Reap the best ROI benefits with these features in a salon app

Manish Jain
Manish Jain, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Konstant Infosolutions
Published on Jan 24, 2018 in App Development
Reap the best ROI benefits with these features in a salon app

The first and foremost thing that we want to tell you through this write-up is that your business really can’t afford to live without a mobile app now. Incredibly soaring, the mobile app industry is predicted to reach over a $189 billion by the end of 2020 (data by statista). There’s no other way so pervasive to engage with consumers globally and improve customer experience tenfold.

Today, the spa and salon industry is heavily driven by on-demand services, to be delivered to customer’s doorstep. The salon industry is equally bustling in this mobile app race like the ride-sharing, social networking or healthcare domains. The importance of directly engaging with your customers has keyed up the individual salon owners and the management of the top salon brands worldwide.

A makeup artist or a hairdresser fixes an appointment via mobile, providing on-demand beauty services and they are loved more than ever before. A last-minute booking to deck up for a party is possible without multiple calls to your beautician, only through a mobile app. Whether you need a touch-up or a body massage before the evening party, just tap on your phone, make an appointment, get it confirmed and within 30 mins, the specialist is at your doorstep to glam up your look or knead your body parts, giving you the most relaxing time.


StyleSeat: an online destination for beauty and wellness professionals available both IN Android and iOS apps. It connects users with top beauty professionals in NY City and lets you book an appointment choosing the best salons from an expansive directory of salons and professionals. BeautyBooked has also become a part of StyleSeat now. StyleSeat helps the beauty expert better manage their appointments. Direct calling and messaging through the app is permissible.

Vagaro: Vagaro is a web and app-based solution for salon and spa owners to promote their services and connect with customers through web or mobile platforms. It offers a great B2C platform where salon owners can customize their pages on Vagaro and display their booking slots, allowing consumers to book an appointment at the time that’s convenient to them.The best part about Vagaro app is that it works 24/7 and offers instant deals and discounts to the app users of the current specials in their town.

UrbanClap: it’s an on-demand app destination for all types of urban lifestyle services. Salon services are part of UrbanClap, offering professional makeup artists and hairstylists through the apps on Google Play and Apple App Store. It works for the global audience.

And there are many more professional salon mobile services including Beauteeze, SpaFinder, Beautified, GlamSquad running successfully in different parts of the world.

Mobile apps are becoming essential for businesses small and large. Startups of today are stimulated by the instant delivery and on-demand services because the same consumer that visits Starbucks and The Body Shop are coming to your salons. Thus, you need to go beyond in-salon services and begin to think of serving them more personally and conveniently through mobile apps.

Learn about the value that can be derived by your happy customer if you add the following features to your app:

Multiple device compatibility

The very first thing that you need to verify with your salon app is that if it is compatible with multiple devices on the market or not. Top mobile app developers in the industry focus on developing an app that runs seamlessly on all devices including desktop, mobile, tablets, iPads; on all platforms including iOS, Android, Windows; and on all versions of the OSes.

If your app works the same on different devices and the page load time is as minimal as 2 seconds, your customers will be inclined to use more your services and recommend it with a 5-star rating to their friends, family and colleagues.

Fully customizable

Customers increasingly crave for instant satisfaction and are cozying up to ideas where they have the full power to customize their appointment using a salon app. For instance, if a user wants to book an appointment but want to avail those services in parts like alternate days due to the time crunch, you give them the leverage to make partial bookings. We bet you will add 10 more users the same day. In a salon industry, custom service is the key to client’s happiness.

You will be easy to remember through your fully customizable services on the app. This is indeed a great chance for you to be unique and stand out by introducing more variations in bringing tailor-made app services to the table.

Two-way communication

Your customer is evolving at a faster rate than your startup idea. Changing expectations are transforming consumer behavior, which is why they need endless channels of communication. In fact, an app owner will be benefited by letting customers that they are not just connected to the app but are heard and understood well by the app people.

A two-way communication in a salon app means that when a new user books an appointment, they receive an immediate response back from your team via text or email saying how excited you are to serve them. This will let your users know how you care about them and will be more likely to turn from a new user to a loyal/repeat customer. And as they say in marketing, “80% of your future profits will come from just 20% of your existing customers”, this two-way communication guarantees a higher ROI and revenues.

Moving forward, once a user becomes your repeat customer, an effective two-way communication will also help you resolve your customer’s query or address the concerns as early as they want it, thereby delivering a more connecting user experience.


Typically, an app development process focuses on the customers and the management. We generally tend to forget our employees/workforce. A good salon app is equally gratifying for their employees because no wonder, internal workforce has a high impact on the ROI of any app business. While choosing the software for your app, make sure it pleases your employees along with your customers. Your employees’ happiness and productivity play a major role in the success of the app.

Seamless tracking

In the last five years, what has truly metamorphosed the mobile app industry is data. This is the ‘age of information’ and data is crucial for every business, even for your salon app. Once you cognize with your user’s choices of brands, service offerings, you can save them for later mobile app marketing campaigns. Relevant push notification for offers and services the customer had been using in the past from your app is the right strategy to increase the ROI.

So, in this case, you need a foolproof, seamless tracking plan for each user that signs up to your app. As a result, you can extract essential and meaningful information about the user and then put it to a better user.

There are various tracking software available on the market including Google Analytics, Apple Analytics, Appsee, Appsflyer, Countly, Loyalytics and more. These tools will help you perform better by showing the important performance metrics like API latency, uptime, errors, data transactions, in-app analytics KPIs, clicks, services used, purchases made, new or returning customers.

Use Facebook as a key communication tool

In today’s time, it is rare that you won’t find a customer active on Facebook. Facebook marketing has become a game-changer for global app marketers. It is the perfect medium to communicate with your customers directly or indirectly through engaging advertisements, marketing videos or short movies. For a salon app, you can use Facebook to:

  • Write relevant posts that engage your customers like ‘tips to a cleaner skin in 7 days’.
  • Post pictures of wedding hairstyles, beautiful and chic nail art ideas that your professionals can do.
  • Engage customers through Facebook contests and giveaways: offering them discounts on your services the next time they use your app, or referral discounts.
  • Provide your Facebook fans with special deals.
  • Use trending hashtags to stay on the top searches like #happyholidays.
  • Demonstrate before and after pictures of customers who used your services.


The most brilliant salon app ever developed would struggle to extend its services making it a complete beauty solution, which not only provides services but also provides beauty tips and trends to its consumers. Some of the top mobile app developers India are known for their most modern and feature-rich salon app solutions.

Think about how revolutionary your salon app will become by incorporating all these features above; thus, selling experiences and lifestyles over products. So, we need to take one giant leap towards innovating better than the competitors and dive in earlier than them. Hire mobile app developers like Konstant and design a new salon app focused on the emotional needs of the savvy consumer.

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