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Published on Aug 09, 2016 in App Development
iPhone 7 - Shubhashish Relianttekk

The U.S based tech giant Apple has recently been hinting about the latest iPhone 7. It is currently the most talked about gadget even before its release. Meanwhile, Apple fans have already started saving big bucks to make this new gadget theirs. But is it worth it? Shubhashish Relianttekk mobile app development company believes that after the mediocre performance of the iPhone 6S, not much is expected out of the iPhone 7.

Designs have become monotonous ever since the launch of iPhone 6, with rounded edges, mat finish and not many colours offered. But for iPhone developers, the 6 and 6S model features have been something new, challenging and a lot different. They have done a lot with the 3D touch and other features as well. And if you’re an iPhone lover, let’s see why and why not to buy the iPhone 7.

If you are updated with the Apple conferences every year and have witnessed the launch of iPhone 6s last year, you must have expected a lot out of it. But you can probably hold up until the launch of the iPhone 7. Here comes bad news, this model is rumoured to look a lot like the iPhone 6s which looks like the iPhone 6.

iPhone 7 rumoured design and features vs iPhone 6/6s


ccording to reliable sources who are Apple’s next phone assemblers, the iteration will carry the same basic shape of its last two predecessors. Although we’ve loved it earlier, we need change, Cook! In terms of design and build, nothing has beaten the 5s model in the Apple family yet. And the two lines you see across the back of the iPhone 6/6s that act as a radio antenna will now be gone with the 7 model.

iPhone 7 Camera


With the unveiling of the iPhone 6, what wasn’t hot was the rear camera sticking out from the phone. Placing the phone on a table would cause it to wobble due to the camera and high chances of scratches were reported. You won’t get to see this in the iPhone 7, thankfully. Its design is reported to have a flat rear camera to help users protect the lens whenever placed on a flat surface.

We wonder if the iPhone 6/6s had undergone rigorous testing. Or why and how did the testers even approve this wobbling. But yes, all that we know is the 7 model is getting one hell of a camera upgrade, and that’s going to be a major one! Stay tuned. Also, the camera might come with 2 lenses to capture 3D images. But not to forget, iPhone application development will get much better for companies with the new camera. iPhone developers will have a lot to experiment with it.

16GB Storage phased out as lowest storage offering

Yes, this matters a lot! Apple has already been sued several times in terms of storage its OS occupies, leaving behind only little space to be used by the user. So users frequently keep getting messages of “Storage full” especially on 16GB devices. 16GB iPhones have been the worst ones when it comes to storage. We have no idea what Apple was thinking when they were developing the iPhone 6/6s.

There has been no logic in starting storage from 16GB and having 64GB as the next storage option. Maximum storage has always been gulped by the OS itself, leaving behind almost nothing for the user. But there’s good news this time. Apple is reportedly to have three storage options, 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. The cost is going to be high for sure. But you’ll now have enough storage to store anything you want.

No home button

There won’t be a physical button on the iPhone this time. Instead, a new and fresh button powered by the 3D touch technology will be used. That would mean that the button could be a sensitive touch pad. Users will no more have to complain about the home button not pressing well or getting stuck at times.

iPhone-7 No headphone jack

No headphone jack

The iPhone 7 won’t have the headphone jack. This smart move will make Apple lead in the long run making it waterproof, a feature that the rivals already have currently. With no physical button and no headphone jack, Apple is hinting a lot about this iteration.

Battery life

The battery life is expected to be much better as usual than the 6 and 6s models. But according to reliable sources, Apple however does not consider prolonged battery life to be a significant sacrifice in other major areas. But if Apple knows battery life has always been a concern, you should expect it to enhance it this time.

Higher screen resolution

Apple is best known for its display screen and the quality of what you see on your screen. It’s giving tough competition to its rivals when it comes to screen resolution. It is expected to higher the pixel density which was 401ppi on Plus models and 326ppi on non-plus models to something much sharper.

So if you are eagerly waiting to go ahead and buy the iPhone 7 just after its release, you may first get your hands on it or rely on trusted reviews. But yes, it is going to be worth owning it. Stay tuned because iPhone 7 is launching soon. You are going to love it if you’re a diehard Apple fan!

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