Technologies That Support Populist Crusades in 2018

Manish Jain
Manish Jain, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Konstant Infosolutions
Published on Sep 18, 2018 in App Development
Technologies That Support Populist Crusades in 2018

From converstational systems, robotic process automation, advanced analytics to blockchain, these newfangled technologies carry a great potential to revolutionaize supply chain processes.

Supply chain is the driving force behind the flow of goods and services in the market. It helps different provisionary and consumption channels to connect with a system laid by fine-tuned processes that collaborate with the market demand and supply patterns to serve user needs effectively. Now, with time these systems need to be supported with automated practices and traits, which can be best offered by software technology. And this has been continually practiced by technologists over the years to bring the best out of manufacturing lines and logistic operations.

So, what is the latest buzz around in the segment and how supply chain is collaborating with newer functional propositions and operational practices? Let’s find out the technologies that are going to take this further ahead in 2018:

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI has been transforming the ideas and methods applied in supply chain management. The information it provides to the logistic staff allows them to automatize their operations and validate their approaches and strengthen their decision making matrix. This helps them in building more organized and resourceful business ecosystem and in optimizing the end results.

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2. Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics allows you to know the possible user action or behavior in advance. This would help you to be prepared to serve your consumers with what would like in the coming future, as you would be able to analyze and predict about their frequency, pattern, quantity and worth of their demand – to manage supply chain to best respond to the impending demand.

3. IoT

Internet of Things is one of the major contributor to the supply chain automation. Businesses have already implemented the technology into their system by empowering their resources with automatic sensors and program-driven facilities. These IoT-enabled systems enhance various practices and propositions in favor of supply chain mechanism of a business.

4. Process Automation

With the help of process automation, supply chain managers are able to optimize the flow of information and things. The process is supported by validated and streamlined operational factors. It not only speeds up the supply chain but also saves big on cost and helps you optimize your results. This not only allows businesses to automate their approach but also eliminates human errors and process lags.

5. Chatbots

These are relatively new in the technology circuit and also the ones that are making the most of the news. You have already seen how effective and resourceful conversational systems like Apple Siri and Amazon Echo have been with their offerings. Similarly you can get the benefit of chat systems in supply chain communication and this can help you extensively empower your system’s interactions with different resources and entities.

6. Blockchain

The supply chain management systems held by multi-layered and widespread businesses is already adding to their smartness and ability by utilizing Blockchain technology. For example, the smart agreements of traceability and validation are done between different functional entities in an optimized and control arrangement of supply chain. And this looks to get ahead with further improvements and enhancements in the technology.

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7. AR/VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two immersive technologies that are allowing businesses to enhance their presentation and communication level. This allows them to pitch their products to the customers and connect it with them in an impressive and appealing way. This can help businesses in attaining and maintaining effective user interface to aid to the strength of supply chain.

Final Words

These are essentially the most promising technologies that are going to shape and empower the supply chain mechanism and let businesses get into better terms with the factors like quality, accuracy and sophistication, with improved practices and compelling attempts in the area.

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