Tester's Skills: Secure Your App From Negative Reviews

Umbrella IT
Published on Aug 20, 2018 in Mobile App Marketing
Tester's Skills: Secure Your App From Negative Reviews

The dissatisfied and in-negative-way enthusiastic reviews about your app will hardly make your day, aren’t they?

Having more than 200 successful projects under their belts, Umbrella IT has worked out its own way to organize the testing processes so that they contribute to the fullest extent to the overall project success. In today’s post they offer your the list of skills characteristic of professional QA experts who will save your time, money and nerves excluding any eventual bugs-and-failures-caused reviews.

Part of the Team

The QA specialist in Umbrella IT company is an equal member of the team who takes part in the process at every stage starting from the initial discussions of the project input data. This does not detract from the merits of the developers, but the QA specialists are in the same league. They are part of the common process and cannot do without corresponding teamwork and communication skills. As long as the information flow is well-regulated between the project participants, the time limits, sources and process progress remain clear and transparent.


The QA process is arranged to run in parallel with the general app creation process. This means that for every stage the tester has own tasks and need specific skills and knowledge.

Tester's Skills: Secure Your App From Negative Reviews

Analytically Tuned

Starting from the requirements collection stage the tester is present at the team meetings (provided the meeting is not focused on some specific technical problem) and has access to the complete set of the project documentation. Whether the documents and the requirements are logical and realistic and contain no ambiguities and inconsistencies - these are the questions to be answered by the tester at the stage.

The testers have all expertise to analyze the requirements, specifications,and test reports and to draw conclusions for adjusting further team activities.


At the stage of design, the tester is expected to check whether the ideas implemented in prototypes and mockups reflect the Client’s expectations. The main focus here lays on the usability and ergonomic nature of the product to be developed. This is also the time to prepare test plans and test-cases if required.

Easy-to-understand, informative and sufficient test documentation does make difference for the teamwork and technical writing experience refers to the testers’ optimal skill set.

Tech Savvy

Coding is the stage that belongs presumably to the developers only. To the certain extent that is true: the developers write the code and test it applying the white box approach. But this does not mean the QA specialists stand on the line side. Testing the software concurrent to coding allows making modifications immediately in the process of writing the code. The quality of the project implementation depends largely on the synergy between the QA and development teams at the stage.

To speak a common language with the developers and designers the QA team shall have a focus on the permanent improvement of its technical background both in terms of testing and mobile development.

One Man Army

This is an uneasy task to describe everything the testers do at the stage of testing which is their element. The first thing to clear out is whether the app fulfills the required functions and meets the client’s expectations. Then the tests follow that are performed at various levels and using various applicable methods.

The testers are not just performing tests. They monitor the quality in general, the quality of the process and contribute to the successful project implementation due to the timely comments and notifications related to the tasks performed and the results achieved. They cannot but be proactive and do-all experts. No formally approached quality testing will ensure your app being bug-free and running seamlessly.

Plastic Mind

The activities of the tester that refer to deployment and installation cover checking access to all services the app needs to function properly.

Maintenance that seems to be the final point in the app development cycle is no way the end. The mobile devices are changing rapidly, new possibilities arise, and the owners of the apps are well aware of the changes they need to introduce to remain on the cutting edge. The testers assist in this situation with an assessment of the app and eventual changes it may need under specific circumstances.

Therefore, another contribution to the key traits of a good tester is the ability to quickly and seamlessly adapt to any changing requirements and external circumstances.

Tester's Skills: Secure Your App From Negative Reviews

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