Swipe right is the latest code of modern courtship on apps

Anshul Sharma
Anshul Sharma, CEO & Business Head at Fluper Limited
Published on Nov 15, 2017 in Social Media App Developers Resources
Swipe right is the latest code of modern courtship on apps

We have passed that age where courtship defined the commencement of a promising relationship. Ever since mobile technology stimulated by mobile app development companies altered our outlook on life, the entire concept of amorous courting acquired a touch of modernity with the dating mobile applications.

Teenagers and young adults fall under peer pressure to remain socially connected with one another. But do not mistake socialization with the age custom of meeting people and engage in one-to-one conversation. Today's youth prefer interacting with their online friends through the messenger apps installed on their smartphone yet remain complete oblivion to the person sitting next to them. This very characteristic of the Gen X has been aptly recognized by the top mobile app development companies in designing dating applications that extend a helping hand especially to those who otherwise shy away from engaging in any form of personalized communication.

Pretty recently we have witnessed an upsurge of mobile application development services catering to this sector and the app stores are literally lined up with numerous dating mobile applications, each competing with the other to obtain maximum visibility. Such a crowded sector continues to pull more app developers owing to the insatiable demand for such applications as the rising young and tech-savvy generation.

Let’s have a peep into the mobile dating apps statistics:

  • If we retrace a few steps back to the year 2014, at the time of the FIFA World Cup scheduled for June 2014 in Brazil, one of the top dating apps (Tinder) experienced a 50% increase in downloads and usage across the country.
  • More apps have emerged as the ultimate source of recreation for the users with usage soaring right after the work hours with the 11pm-1am slot turned out to be by far the most active accounting to a total of 15% of daily activity, especially for the UK employees.
  • Also, 26% of users indulge in dating app activity three to four weeks before Valentine’s Day.

Undoubtedly the dating industry has emerged as one of the universally accepted sectors for both the mobile application developers as well as the users of apps. But what are the trends that we can expect to shape up the industry in the coming years?

  • Swipe left or right: Online dating is not at all about creating flames from sparks rather it is only based on instant grasping of the opportunity placed before the person on a platter. Investment of minimal efforts can fetch a list of potential matches that can be shortlisted by a mere swiping off the profiles either to the right or the left for selecting or deselecting. The physical appearance of the users matters the most, where the inborn qualities serve as the icing on the cake. Tinder influenced the popularization of swipe right concept of narrowing down to matched profiles which are now been followed in most of the dating apps.
  • Target niche segment: Few mobile app developers have started defining niches within the dating segment. There are apps such as Bristlr that matches women with bearded men, and we have applications similar to Hater that connects profiles with matching dislikes. Such niche, however, can prove detrimental to Tinder-like dating application.
  • Social media linking: Fakeness is one of the poisonous factors that have seeped through the loopholes of modern technology. Especially the social media sites with more reference to the dating sites have come under the radar for hosting maximum fake profiles. Match.com was one of the popular dating mobile applications but it became renowned for the many fake profiles filling up the site. Users expect the dating sites to be discreet and hence Facebook integration of the sites has become the accepted trend. Creating profiles on such sites through Facebook has been made mandatory in some apps to fight fake users.

Both Android app developers and iOS mobile application development companies have a range of dating apps to offer on a platter, but Tinder has proved to be one of the most worthwhile applications for the youth of today.

Tinder has offered a simple-to-use interface pioneered the popularizing the concept of profile swiping. Scanning through the profiles is almost similar to swiping garments in m-commerce applications. The growing popularity has been recently countered by another dating application, Bumble.

Bumble app comes with a bright-hued interface that follows the similar logic of Tinder in swiping across date profiles with few exceptions such as:

  • Easy, free of charge swipe back option
  • Only women can initiate a conversation

And if you are not interested in either of the above-mentioned options, there is simply no reason to worry. Your search results will fetch you a number of dating applications to make your choice from like:

  • Truly Madly
  • Happn
  • OK Cupid


Social dating apps like Tinder tempt users to keep returning back to them over and over again. The best mobile application development companies involved with designing such apps mainly cash from the insatiable urge among the younger generation to have an active date life.

The predominance of smartphones in their lives has triggered the popularity of the apps especially amongst those who spend a major part of their lives surfing the internet and seeking out a partner, a process that it gets more simple and less taxing.

If we study the current market trends, the older generations, mostly those that fall within the age group of 20 to 35, are getting active online beside the teenagers. As more users gradually embrace the entire concept of searching amorous relationship online, business for mobile application developers will only expand.

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