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by AppFutura on Apr 07, 2016 / App Development

Castiel Hamidi reached us so we could help him find the right mobile app development company for his mobile app projects: Metric and GamerX. Here you can read his testimonial and interview about how the process went in AppFutura's platform.

Why did you decide to post your mobile app project on AppFutura? What were you looking for in our platform?

I was looking for a way for me to start with my projects and a friend of mine told me about Appfutura.

Were the proposals from the mobile app development companies what you expected?

Yes, I am very satisfied with the proposals.

Which was the main reason that led you to hire the mobile app development company you chose?

I felt that they are good at what they do and the price felt good.

How was outsourcing to a mobile app development company from outside your country? How was the communication with the developer?

It was and it is very good. We talk every day and we have video chats on Skype.

How was your communication with AppFutura during all the process?

Really good.

Tell us the pros and cons of outsourcing a mobile app development project

There are no cons. I am very satisfied with everything.

What recommendations would you give to developers regarding the proposals they send?

Keep the timeline and have contact with the project manager all the time.


Finally, what recommendation would you give to other users posting their projects on AppFutura?

Use Appfutura for your projects. It's safe and easy and even more professional.

Do you have a project? You can post it on AppFutura, take a look first at the best mobile app development companies in our directory.

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