Speed up Your Business Growth with Cloud Mobile App Development

Speed up Your Business Growth with Cloud Mobile App Development

Technology-dependent industries including logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, and telecom are being driven by executive management to become 100% cloud.

Do you know 77% of companies have at least one Android mobile application or iOS mobile application in the cloud and rest 15% of are planning to adopt cloud apps and platforms in the upcoming months? In recent years, Cloud technology emerged at bullet speed and above-mentioned figures are the evidence of investments behind the industry. According to research, worldwide spending on cloud services is estimated to grow from $70B in 2015 to a predicted $141B in 2019.

With all this slingshot growth, how do you stay tuned with the latest cloud news? Don’t worry our fresh article will help you to know cloud mobile application more closely.

In the current age, Cloud mobile applications are transforming companies of all sizes by allowing them to quickly set up the latest technology to change manual activities and on-site enterprise automation software. Gartner forecast that Cloud mobile applications would grow 20% to $46.3 billion globally during 2017.

But to estimate the advantage of cloud computing, customer feedback plays an important role to drive new functionalities and features in an application. Though all clouds are not the same and not one type of cloud computing can fulfill the purpose of everyone. Therefore several different models and services have evolved to help enterprises with the right solution according to their needs.

Types of cloud deployments

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid

Public cloud

Public clouds are based on the standard cloud computing model, it is operated by a third-party cloud service providers, which provides server and storage over the Internet. AWS is the undeniable market leader in cloud computing. In a public cloud, all infrastructure, i.e hardware and software is owned and managed by the cloud provider. A user can access these services free or offered on a pay-per-usage model by using a web browser.

Private cloud

A private cloud computing resources are used by a single business or organization. It provides computing power as a service within a virtualized environment using physical computing resources. Under the private cloud model, resources are only accessible by a single organization that offers greater control and privacy.

Generally, Private cloud physically located on the company’s on-site datacenter. In Private cloud, services and infrastructure are maintained on a private network, some companies also pay third-party service providers to host their private cloud.

Hybrid cloud

It’s a combination of public and private clouds, joined together by emerging technologies that allow data and mobile applications to be shared between them. It enables an enterprise to deploy a private cloud to host critical data and use the public cloud to host less-critical resources that give your business greater flexibility, more deployment options and helps optimize your existing infrastructure, security, and compliance.

So these are the clouds that are mostly used by organizations to automate their business module. As we have said it before, cloud mobile application development is always on and has created a world of continuous computing where nobody off their internet, things always connected, always on and always updating element of cloud computing. So without any further delay, let’s discuss the benefits of mobile applications.

Benefits of Cloud Mobile Application

Speed up Your Business Growth with Cloud Mobile App Development

Cost savings

Usually, people are worried about the costing that would come along with cloud computing, nearly 20% of organizations are bothered about the cost of implementing a cloud-based server.

But those who are measuring the cloud by its cost need to consider its other factors also.

With the cloud, an employee can easily utilize the company's data and will save time as well as money in project start-ups. And most of the cloud computing services are pay-as-you-go so you don’t need to worry about paying for features that you don’t want.

The pay-as-you-go system also applies for the data storage space that means you'll get exactly as much space as you need.


Security is the main concern for every organization and they don’t want to compromise on it. Cloud mobile application is renowned for security purpose. One of the major hang up that enterprises are adopting a cloud computing solution is the number of increasing frauds in the office premises. With remotely working opportunity, the chances of data misuse is also increased so files, programs, and other data aren't secure on site. To stop cyber criminal integrate cloud mobile app in your business model to carefully monitor security.

According to RapidScale, 94% of businesses improved internal security with the help of cloud and 91% said it is easier to meet the government compliance requirements.

Quality control

Poor-quality, inconsistent reporting and improper management are the few things that act as an inimical to the success of any business. But with the help of the cloud-based system, organizations can deal with these restraints successfully. Cloud mobile application store all files and documents in one place with the same format so that users can access the same information in the same manner. It also maintains consistency in data, avoid human error, and have a clear record of any modification.


With Cloud computing, employees can access corporate data via mobile devices. Today over 2.6 billion mobile phones are being used globally so it is a great way to ensure that no one is ever left out of the loop. Organization staff with busy schedules, or who live far away from the office, can use cloud mobile app to keep instantly up-to-date with clients and coworkers.

Through the cloud mobile application, you can smoothly send accessible information to remote employees or sales staff who mostly travel for better work-life balance. Therefore, it's not surprising to see that organizations with employee satisfaction more likely to expand cloud usage.


In the current organization environment, it's no longer sufficient to place a dustbin in the canteen to make planet clean. Actually, sustainability requires solutions that reduce wastefulness at every level of a business. Hosting a mobile app on the cloud can make environment paper free that means no more plant cutting.

Cloud mobile applications automatically update themselves, this saves mobile app developers time and money spent on IT consultation. PCWorld lists that 50% of organization which has adopted cloud require fewer internal IT resources.

Final Words

There is no dilemma, Cloud mobile application support proactivity, powering virtual services and improving energy efficiency by reducing computer-related issues. On the basis of Pike Research study data center, energy consumption will reduce by 31% from 2010 to 2020 based on the acceptance of cloud mobile application and other virtual data options.

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