The 10+ Best Real World Examples of Artifical Intelligence

Amit Agrawal
Published on Mar 19, 2019 in Custom Software Developers Resources

A branch of computer science that is determined to create intelligent machines that make human reactions like learning, remembering, problem-solving, planning, recognizing, speech, etc with advanced technology is called artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has made our life easier and with growing technology, machines can perform daily and difficult tasks for humans.

The artificial intelligence solutions are used by various software developing companies. To work more profoundly and to open new possibilities, the software’s are embedded with artificial intelligence. The knowledge of machines and technology has lead to the use of amazing artificial intelligence solutions in our daily life. Some of the best real-life examples of artificial intelligence are social media feeds, smart cars and drones, music players, Netflix, and other online streaming applications, emails, virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, navigation, travel, etc.


Smartphone’s are the best example of the use of artificial intelligence in our daily lives. Starting from news to social interactions, even assignment study all can be done through one device.

The camera we use in our cell phones can automatically detect the object and click pictures; all are an example of artificial intelligence. Various features are being integrated into smartphones by android developers. The Google assistant or virtual assistants are a result of AI to make our life easier and comfortable.

Social Media

People from all over the world are connected through social media and internet networks. The updates and suggestions that pop up in the social media notifications are all possible because of artificial intelligence. Giving a proper example, nowadays almost the whole population uses social networking sites. But very less know the fact, that Facebook is totally based on AI.

To react in one post, the app itself shows the different options to react. Be it “like” react, “love” reacts or “ha-ha” reacts. This is provided by special AI features inbuilt by the software mechanics who have installed it in the app. With the growing demand of artificial intelligence, the mobile app development company are increasing in a rapid scale and creating new features with growing days.

Smart cars and drones

Smart cars and drones are an amazing example of real-world artificial intelligence use. An automatic car was a dream once, and now with artificial intelligence, everything is possible. This includes different features and extreme external data that help the AI work smoothly and efficiently. The development process goes to different process and finally is set up in different apps. Almost every app has its own separate Artificial Intelligence.

Mobile app development companies have hired specialized and skilled software engineers who help and provide them with different AI features which help in the working and mechanism of the different apps. The best example of artificial intelligence would be Tesla cars. The most surprising fact about Tesla cars is that all of them are connected. If anyone of the cars learns a new feature, the others automatically adapt it. In the USA there are more than fifty thousand tesla cars used by the people.


There are various programming languages used in artificial intelligence development such as python, java, lisp, prolog, etc. python and java are the most used programming languages in the process of artificial intelligence development. A great example of daily AI is music applications. Whether it is Gaana or Spotify or Saavn, AI picks up the songs and suggestions based on recent activities.

Banking and Finances

Artificial intelligence is used in every sector of our lives, be it banking or finance or even online advertising. Artificial intelligence helps to find the perfect bank or business to invest the money and also shows the possible outcomes. There is various AI Programming software that helps to perform tasks easily and manages the works in huge companies. With these features, the chances of frauds are less.

Travel and Navigation

AI is of great help to the travelers and helps in navigating different places. With the given data, Google maps are created, where one can see each and every corner of the world. Whenever we use a carpool app for example uber, the pricing and the directions are all selected by the AI. The maps help the driver to reach the place at a fast and traffic freeway.

Movies and Netflix

Online movies and web series have a lot of fan following. Netflix, being in the top of the chart, it provides with different movies and original series. The apps have different functioning. Not only in social media, but it is also used in the music system. It accesses the machine and performs the mechanism of loading and playing music. It is really effective as it has lessened the work of coding and decoding an app.

Video games

The video games are the best adaptable examples of Artificial Intelligence. With games, the first few games are played with robot opponents before the game allows you to play with real players. Games such as PUBG, CS GO are the best examples. When playing racing games, the opponents are AI robots. The gaming world has grown into a whole new level.

CCTV Surveillance

Artificial intelligence has not only made our lives easy but also safe. It helps to detect any action on security cameras and crimes can be detected in CCTV surveillance. The police can keep an eye on road accidents and the schools, banks, and smart homes are safe from dacoits and other dangers. With the growing technology, the future can only be imagined.

Corporate sectors

Artificial intelligence is playing a huge role in the corporate sectors and every other website in every sector. In large companies sectors, there are different works which are done by AI. This has lessened human labor. For a normal person, it becomes very problematic and difficult to code before doing a job, AI makes the job easy.

With growing time and the innovation of technology, artificial intelligence can shape our future to a new level. AI programming software is basically made with external data gathered from different fields which is used to input mechanism and which helps the flexible adaptation of AI in different apps. It is one of the greatest inventions of mankind.

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