Strategies to Get 5 Star Reviews on Your Mobile App

Akansha Pandey
Published on Feb 06, 2019 in Mobile App Marketing
Strategies to Get 5 Star Reviews on Your Mobile App

Trying to grab more positive feedbacks for your mobile application? Hiring a mobile application development company is not enough; you need to follow some more rules. Don’t worry; I have come up with some unique ideas that will help your app to gain reviews. However, before that let us go through some overview and importance of app reviews.

Approximately 90% of consumers rely upon the reviews that they found online as much as the personal recommendations. It is the utmost truth that positive reviews turn your clients into promoters for your application. In case, your app has a noteworthy amount of first-class reviews, it is expected to be noticeable to people, who sooner or later will download it. Also, these reviews are a good source of feedback and help you to enhance it. You can fix the bugs that are suggested by the users and give your app a unique touch. A considerable amount of reviews is crucial; however, they should be positive, authentic, or constructive. Let’s go through 5 actionable and helpful tactics to gather more positive reviews for the mobile application:

  1. Make Reviewing your App Simple
  2. Get Reviews from App Users
  3. Time your Requests for Reviews Cautiously
  4. Provide Incentives to Write a Review
  5. Respond to Both Positive & Negative Reviews
  6. Update your App Frequently

Want to know in detail? Read the explanation of each actionable method.

1. Make Reviewing your App Simple

In case, you wish reviews, make it suitable for users to put a review via integrating the process of feedback flawlessly with on the whole app experience. For beginners, give buttons that guide them to provide the feedback in noticeable locations like in the footer, header, or main menu. Always make sure that your app is easily accessible for anyone, it will increase the chances of reviews. You must have heard about “Find a Way”, which is a puzzle gaming mobile app with an easy interface and a simple feedback process. This app has is following the best feedback strategy to get reviews from the clients.

2. Time your Requests for Reviews Cautiously

When you ring a bell to users for the review of your app, in order to avoid troublesome the user experience, you need to focus on the correct timings. Rather than having a pop-up display on the screen of users aimlessly, try to time it. By doing so, you can control to materialize it once the user finishes a task. It implies that the pop-up will appear after a user finishes a task like booking a reservation, crossing a level in a game, or tracking a workout. The gaming app, Dungeon Keeper persuades users to mention a review with a pop-up, which displays when the player effectively attains a milestone. Wait to get the feedback unless a user has occupied with your mobile app a definite number of times in a specified period. In conclusion, always permit users to skip putting a review.

3. Get Reviews for Your Business App

As per the app developers, it is quite acceptable to prompt the users to have a positive review in the case, they like your app. Stimulate mobile app users by conveying them that how their feedback will assist you to advance the app. There are numerous plug-ins you can utilize to intensify users to review your mobile application, such as:

  • Add a feedback function inside the app
  • Append pop-ups that display periodically.

For instance, Google Sheets utilizes a pop-up to persuade users, in order to review, as well as rate its app.

Note: Don’t be annoying for the users while asking them to review your mobile app.

4. Provide Incentives to Write a Review

An ordinary technique to incentivize users is to recompense them with in-app currency for leaving a feedback. Several gaming mobile apps offer 200 absolutely free coins to customers who rate the application. Moreover, some of them even give the incentive to access the additional points or exclusive features. Nonetheless, be watchful of what you request of users in return for a reward.

Always keep in mind that Apple has been eliminating apps that prompt users to see videos or share their mobile app on social media. Google, as well as Apple also have precise prototypes as to what should be counted as a breach to the terms and conditions. In order to stay on the secure side, only make use of incentives to persuade users to provide honest feedback or review. Do not compel them to offer only good feedbacks, or to rate your mobile app with 5 stars.

5. Respond to Both Positive & Negative Reviews

Whenever you launch an app, you will get both kinds of reviews i.e. positive, as well as negative. No matter how productive your app is not every user is going to like it. That doesn’t mean you cannot have a huge number of downloads. Without any doubt, both positive reviews help your mobile application in a huge manner. It makes your app popular among users and turns it into a dependable application. However, negative reviews are equally important. You must be thinking how? This is because with the negative app reviews you can have a clear idea about the drawbacks of your mobile app. It is possible to make your mobile application profitable by making some required changes in it.

6. Update your App Frequently

Users love when an application is repeatedly updated with immense new features, as well as fixes. Particularly, at the time, when new operating system versions are launched and there are novel features to get the benefit of. The latest OS editions are common because of bugs, as well as crashes, so always ensure you do proper testing during the beta period.

Final Thoughts

In the above write-up, I have mentioned some essential tricks that an Android or iOS app development company can implement to achieve 5 stars for the app. Hope all these factors will help you out. If you wish to build an amazing mobile application, then there are multiple organizations that can help you out and Fluper is the leading one. With previous years of experience in building impeccable mobile apps, the organization has attained a reliable reputation in the market.

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