Social Media App Development: Special Aspects And Common Issues

Social Media App Development: Special Aspects And Сommon Issues

The social media apps popularity has rapidly increased over the past few years. Personal communication, business connections, dating or entertainment - social media is taking over the various areas opening new prospects for developers and business.

But creating your own social media app it’s highly important not only to know the development basics but also to consider special aspects and common issues associated with this type of apps. Web and mobile app development company Umbrella IT selected the most significant things that you should think ahead when developing a social media app.

Third-party services operational issues

Correct work of application is not always up to you. There is always a risk of error associated with the incorrect functioning of third-party services. For example, the third-party service code may stop syncing with yours of such small vendors as JWPlayer or SharedCount can simply fall off.

Umbrella IT’s solution: hire the team of 24/7 technical support.

So, Umbrella IT’s technical support team that was involved in Stylecaster project promptly noticed that the new advertising displayed on the Stylecaster website completely removed the website itself. The experts not only made every possible effort to eliminate the problem from their side but also immediately informed the developers of advertising about this error.

High Server Load

A server can crash for many reasons: high-volume traffic, a sharp increase in a number of users, too many active operating processes.

Umbrella IT’s solution: use proven services and platforms.

For example, when working on Stylecaster, Umbrella IT considered the possible influx of users. For that reason, the developers chose WordPress VIP service to ensure stable website operation and avoid any potential problems with the service. As a result, the number of Stylecaster’s unique visitors per month is 7 million people, and service has the capacity to deal with the high load.

Social Media App Development: Special Aspects And Сommon Issues

Ineffective communication with the contractor team

Clients and contractors are often speaking different languages both literally and figuratively. Therefore it is often difficult to organize efficient communication with developer team.

Umbrella IT’s solution: conduct negotiations via a single point of contact.

Single point of contact allows excluding micromanagement. No matter whether you hire few developers or a fully-formed team, all the negotiations will be held through a single authorized representative - PM. More importantly, PM is not only engaged in the communication with the client but also responsible for development process control and organization. This factor is especially relevant for the social media projects where fast introducing of new features and strict deadline management are essential.

Slow time to the profit value

When investing large sums of money in the project, you expect it to pay off and show a profit. However, that’s not always the case.

This scenario may be associated with various factors, although the most common reason is that the project - even the perspective and useful one - is that the app is simply unheard of.

Umbrella IT’s solution: streamline your targeting and introduce smart advertising.

Define your target audience and start setting your advertising company, based on the statistics on your users, for which Umbrella IT advises to use online-services Google Adwords & Google AdSense

Google Adwords allows to show your app on the search engine results page, Google AdSense places ads about your app in ad blogs on other websites.

Social Media App Development: Special Aspects And Сommon Issues

Do you want to create a social media app and avoid all the development-related problems, risks, and headache? Get in touch with Umbrella IT, the team that will turn your ideas into reality.

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