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Hemendra Singh
Hemendra Singh, Managing Director at The NineHertz
Published on Dec 29, 2016 in App Development
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Many of us have been witnesses of a time when mobile app development was considered a daunting task. However, with the proliferation of technology and the spread of knowledge, mobile app development is now a well-known thing.

We cannot deny the fact that errors and mistakes take place no matter how much efficient we consider ourselves as developers. That's why the mobile app development company Nine Hertz, as far as app development is considered, believes that even a small error can invite grand troubles and risks to your investment. The loss of your valuable time is even excluded. A mobile app development company serves ultimately to ensure and recognize the apps that fall the below satisfaction line in terms of performance, especially those that fail to fulfill clients’ expectations and leave users disappointed.

Let’s stick to the rules highlighted below by Nine Hertz to get rid of these sneaky pitfalls and have the development par excellence.

Sound apparent for various stages of mobile app development

In order to build a strong partnership/bond with your client, the role of clarity becomes highly significant. For instance, the clients may expect that the development agreement will cover all their requirements; however, your estimate only includes iOS development. So, the lack of proper communication might make you suffer in the long run.

But let’s assume you could not convey the message properly and you are approached to fix the issues the clients are facing while uploading the app on Android. In that case, you should step forward and fix it for free for the device not specified in the agreement, no matter if this step eats up a fine piece of your profit. Also, ensure that you clearly highlight devices, OS support and versions in the agreement.

Key Note: Mentioning the expected development cost along with a breakdown right from the beginning will automatically turn you reliable for your client.

Make the change request process a significant part

No one can deny the value of change request process. Before kicking off mobile app development, you must keep the buffer time expecting the client to ask for a few changes during the development. Your buffer time must not impact the project deadlines.

Wandering off from the agreed project costs, both time and money, even if they are minor changes and it has to be conveyed to your client. You can let your client know about this with a small formal change request process that permits you to push back on changes.

Key Note: Get a formal request process done for changes agreed upon your project scope.

Say no to ‘recycling code’

What makes a mobile app development company go crazy is the same worn out question: “Is the code unique?” Asking such a question is quite fine from the client’s point of view because re-using codes can save a lot on time and money. But if the code is not specifically designed for reuse and written recently, you may have to spend more time to build upon this code than if you just create what exactly the client required right from scratch. This is for sure, if you use the old code, prepare yourself for fixing it up time and again and that invites even more pain.

Key Note: Say no to reuse code, especially the one written by you.

Pay more heed to prototypes and mockups

Letting your client know how the mobile app will look like once it is live is something not very effective since it is displayed through static wireframes. The best idea is to help them visualize the app before the development has kicked off. This helps a number of revisions. You can execute it through a design and wireframing process that consists of interactive prototyping.

In your project timeline, make sure to have a few rounds of design and approvals to ensure the delight of your client. Also, the client will be prepared for what you deliver at the end of the project. You can bring tools like Invision, POP or into play for prototyping and Axure and Photoshop for wireframing.

Key Note: Instead of static images, pick interactive prototypes for complex animations to minimize changes during development.

Nine Hertz

Precise cost and timeline for complex tech features

Why most enterprises or top iPhone mobile app development companies struggle to attach delight with quality development? Because they fail to set accurate cost and time of the mobile app expectations, for instance, CMS or notifications. Once you win the sales pitch, you will be in the position to be upfront and let your client know why complex development requires more time and cost.

Not establishing proper communication about this can lead to a matter of conflict because your project schedule starts to stretch due to the complexities. Sometimes, cost or time for a feature remains complicated, in that case, you have to understand their business targets for the app or find out whether that particular feature is really essential or not on the mobile app. You even go to the extent of leaving out the app entirely. There is no point of duplicating the basic method. On the contrary, you can explore other advanced features that are effective as well as cost-effective. Carnival is one of them, it offers a mobile marking automation platform for sending in-app and push notifications, attaching advanced targeting, custom message stream and analytics.

Key Note: Being realistic about mobile app development cost and time for complicated features will make you avoid a lot post development troubles and save your time.


To have a dynamic development process you can well-define user acceptance testing and make plans for the fine treatment of post-launch bugs. However, before using it, you must ensure that it is perfectly organized by defining the testing group and bug tracker. To settle post-launch bugs, ensure that you discuss its support policies and get the client to agree with it. Remember, to be ahead of the cut-throat competition you must be business savvy, master of communication and above all, a manager who carefully handles their clients.

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