are receiving enough users and qualifying leads you should use tools like Google Analytics to facilitate value traction and source reporting. For this, you should be regularly looking into the data and numbers that are fetched through different performance tracking parameters and quality evaluation systems set for assessing results. This will ascertain you of your app’s position and affirm its value as a product.

Create your online portfolio

Any sales pitch is incomplete without work credentials. And the best way to get it is by displaying your mobile app portfolio and the past work you have done for your clients. Better if it is supported by user testimonials and other accreditations. If you really look to impress your audience with the work you have done, create an attractive showcase where you provide crucial facts and functional screens to be easily seen and referred by them. Provide them with all important details and club similar apps together and go with a smart merchandising and presentation approach to help you pass your word effectively.

Final words

Reselling mobile apps is easy if you have a clear purpose in mind from the beginning. And all you need to do is keep these points in mind before you assign your app a presentation platform or communicate with your prospects. Always consider having a perfect product first and then presenting it well and then having that perfect dialog with your customer. For all obvious reasons, you need to keep changing your strategies looking at the changed needs and market developments happening around. Focus on your preliminary ideas and translate them into a user-driven product and while you consider reselling mobile apps act as per trends and take dynamic steps towards placing them right at the sight of your target customer.

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