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Published on May 24, 2016 in SEO Companies Resources
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Creating your own app is the start of a business. In order for a business to make money, people need to know it exists. App store optimization is key for mobile app development companies and mobile app project owners.

Everyone seems to know what search engine optimization is, but what about app store optimization (ASO)? ASO is as important to an app as SEO is to a website. For an app to get seen and subsequently downloaded on any app store, it needs to be fully optimized. Messapps is a top mobile app development company in the United States with a lot of experience in ASO. So let's read what they have written for us about this mobile app topic.

When your company is optimizing an app for an app store, developers have to consider several factors, both textually and visually. Textual optimization include keywords, app name, and description. Visual optimization includes screenshots, icons, and a video preview. The keywords and title are the only factors that play into an app’s ranking that can be directly controlled, however, the other factors should not be neglected because they influence a potential user’s decision of whether or not to download the app.

Textual optimization


First, it is crucial to target the best keywords for your mobile app. These keywords are hidden from the public, but are used by the app stores to categorize your company's app. To come up with the best keywords for you app, you must consider their relevance to your application, the amount of traffic they receive, and how difficult it is to compete with others for them. The best keywords are relevant, have low difficulty and high traffic.

Once you come up with a list of relevant keywords, choose the best ones based on highest traffic and lowest difficulty. Measuring traffic of certain keywords is easy with Google Keyword Planner or other similar tools, while difficulty is a little more extensive a process. To measure the difficulty of each keyword, search for this word in the app store, and research the top ten apps. How popular are they? Do they directly compete with your app? The more popular and similar to your app each is, the higher their difficulty score.

Targeting long-tail keywords is a helpful strategy for developers that can pay off over time. These keywords usually have lower traffic than shorter keywords, but in turn also have a lower difficulty score, making it more likely that the traffic on these keywords will turn into conversions.

App name

In addition to these hidden keywords, the words development companies use in a longer, more descriptive app title are also seen by Apple as keywords (Apple is the only app store that allows for extended app names). Making use of this space allows a top app development company to associate a few extra keywords with your app, while simultaneously giving potential users a better idea of what your app does.


The last of the textual factors is the description. While this is not used by app stores to rank an app, it is what people will be reading before they consider downloading the app. Most people don’t click the “read more” button in the description, so it is crucial to have a catchy, interesting, and informative first three to five lines. Even though most users go directly to the images and screenshots of your company's mobile app, others want to know first what the app is about before even thinking about downloading it.

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Visual optimization


In terms of the visual factors, the icon is the first thing to be seen and therefore developers must be creative and striking so people are more likely to tap the app to see more. Before choosing a design, be sure that your competitors or other popular apps do not have a similar (or the same!) one.


Visuals are becoming more and more important to marketing, and apps are no exception.

Potential users most often look at screenshots before they read the description, so use these images as five opportunities to sell your app. With these screenshots, you have a chance to highlight interesting or key features of your app, while also giving you artistic freedom to make the photos really pop and attract more downloads.


Finally, you will want to consider uploading a video to your app description. This is a new feature for Apple - though not for Android - so not all apps have it. There are specific guidelines from Apple to showcasing a video preview, so make sure to follow those so you don’t delay getting your app approved. The main focus of your video is to highlight the most important features in a professional manner.

While these are just the basics of ASO for a mobile app development company, if you hit these main points when submitting your mobile app to app stores, you’ll already be on your way to greater visibility and more downloads! These are great tips to follow in order to succeed with your company's mobile app. It seems like in the near future applications will be the center of all our lives: health, social, games, cooking,... All the information above helps any kind of mobile app to achieve the best app store optimization.

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