Reasons to Launch your Fantasy Cricket App in 2019-20

Hemendra Singh
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Published on May 21, 2019 in Mobile Game Developers Resources
Reasons to Launch your Fantasy Cricket App in 2019-20

With around 627 million expected users of the internet in 2019 and out of which 566 million accessing the internet via mobile phones. India is truly a market of opportunity for businesses operating fantasy cricket app. If that's enough, according to McKinsey report, Internet users in India will increase to 800 million in four years.

The year 2019–20 is the year of cricket fans because there are a lot of cricketing events lined up in the coming year or two. Based on the massive success of Fantasy cricket platform Dream 11. Scores of business have realized that 2019–20 is the best season to invest in a Fantasy Cricket App. Cricket fans from all over are highly excited and looking forward to being part of these events.

Fantasy cricket apps will play a vital role in connecting cricket lovers, with the latest updates and developments in the forthcoming cricket events. No wonder in the days ahead Fantasy Cricket App is going to witness massive downloads. This explains the huge potential to make millions of dollars from app market over the next two years. However, only those companies are going to bag the maximum amount of revenues that have already started fantasy cricket app development or are about to start.

Those businesses that have yet not decided or still pondering to allocate resource will most surely miss the bus of opportunity as the time is quickly running out. It is also important for businesses to hire only those fantasy cricket app development companies that have prior experience of developing fantasy cricket app. This will significantly cut down on development time and help launch the app in the market as soon as possible.

Introduction to fantasy cricket app development

Cricket is more than a religion for its fans. They follow cricket as if their life depends on it. Many of them dedicate a good portion of their time to know more about the game and new tactics. If you happen to strike a conversation with them you will quickly learn that they hold good knowledge of the game. There is little wonder why fantasy cricket platform Dream 11 has been so successful in creating a huge presence.

The huge focus on Fantasy cricket app development is because of the huge fanbase that cricket enjoys. There are other sports also that enjoys good fanbase. Because of this Fantasy Sports App Development, in general, is also much in demand. But nothing can compare to the craze of cricket in India. That’s the reason we have many major tournaments like IPL, Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, etc. based around cricket.

Cashing on the huge fan base of millions, fantasy cricket app and even dream11 clone enjoy massive downloads per month. Fantasy cricket platform Dream 11 got highly popular in just 6 years. Today it boasts of being a billion-dollar market for sports organizations. Several IT companies have jumped into the bandwagon of developing their own version of Fantasy cricket platform Dream 11. This reflects immense business potential in this field.

2019–20 is the Best Season to Launch a Fantasy Cricket App

Cricket being the second religion for crazy cricket lovers, any time is just perfect to launch cricket app. But you should bring something new to the table. Apps enjoy maximum downloads and in-app-purchase during the time when there are national or international level events lined up. Here are four mega events lined up for 2019-20. The list shows that now is the best time to invest your time and money in a fantasy cricket app.

  1. Indian premier league (IPL): This event is organized by BCCI every year in India. Interestingly you will find international players from various countries participate in this mega blockbuster league. We are in the mid of the 12th edition of IPL that started on 29th of March. It will end on the 19th of May in 2019. General elections are being held in India this year; few matches of IPL are expected to be scheduled in UAE. The conditions are going to be very different in UAE and sports specialists anticipate this to create more fizz and hype among the fans. Next year in 2020, there will be the 13th edition of IPL which will create another opportunity for all the app developers to mint money provided they have successfully launched their Fantasy Cricket App.
  2. International Cricket World Cup: There is much anticipation from cricket lovers and excitement over the ICC cricket world cup that is scheduled to take place from May 30th to 14th July in England & Wales. The hype and excitement around this event are understandable because the event itself is happening after a gap of four years. This world cup is another opportunity to make money for all those who have their fantasy cricket app available in the store.
  3. Big Bash Cricket League: Just as IPL is for India, this one is the major cricket league of Australia. This year’s Big Bash Cricket League will start from 19th December 2019 and will end on 17th February 2020. Cricket fans from the world over are looking up to this league with great expectations and anticipation as it contains thrilling matches over the beautiful stadiums.
  4. T20 World Cup: This World Cup tournament happens every 2 years and this year’s world cup is scheduled from October 18th to November 15th in 2020 and will be hosted by Australia. Very similar to ODI World cup, the fans get very frenzy during the time of this event. Which means fantasy cricket app in the app store is going to witness massive downloads during this time. This year’s World Cup is the 7th edition of the T20 world cup and a perfect opportunity for fantasy app developers to make a lot of money in a short period of time.

4 Points to consider for Fantasy Cricket App Development

Fantasy cricket apps enjoy a heavy fan base and excellent user engagement. These two combinations are the right mix to get the investors involved. Over the last few years, some of the big business names have ventured into fantasy cricket app business. However, since the concept of fantasy cricket apps is still new, there are not many apps available in the app stores. Which means there is still great opportunity to tap in this area. Not to mention, if you create a fantasy cricket app at this time, you will face lesser competition to make your presence felt and earn a loyal user base. Obviously, you also open yourself to making a lot of money in the process. But if you want to become the next Dream 11, here are a few points that you should definitely consider.

1. Start with competitor analysis

You can never win a game unless you know your opponent. The same applies to the world of business. Conduct thorough research on the competitors. Start with companies that already have their Fantasy cricket apps listed in the store. Prepare a list and study the features they offer. Get a deep understanding of how satisfied their users are. Go through all the reviews provided by the app users in the app store’s review section. This will give you the idea where they lack. Enrich your app with new and exciting features that no app is presently offering.

2. Extreme planning and eye for detail

Failing to plan is as good as you have planned to fail. Planning is extremely important for app success and should be your first step. With regards to fantasy cricket apps, you most probably already know your niche audience. Your planning should include the below points:

  • Team members for fantasy cricket app development
  • Plan out the feature-list
  • Decide budget & resources
  • The deadlines.

3. Think engagement platform

User engagement is the second important thing that determines an app success. Moreover, since the same user could be available on multiple platforms, it is extremely important to decide whether you will offer only a web interface or only a mobile interface or you are going to provide both the interfaces to your users. Freedom to access your fantasy cricket app from multiple platforms will better aid user engagement. With respect to fantasy cricket apps, we suggest you focus heavily on a mobile interface. This is because there are more mobile users compared to desktop users. Additionally, it is more convenient for users to play on mobiles devices since it enables them to play from anywhere and anytime. But from a business perspective, it is always better to have your presence on multiple platforms.

4. Decide the game rules & format

As the owner of the app, you have the deciding power to choose the format and game rules of your business. But when you choose, make sure your personal preferences don’t come in the way what market, in general, is looking for. The game rules and format you choose should be such that helps keep your audience engaged with your app. And not just that, it also provides the excitement of real cricket in this virtual cricket platform.

The reason behind the success of Fantasy cricket platform Dream 11 is because it is aimed to offer wide-ranging game formats that enabled users to participate. From early on, Dream11 offered free contests, practice contest, featured contest, season special content and more. Companies that can create Dream11 clone are also in many demands because several businesses want to replicate their success. However, true success depends not on developing clones of the existing apps but by coming up with a better version and more features. This is where an experienced fantasy cricket app development company can help you.

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