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Nikhil Bansal
Nikhil Bansal, Founder & CEO at Apptunix
Published on Dec 14, 2016 in App Development
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If you happen to be inspired by Nick D’Aloisio, a young millionaire entrepreneur, and want to get your feet wet in the mobile app development business, then here are some crucial tips that will open up avenues for you to chase your goals!

Here is everything the mobile app development company Apptunix believes you need to know to prepare yourself to stay in the hunt to be among the top apps of app stores.

Stay at the helm of the best mobile app development

From the past couple of years, the app world is facing a fierce competition which leaves mobile app developers with no choice but to build the most fluid and engaging mobile apps. If your mobile apps happen to touch the hearts of your users then, there is no way that it won’t get the call from fame and traction. If you want your apps to be a cut above the rest, then build apps that are user centric.

Conundrum of choosing the right platform

Making the choice of determining the platform for your mobile app is definitely a tough cookie. Every platform has unique coding skills and standards. If your app needs to run on iOS platform then it has to be built in Objective C or Swift. A mobile app that is running on Android platform will be built in Java and XML. With API support and the right coding skills, a successful mobile app comes into existence.

For selling your mobile app, you’ve got Google Play Store, App Store or Windows Store. Answer these questions to figure out which platform are you going to move ahead with.

Do you want to be a Millionaire?

Apple App store generates 75% more revenue than Google Play Store. Developers that build apps with the aim to be sold and not downloaded for free are paid much higher by Apple. Windows Store is not a biggie in terms of revenue generation but has some really cool stuff to bring to the table. Windows apps are run simultaneously on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Advantage of opting for Windows platform is that it will give you a higher number of mediums, hence, higher downloads!

Ads for your app?

If you wish to build a mobile app that is free of cost and ancillary to make money through advertising choose Android Platform. This platform will bring more money to your pocket than you can actually make by selling it upfront. If monetizing via advertising is your aim, then you know where you have to bet your chips. Windows is not reliant on ad networks. If you want to sell your app at a fixed price then here is a heads up.

App designs, the gamechangers

Designing your mobile app can be a hard nut to crack. Here are some designing tips that you need to pay heed on to ace designing for your apps:

  • Lean and mean: having less is definitely having more. Showing off all your artistic talents and creativity on small screens is not going to get you anywhere.
  • Getting your designs on point: if you think you can get away without making your graphics pixel perfect, then you are fooling yourself. You can’t be a lazy bones and get away by saying ah! It's just a small screen.
  • Using the latest designing trends: use the latest designing trends to gauge more audiences. Considering user friendliness while designing is the mark of a good designer. Making use of big buttons, fonts and icons will offer convenience to users.
  • Test it: testing your designs time and time again for different screens will help you in picking up your flaws and give your designs a re-run or a touch up!
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Retaining clients

Lets open the big old book of secrets on client retention. You’ve got to lay your eyes on it:

  • Keep it delightful yet simple: uers like it simple! A mobile app screen with everything and anything on it is a big turn off. Making fluid, simple and professional apps is the mantra to have happy users.
  • Avoid too much ads or in app purchases: you don’t want to annoy your users! Don’t be drenched in the greed of ad monetization and annoy your users with endless ads and in-app purchase options. If retaining your customers is your point one agenda then it's about time to reengineer your app monetization strategies.
  • Keep your app updated: regularly updating your mobile app and keeping it bug free will keep your customers from turning their back to your app.
  • Respond to your customer’s feedback: always respond to the feedback of your users. Giving your customers an easy interface will also help in sticking users onto your app. Does your app need an account login? Why don’t you give them a social media login? Make their lives easier!

Smart marketing tactics

"The presentation and packaging is everything" - Eric Davis.

Presenting your app nicely on the app store will do half of the work. Screenshots of your apps bring about a tremendous difference. If your app has managed to leave a lasting impression on your audience then the tough part is done. If your mobile app is liked in the first place then, nothing can stop it from hitting the ‘Top Apps’ chart. Make sure you always use the best screenshots of your app.

  • Make it sell with unique product description: writing an eye catchy description about your product will help your product outshine. The description needs to be simple and concise.
  • Make your product a brand: promoting your mobile app through social media platforms is a great way to spread the word. Also recording videos of your mobile apps and posting them on various social media sites will definitely help in the recognition of your app.
  • Get some ASO done: getting ASO done for your app by targeting relevant keywords, search entries and keyword density offers you to have market dominance of your app in this digital realm.

By considering some the afore mentioned insightful tips you know the prerequisites to be successful in the mobile app industry. A successful mobile app is always the one which makes users use it time and again. In order to offer brilliant mobile apps, be mobile innovative! By following these tips, has your app become the new talk of the town? If yes, then congrats! You have nailed it to become a crackerjack mobile app entrepreneur.

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