Snip off old-school theories with EdTech in classrooms

Akansha Pandey
Published on Feb 12, 2018 in Education App Developers Resources
Snip off old-school theories with EdTech in classrooms

When adapting to modern theories, why shouldn’t we reform our education system? This idea may have crossed some scholars minds. Nevertheless, top mobile application developers actually develop EdTech applications, or mobile learning apps, to get rid of the old-school theories on our education system. Shorthand for education technology, EdTech is making its presence felt in schools and colleges worldwide especially when laptops, tablets, and other technologies are gradually getting acceptance as a part of the day-to-day life.

After studying the education system in the United States and India, there are some interesting facts that have come up proving that EdTech has become an important part of their syllabus already.

Statistical figures definitely point out to a promising future. But like others, implementation of the modern approach to an education system in countries like India is definitely not devoid of shortcomings and challenges. Here are a few of the cons:

  • An absence of effective boundaries and filtering devices trigger students' natural inclination to inappropriate use of technology leading to distraction.
  • Lack of mass access to technology outside classrooms creates inequality among students.
  • Diminishes verbal abilities among kids to communicate and socially interact leading to loss of human connection.
  • Eventually, replace teachers and human guides.

Irrespective of these negative points against EdTech, mobile application developers and other big thinkers did not steer away from discovering new applications to modernize the education system for the next generation.

Here are 5 example of apps widely used in the education system today:

  • Tinycards is a flashcard application that aims at converting boring study materials into a fun activity in the form of flashcards. The creators convert the lessons into games allowing users to unlock new levels, fill up strength bars and learn the entire subject in a playful manner.
  • Write Ideas is a Microsoft application for inspiring young writers to explore creativity in penning down their thoughts. A pre-writing tool designed to compose book reports, short stories, essays and others with the appropriate structure to type, draw and speak out their thoughts in a creative way. Also, export their work to email or Word and use it further for writing school assignments.
  • Available for both Android and iOS users, OneNote offers a one-stop platform to take down short notes and share across devices through proper synchronization. Plan your events or jot down important points to refer back anytime.
  • Capti Voice is a Chrome extension and a companion to Capti Voice application to save documents, news, and other web articles. More so, this application is considered as a reading productivity tool to aid teachers to personalize and customize study materials for students including those who suffer from dyslexia, ADHD, and even low English proficiency. Good synchronization across platforms distributes content to students.
  • Socrative is a classroom application to impart education to aspiring scholars but in a fun way. Materials are displayed in a video format to create lasting impact on the young learners. Engaging students in interactive sessions with prepared activities to get a clear insight into how much a student is able to grasp the lesson taught in class. Irrespective of the place or method of teaching, this application is sure to entice your wards into learning new subjects in different ways.

And there are endless examples of mobile applications and other softwares out there for the students to harness and self-teach themselves even in the absence of human guidance. This rapid transformation, even if hindered by shortcomings, has proved to be quite beneficiary for the students. Interactive sessions make children participate more in class activities.

Lessons taught are usually through graphical displays, which make remembrance of lessons even easier. The entire education system stands a chance to win if EdTech is applied in large scale across nations worldwide. So, here you will find a list with the advantages of having EdTech incorporated into modern education that benefit both students and teachers alike.

  • Easy access to endless information for students since there must be no limit to gaining extra knowledge. Technology is here to break the myth of limitation, which paper textbooks and traditional methods often create.
  • Simplify and visually engrossing complicated lessons to help students grasp the content easily and quickly. rather than reading lengthy contexts from a boring textbook.
  • Customized learning through adaptive learning programs designed specifically to track students’ progress and figure out how to help them grab contents easily.
  • Encourage class participation and engagement among students without requiring the teachers to do extra work.
  • Easy collaboration and sharing of contents online to facilitate working on projects together.
  • Students can stay in touch with their teachers 24 hours round the clock.
  • Students learn through videos at home or anywhere outside the realm of the classrooms.
  • Educational apps and games convert education into a fun filling entertainment for the students.
  • Save money by going paperless with EdTech.
  • Students can publish their work for others to see instead of restricting viewership within the four walls of a classroom.
  • EdTech tools specifically designed to help to less bright students to catch up with the competition.
  • Minimal fund investment in acquiring expensive study materials when similar content is available online.
  • Contribute towards raising overall scores of the students with appropriate tools to help prepare for tests and measure progress at the same time.


The mentioned statistical figures, pros, and cons as well as the applications mentioned, point out towards a promising future for modern education. It is a high time to bring reformations in our old-school approach, kids born to the digital world are already displaying proneness towards technology, there is no point keeping them away from digitization. Responsible mobile application development companies like Fluper adopt this responsibility on their shoulders to bring forth modernization in education so each citizen takes a collective step towards growth.

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