6 Reasons Why Android Oreo Is The Perfect OS for Everyone

Ojus Sharma
Ojus Sharma, Co-founder and CEO at APPLIFY
Published on Jun 06, 2018 in Android Developers Resources
6 Reasons Why Android Oreo Is The Perfect OS for Everyone

According to stats, only 4.65% Android devices are running Android Oreo, as of April 2018.

Only 5 percent users in 8 months! The numbers are clearly low. However, the number of Android Oreo users who love the new OS is pretty high: you can find countless blogs and forums online where people have confessed how Android Oreo completely changed the way they used their smartphones, making the user experience much better. Also, the new OS has gained a lot of popularity through word of mouth.

Now, the enigma is:

Why do people love Android Oreo so much?

Here are some reasons that we were able to figure out:

1. A faster and better operating system

If Google is to be believed, Android Oreo is two times faster than Android Nougat. Boot times have dropped from 35 to 13 seconds. Also, apps like Google Sheets open without much delay. As a result, even the most complex tasks can be completed in less time.

2. Auto-fill framework to enter details automatically

The auto-fill framework of Android Oreo is capable of automatically filling lengthy forms by adding details already provided earlier, which saves users a lot of time.

3. PIP mode to help perform multiple tasks without having to switch screens

Users don’t really need to switch screens to perform multiple functions at the same time. Instead, by using the latest Picture in Picture (PIP) mode in Android Oreo, they can perform two functions on the same screen.

For example: If a user wants to watch a movie and chat with a friend at the same time, he/she can easily do so by using the PIP mode. The video will be shrunk into a small movable window by pressing the home button, after which, the user can still see the video while talking to a friend.

4. Google Play Protect for detecting malicious apps

Poor quality and malware apps have been a challenge among Android users since the early days. But not anymore. With the help of the latest Google Play Protect feature on Android, it has become easy to detect apps that are malicious and to delete them. This means that users don’t really have to worry if their smartphone can be affected by any malware.

5. Improved battery life

Android Oreo already has a feature called Doze that saves battery life by terminating background processes when the smartphone is idle. Apart from this, users can also set restrictions on background apps.

Yet another impressive feature is that Android Oreo flashes a badge if something is running in the background.

6. Better security

Viruses, trojans, and hackers have always been a concern for Android users. Google has resolved these issues with a new feature called Vitals. The feature will work in the background, protecting your device at all times, though not interfering.

In a nutshell

According to our app development experts in Singapore:

We don’t know how things are going to be after the release of Android P. But for now, Android Oreo is the best Android operating system till this date.

Android Oreo is lightweight, fast, and is packed with a set of impressive features. It’s exactly the kind of OS every user would want on their phone. Anyway, what do you think?

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