The 10 best cross-platform analytics tools for 2017

Manish Jain
Manish Jain, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Konstant Infosolutions
Published on Sep 21, 2017 in Cross Platform Developers Resources
The 10 best cross-platform analytics tools for 2017

Cross-platform app development is a term coined to ease out and expedite the mobile app development process, both for mobile app developers and app owners. Since then, there have been outstanding changes in cross-platform apps - they’ve become more powerful, more cost-effective and work and look like high-performance native apps.

Latest breakthrough inventions like React Native and NativeScript have created a more benign environment for cross-platform app development companies as they allow developers to write code in the coding languages they know including Angular, JavaScript and hence, build interactive design and smoother user experiences.

While there are continuous refinements in the cross-platform app development tools and frame workers, we can see some innovative inventions on cross-platform app analytics tools. No wonder, in the field of mobile app development, customer retention is a big-league.

Why are mobile app analytics tools paramount?

“Building an app people love is about measurement, not intuition”

Businesses that entirely rely on mobile apps for their revenue generation can’t do without mobile app analytics. They need to build up their marketing strategies, their advertising and promotion and refine the products and services only when they know the behavior of their users and customers.

Mobile app analytics is the best solution as it lets the app developers and app owners identify the details behind the numbers. Assisting the best way, you can figure out the reasons why most people are uninstalling your app.

So far, we’ve always talked about the development tools and frameworks but today, it’s the analytics tools used post deployment. So, if you want to take your cross-platform app to the next level, dig deep into these insights. It’s the best recipe for app marketers to know the pain points and how you can refine your app to its best use.

Here’s the rundown of the 10 best cross-platform app analytics tools that will make you learn how people use your app. Choose the one that suits your app requirements, functionality and budget.

1. Mixpanel- Product analytics for mobile, web and beyond

Offering the world’s most advanced mobile analytics, Mixpanel is a see-through of the user’s journey with instant insights.

It works on the question-answer methodology and provides answers to your questions on how your users enjoy being on your app - ‘what they love the doing the most?’ ‘what turns them off?’ and alike, with automated insights and 99.99% uptime within seconds.

Mixpanel is known to perform complex behavioral analysis using its range of features that relate to Engagement, JQL, People. It’s A/B Testing and Notification features help marketers better understand how they can get more customers and engage deeply with the existing ones.

Price: Mixpanel is available for a free trial version and then there are various startup, business and enterprise models with variable price range starting from $99/month to $999/year, based on the features you want to opt. You can choose for unlimited custom events and predicts.

2. Google Universal Analytics

A foundation built for foresight and scale that drives up customer retention and revenue. Google Universal Analytics for mobile lets you connect multiple devices and sessions to fetch data that can be attributed to a single user in that session. Henceforth, it provides more accurate user count, analyzes a signed-in user experience and produces the cross-device reports.

Google Universal Analytics gives several meaningful insights into the user behavior including:

  • User tracking across devices
  • Track downloads, clicks on external URLs and call tracking
  • Demographics and interests reporting
  • Enhanced link distribution
  • SSL security for tracking data
  • Tracking code customization
  • Custom domain configuration

With Universal Analytics, you have the option to trace the session applying different filters like adding search engines, excluding referrals, excluding search terms and more and thus, having more control over settings.

3. Appsee

Appsee records the entire session of an individual user that lets marketers watch every action of the user in detail and symbolic logs of crashed sessions. Aggregated touch heatmaps, user navigation and interaction preferences are a few of the meaningful insights. One thing that Appsee ensures is no breach in user’s private data - the tool follows the stringent standards for customer data.

Price: Both free and premium models are available for companies of all scales.

4. Amplitude for cross-platform apps

Fortune 500 companies like, Venmo, Microsoft, Hubspot, Adidas have used the services of Amplitude. In its cross-platform analytics, Amplitude gives a complete picture of an individual user that moves between web, mobile and other platforms. This data retrieved can then be compared against all platforms. The cross-platform analytics of Amplitude also lets marketers synthesize behavioral data as users move from the app to the mobile site to the website.

It also offers different products: microscope to zoom in the data and pathfinder to explore the paths users take.

5. Countly

Countly is the world’s leading open source and enterprise mobile analytics, which gives a 360-degree view of how a user moves from one point to the other on your app. When you’re pulling up reports through Countly, you’re sure to get 100% correct and real-time data. It gives you options for deploying a private cloud to store the data retrieved from the various analytics reports.

In addition to cross-platform app analytics, Countly is known for web analytics, game analytics, desktop analytics and IoT analytics. Countly provides over 43 powerful plugins.

6. Splunk

Typically, Splunk offers a terrific platform for all types of machine data analysis. It’s user behavior analytics solution is an outstanding product built on Hadoop and uses the modern data science approach. It produces actionable results. Splunk and its cloud compatible Splunk Store are amazing indexers of logging data, enabling easy search, graphical dashboard creation and altering.

7. Piwik

It’s a free, open-source analytics software tool that works pretty well on cross-platform applications, ensuring on user-privacy protection. Piwik drives your app conversions and revenue by providing a range of premium features like media analytics, search engine keywords defined into your reference reports, A/B testing for the different versions of your apps, roll-up reporting that allows you to aggregate data from multiple sites, mobile apps into a roll-up site to gain new insights and save the developer’s time that matter.

The biggest advantage of opting for Piwik is that it is compatible with all devices. You can run it on your own hardware.

8. Devtodev

Devtodev has a seamless SDK integration with all platforms and OSes. You can save on a lot of time and cost yet qualify your user traffic channels. Devtodev allows marketers to remove the bottlenecks by detecting weak points of your app. You can compare different funnels with each other to find optimal conversion.

Price: There are Lite (free-of-cost) and Pro (premium) plans for users of different requirements. While a Devtodev Pro plan offers SQL wizard, detailed revenue search, LTV forecast, traffic analysis and personal manager, the Lite plan provides core analytical tools.

9. Flurry

Ever since its inception in 2005, Flurry from Yahoo has been the favorite analytics tool of companies of all scales. Flurry is the ultimate tools for data-driven decision making. It provides a holistic view of the performance of your app. Flurry’s machine learning helps in predicting accurate demographics. Marketers also have the scope of improving their in-app purchase rates as Flurry brings out the right results regarding user’s buying patterns towards in-app purchases.

10. AppMetrica

Accurate tracking for all cross-platform applications, regardless of the industry, AppMetrica successfully runs retargeting campaigns for each attribution method separately. It also pulls raw data for performing internal BI or for retargeting. AppMetrica has a smart push composer that’s perfect for composing cross-platform push messages in user-preferred language, enabling most efficient A/B test feature.

This list is a complete package, and it’s not just one tool, you can use a number of tools for generating various data reports. Using more than one tool will definitely enable you to understand your user better and it gives a chance to improve your mobile app. You will love to read about top mobile app analytics tools too.

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