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Published on Feb 02, 2017 in Mobile App Marketing
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Creating the perfect mobile app, adapted to the requirements of contemporary users unfortunately is not the sole prerequisite for its success on the market. It should also be properly presented to the prospective recipients.

Otherwise, it may very easily get lost among other, similar apps. Here are 10 key tips for making your app visible on app stores as per the expertise of the mobile app development company RAD4M.

Make sure the description is flawless

The app description should be simple, practical and aesthetic. It is of vital importance for many users pondering on whether to download a particular app. It must be neither too short nor too long. What must be done before you start formulating the description is defining the target audience for your app. It will help mobile app developers like you create a perfect description and choose the right keywords. Don’t forget that users’ expectations will considerably differ depending on age and profession.

Create an action plan

Before your mobile app gets available in an app store, you should plan in detail the whole marketing campaign. It is advisable to set yourself the aims you are to reach at previously defined time periods. The promotion action plan should comprise the budget and clearly defined marketing strategies that are going to be used in the campaign. When planning the budget, it will prove useful to determine the maximum cost for each of the methods that will be used to attract the recipients. We recommend that marketing actions are initiated even before the premiere of the mobile app. They will attract attention to the product and build the necessary hype around it from the very moment of its appearance on the market, all of which will positively affect the initial conversion rate.

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Promote yourself

It is good to promote your mobile app on your own website. It is the easiest form of promotion for mobile app development companies which does not require any additional funds. You can include a message on the website which will inform about the possibility of downloading a dedicated app. It can appear on a bar situated over the content of the site or the user may be redirected to another site from which the app can be downloaded. Both solutions can be used simultaneously.

It happens quite often that users whom were not interested in an app when first seeing it, change their mind after several contacts with the mobile app. Therefore, what proves a good technique is reminding of the app, with the use of cookies. You should also include a link on the site, which will enable downloading the app.

Be present in the social media

Social media channels are often undervalued by mobile app owners and developers, which is a bad approach. Nowadays, most people have their accounts at this type of sites. Facebook’s advertising system enables the creation of a promotion message encouraging to install a mobile app. The way it is incorporated into the stream of news undoubtedly enhances the user to download the app.

Statistics show that this form of advertising is highly effective, being at the same time relatively cheap. What facilitates such marketing actions is the possibility of choosing the target audience, according to any criteria. With B2B apps you have an interesting option of advertising them to employees of chosen companies or representatives of particular professions.

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Google Adwords

Google advertising system allows displaying sponsored links in the Google search engine and at the cooperating websites which participate in the Google AdSense program. Your app can be advertised in AdWords by inserting a link in a text ad or creating an app download ad. The first option offers the potential recipients access both to your website and to the app.

In the text ad there is a heading, redirecting to your site and a link to the app. Clicking it leads to the description of your mobile app in the app store (Google Play or Apple App Store) or initiates downloading. However, if your main objective is increasing the number of downloads, app ads may prove a better choice, as they contain exclusively the a link which enables downloading it.

You can create ads with the use of dedicated graphics design in Google Play and Apple App Store. They look different depending on websites and apps where they appear. For instance, ad heading may be based on the name of your mobile app or the text written in AdWords. It will be adapted to the expected effectiveness and amount of free space.

Ads in mobile apps sell more

According to recent studies, ads in applications provide even 70% higher conversion rate and 50% bigger sales than mobile websites. It results from the fact that mobile app users are more likely to download a new app than people who do not normally use them. Apps are usually used as sources of information and entertainment, which is one of the reasons their recipients will more easily absorb marketing messages. The number of ads appearing in mobile apps is not so big as it is in case of websites and that is why they are more easily noticed.

Offer the user some profits

When advertising a mobile app, it is sometimes good to encourage consumers to download it by offering them various bonuses. They will be eager to buy it when noticing they can gain on it. Here is what can entice them:

  • A loyalty program and special offers for app users
  • A discount coupon
  • A chance to win a prize

Not only online

When advertising a mobile app, do not restrict yourself exclusively to the virtual forms of marketing. We recommend, for instance, taking part in trade events where you can promote your product. As meeting points of representatives of your target audience, they provide perfect occasions for advertising your system among a significant number of prospective consumers. Such events also provide a chance to present yourself in a different, more attractive, light; and if you are lucky, you can attract some valuable clients.

Make contact with your clients

During the campaign, you can make use of the cheapest tools which may turn out very effective. If you own a contact list of your previous clients, you can encourage them to download new software by sending them personalized messages. They will trust your brand and will be more willing to download the app.

Measure the results

Each penny spent on advertising is an investment which should pay back, generating profit. Therefore, it is advisable that you monitor the marketing channels, verifying which of them generate highest profits and whether any brings losses. This supervision helps effectively plan marketing expenses, invest only in the best promotion strategies and limit those that are unprofitable.

Conversion rate is the percentage share of people taking the expected action out the total number of those who were encouraged to do so. As a result, the bigger it is, the more profitable the ad, and the higher the profit for the client or the mobile app developer. Therefore, you should make sure it is as high as possible. Your marketing actions must reach the recipient at a proper time and in the right place. What is also important is the correct assessment of an app’s potential and the objective of a particular entrepreneur. If the conversion rate constantly remains low in spite of any actions taken, this might mean that your app does not meet the requirements of potential users and its functionality should be improved.


Creating a really good mobile app, meeting the requirements of the consumers is not an easy task, and it is not easy to advertise it successfully. If you need any help with either of the two, feel invited to contact RAD4M, this mobile app development company knows the expectations of the users and during the whole process of designing and implementing an app, they make it our objective to meet their needs in the best possible way.

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