Role of Mobile App Analytics to Boost the App Downloads

Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at Fluper Limited
Published on Jul 11, 2019 in Mobile App Marketing
Role of Mobile App Analytics to Boost the App Downloads

Knowledge is the most important and powerful resource in our life. Once you plan for a business measure, monitor and internalize each aspect, at the point, you need to consider lots of things.

For example, mobile app marketing is competitive and high in demand. The data-driven technique and selections always result in a realistic and better performance of your mobile app. Some of the applications are missing out the download which they gain gradually due to the lack of monitoring and analysis.

It does not matter which kind of application you have and the analytics enable you to see a crisp and clear image of your mobile app performance to reach your goals? Mobile app analytics can give you very useful information about who is utilizing your app and their behavior towards your app.

Do you have any idea about why you need to use mobile app analytics? And how can you measure your mobile app performance and increase your app downloads?

Let me tell you –

Why do you need to use mobile app analytics?

Here I am going to discuss some reasons how mobile app analytics help you to expand your business and productivity –

To Create a Robust and Effective Strategy for Mobile App Marketing

If you want to set a measurable goal, then you must know which technique having the biggest return your mobile app.

In case you do not know either your application has an accurate ROI for your whole campaign throughout the data, at the point, you not be able to create a powerful marketing campaign.

To Know Your Mobile App Functions In Respect Of User Experience

Mobile app analytics can provide you an insight in respect to a whole UI of your app right from searching to download to engagement. Thanks to the mobile app analytics, by this, you can view the multiple screens and paths that a user takes while navigating your application.

Analyzing which function or screens they mostly used or which they don’t. Furthermore, you can use these insights to produce new content or a feature for your mobile app that a user would love to engage.

Know Who Your Users Are?

Peoples can have an average of thirty-six applications and utilize only 26% of apps that are available on their Smartphone. Once you set your acquisition or retention strategy, you must know who is actively using your application.

To create the marketing plan, you must know about a user’s device. It might be Android or IOS. Once you know everything, you can easily search the causes and get a better insight into your target audience.

How You Can Use It to Boost Your App Downloads

Role of Mobile App Analytics to Boost the App Downloads

I have already mentioned that peoples have an average of thirty-six applications on their Smartphone’s. This number lessens from the last year.

You might be thinking, isn’t the lessen interesting in a quick and growing mobile app market? Not because the users are downloading the applications more intentionally.

For example, mobile app analytics shows that 100 MB is a kind of psychological approach for users to download your application. The other essential point is an active application usage ratio is 26% approx that I have already mentioned above.

The causes of this condition can be disclosed throughout the analytics. Various metrics can be selected and prioritized in the KPIs. Moreover, you can utilize them in your mobile app analytics.

If you want to keep your application and their audience lives, you can apply an A/B testing. If you need a reliable and best result, then you need to integrate mobile app analytics in your app.

Save Your Precious Time and Resources by Concentrating On the Right Audience

Once you know, who is utilizing your mobile app, which features the love the most and how frequent you concentrate your application’s advantage and disadvantage to enhance it?

And you don’t need to pay your attention and allocate your time as well as resources.

An ideal mobile app analytics tool enables you to monitor a user’s behavior for some functions of the application on a particular date along with some different parameters.

Now use User-Friendly features To Achieve More Downloads

You can monitor the metrics to decide if your application is user-friendly? Getting users to download the application is extremely important. However, you must know how they are using your application and how much time they stay in your app in a single session?

You can monitor the engagement and the length of the session to analyze it. Also, you can get a better insight if your application is user-friendly, then you need to provide effective user experience by enhancing these features.

Know the Difference between the App Downloads and App Usage

Once your app download is enhanced, and a user is tempted through a one time perk, at the point they don’t use the app again and uninstall.

Quick Tip

(If you want to know this, utilize the Churn Rate metrics).

Separate everything to analyze the lifetime value of the users. You also can track and monitor it through mobile app analytics and take action, as per to the data.

Building and Upgrading the Marketing Technique

I am 100 percent sure that you don’t want to lose your money. But if you don’t optimize mobile app analytics in your app, no one can help you. Monitor the ROI metrics in order to prevent this.

Initially, you must know where and by which advertisement network the users are coming prior they downloading your app, for example, your referral sources. By analyzing the lifetime value of the users from a singular source, then you will know the accurate source of your most valuable customers.

You also can separate your marketing channels and monitor them to analyze which campaign will work in a good way. All these insights help you to monitor and track your mobile app ROI effectively.

Once you get notified who is continuously buying or utilizing your application being loyal, you can assign some other marketing technique for them. Do not forget that you need a reliable, effective, precise analytics to perform this activity.

By following this, you can enhance your app marketing strategy and your app downloads in the meantime with an effective audience.

Mobile app analytics is a very smart tool that can help you to make good decisions and define a powerful strategy. Use this data in every single step and don’t let it go your chance to succeed.

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