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by AppFutura on Dec 06, 2016 / App Development
mobile app development testimonial

Michael reached us so we could help him find the right mobile app development company for his mobile app project on his first steps into the app development world.

Even though things did not turn as expected, Michael has wanted to leave his testimonial here so everyone can read about his experience on AppFutura.

Why did you decide to post your mobile app project on AppFutura?

I decided to post my project on AppFutura because I had tried and tested other platforms that offered the same service but was not convinced by what I saw and received.

What kind of mobile app development companies were you looking for in our platform?

I came to AppFutura looking for a mobile app development company that could deliver a high quality app on schedule.

Were the proposals that you received what you expected?

I initially received a high number of proposals and found it to be a little overwhelming. However one of the AppFutura team helped me to go through the companies that had applied and made sense of it all. I found it really helpful and different from other platforms.

Which was the main reason that led you to hire the development company you chose?

I decided to hire the company I did out of convenience of price, they seemed to be able to offer me what I was looking for within my limited budget. I understood that the mobile app development company was new to AppFutura and little was known about them but decided to take a gamble.

Your project did not turn out as expected. What do you think went wrong?

My project did not turn out the way I had hoped. My gamble turned out to be a bad one. My project was delayed for a long time and I actually ended up having to close the project after the mobile app development company stopped communicating with me. I feel my mistake was my own. I had been warned that little was known of the company but chose to proceed in my own direction. However if I had picked another Unknown company maybe the outcome would have been different.

How was outsourcing to a company from outside your country and how did handling your project on AppFutura help?

Outsourcing my project outside of the country was in itself fine. In this Internet age the world is at our fingertips so I think it is a great idea if done right. I really found the escrow system helpful when dealing with payments for the project.

After your experience, could you highlight pros and cons of outsourcing app development

The pros and cons of outsourcing work are simple. Pro is that you can accomplish your dreams with the right company for 1/3rd of what might be paid in my country (England). The con however is that if you pick the wrong mobile app development company it can become a nightmare in which you are at their disposal.

How was your communication with AppFutura during all the process?

My communication with AppFutura was great through out the entire project.

Finally, would you recommend Appfutura?

I would definitely recommend AppFutura and I plan to use the platform again in the near future. Although my experience with the mobile app development company I chose did not go as planned, the client assistance that I received from AppFutura was outstanding and way above what I expected. Quick reply with advice and concerns, stepping in to mediate on more than one occasion between me and the mobile app development company to resolve our issues and an all around feeling that AppFutura was working with me to get my project into the best place I could was really reassuring for me as a client. I definitely recommend AppFutura, but next time I will listen more closely when in the selection process.

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