4 Ways to trim down iPhone app size

When the internal storage space is at a premium, download restrictions are bound to happen. That’s the issue with iPhone devices. Since OS doesn’t allow external storage, you ought to make the most out of available space on the device. These constraints are further compounded by the OS taking up 4 GB space and basic apps requiring nearly 4-5 GB of internal space.

iPhone app Octal Info Solution

This limitation poses severe challenges for iPhone app developers like the top mobile app development company Octal Info Solution. They need to trim down the app size to a bare minimum to sustain the competition lingering in this landscape. Hence, lightweight mobile apps become a necessity for the users, and developers need to pull up their socks too.
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Top app development companies interview: Adroit Apps

JP Yao, Adroit Apps
JP Yao is the CEO and founder of Adroit Apps. This top mobile app development company was founded in 2015 in Makati City, Manila, Philippines. Currently Adroit Apps Ltd has business development and software development teams in Philippines, Canada and Japan.

Here’s what JP Yao has to say about his mobile app development company Adroit Apps Ltd and the mobile app development world:

What does your mobile app development company do?

Adroit Apps Ltd is a leading software development company providing services for mobile apps, CRM/ERP, wearables, custom hardware solutions, beacons and NFC, responsive website and maintenance support for FinTech, startups, healthcare and digital agencies.

We have a core team of 14 software engineers, designers, project managers, and QA engineers, at least half of whom have international work experience prior to working in Adroit.
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Top app development companies interview: Systematix Infotech

Ashish Mahajan from Systematix Infotech
Ashish Mahajan is the Chief Marketing Officer of Systematix Infotech. This top mobile app development company was founded in 2005 by Sunil Rawat. The company is located in Indore, India. The mobile app development company employs more than 210 mobile app developers and IT professionals.

Ashish is a strategy practitioner who has leveraged his skills in Sales Management, Business Development, Marketing, Consumer Insights, Business Analytics, Product Management, Financial Management and Technology to consistently deliver top line value to Fortune companies, high-growth start-ups, proprietor-owned businesses, social enterprises, non-profits and premier business associations.

His 15 years of Partner strategy and Solution development experience with concerted Business Development efforts converted new business opportunities to positively impact top line growth. Ashish is an avowed lifelong learner, with proven learning agility, an excellent narrator of stories with the capacity for critical self-analysis. He is a business leader, who has delivered results in uncertain and often ambiguous business environments and dared to predict the future. Here’s what Ashish Mahajan has to say about his mobile app development company Systematix Infotech and the mobile world:
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Top app development companies interview: Anthony Main – The Distance

Anthony Main, The Distance
Anthony Main is the Founder and Managing Director of The Distance. This top mobile app development company was founded in 2009 and it is located in York, United Kingdom. The mobile app development company employs 7 people.

Anthony Main was originally a web developer creating based web sites and web apps, but as customer demand shifted towards mobile, so too did his skills. His mobile app development company, The Distance, launched its first app shortly after the release of the first iPhone.

Here’s what Anthony Main had to say about his mobile app development company and the mobile world:
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Should you buy the iPhone 7?

The U.S based tech giant Apple has recently been hinting about the latest iPhone 7. It is currently the most talked about gadget even before its release. Meanwhile, Apple fans have already started saving big bucks to make this new gadget theirs. But is it worth it? Shubhashish Relianttekk mobile app development company believes that after the mediocre performance of the iPhone 6S, not much is expected out of the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 - Shubhashish Relianttekk

Designs have become monotonous ever since the launch of iPhone 6, with rounded edges, mat finish and not many colours offered. But for iPhone developers, the 6 and 6S model features have been something new, challenging and a lot different. They have done a lot with the 3D touch and other features as well. And if you’re an iPhone lover, let’s see why and why not to buy the iPhone 7.
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Top app development companies interview: Anjali Surana – Synsoft Global

Anjali Surana – Synsoft Global
Anjali Surana is the CTO and Partner of Synsoft Global. This top mobile app development company, founded in 2005, is located in India, and employs 65 people.

Anjali Surana previously worked with Synergy Computers. That’s where she started her career as a Software Engineer, progressing finally to the position of Team Lead (Microsoft Technologies) until 2005. Synergy started as a product company, mostly building tools for Schools and Institutions. It is here that she learnt everything about product development, from product design and development to marketing and client interaction, on­site deployments and maintenance.

Being a small company, each of them had multiple roles to perform, and that greatly enhanced their learning in many directions. Anjali Surana grew from just developing code, designing optimal databases, to fine tuning products for performance, and finally architecturing software.

Here’s what Anjali Surana had to say about her mobile app development company and the mobile world:
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Top app development companies interview: Messapps – Follow up

After half a year, we got back in touch with Jeffrey Gomez, Marketing and Project Manager at Messapps. Here you’ll find some news about one of the top mobile app development companies in the United States.

Your last interview was published on 2015. What great apps has Messapps been working on since then and what are your company’s biggest plans for this year?

Since our last interview, we’ve been working on a wide-array of apps. Everything from transportation, dating, and social networking – we even have an Oculus Rift in the office for much cooler projects. Being a technology company, you really have to stay in front of all the new trends – even if some of them don’t pan out. We’re always looking to diversify our portfolio with new categories of apps, but also devices they can connect to.
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The cheapest Apple smartphone, the iPhone SE

Last March, Apple launched the iPhone SE, its cheapest smartphone to date. Externally, the SE looks similar to the iPhone 5s and it will work as the entry-level product for the Cupertino company. But, on the inside, this device has much more than entry-level specifications.



In general terms, the iPhone SE is an iPhone 6s inside the body of an iPhone 5s. But in case, you didn’t have an opportunity to take a closer look at the new iPhone SE, these are some of the most relevant features of Apple’s latest iPhone:
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Top app development companies interview: Hilal Umar – Agilis Tech Labs

Hilal Umar
Hilal Umar is the Director of Agilis Tech Labs. The mobile app development company, founded in 2012, is located in Austin, the United States, and employs more than 50 people.

Hilal has over 5 years of managerial and consulting experience working across large IT-enabled business areas. He is responsible for technology transformation, quality and overall project management. He and his team have a 100% delivery record and have brought all the name and fame that the mobile app development company Agilis has in terms of having a powerful multi platform and multi skilled technology team. Hilal is responsible for the best software development practices to be followed by the app development company.

Prior to taking the current role a few years back, Hilal has been instrumental and active in architecture and project management for the development of many critical and large scale projects in the field of Financial, Insurance, Banking, e-commerce and IT services sector.

Here’s what Hilal had to say about his mobile app development company and the mobile world:
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The future of smartphone batteries: you’ll use your apps all day long

smartphone charger

As technology advances towards smart devices, one of the main problems that smartphone companies have to fight is battery life. Smartphones provide us a lot of features, but that obviously makes them consume a lot of battery too and most of them don’t last even one full day of heavy use. When your mobile app development company thinks about the perfect app, you also think about ways to consume less battery even if you need excellent graphics, sound or a lot of features.
As smartphones evolve into bigger devices (the so-called phablets, not as small as a phone but not as big as a tablet), batteries will have the ability to be bigger too, and thus to provide more hours of use of the mobile apps you have developed. In the recent years some good and simple solutions have arisen like portable charging packs: that’s a very good, comfortable and cheap option.
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