React or Native app development, a preface

Amit Upadhyay
Amit Upadhyay, Co-founder and CTO at BrainMobi
Published on Feb 13, 2018 in Cross Platform Developers Resources
React Native, a preface

Psst! React Native has over 20 million developers working on it!

React Native is one of the fastest growing programming languages among Cross Platform App Developers. It has quickly become one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. Developed by Facebook and open-sourced in May 2013, the popularity of React Native has been nothing short of spectacular.

As you might know, it is a mobile JavaScript framework based on React, which is another framework developed by Facebook. It is a view-only front-end framework. This essentially means that the ‘M’ and ‘C’ of MVC is not something you can handle with React Native. You could use other front-end frameworks along with it to have a complete MVC though.


Cross platform app development

While it was initially developed by Facebook with support for iOS, React Native has recently started supporting Android. With this update, its library has started supporting Android rendering which was something that it couldn’t do earlier.

Ever used Facebook’s Ads Manager app? Well, React Native was what Facebook used to build it for both iOS and Android. Even the development team didn’t change.

You can clearly see the motto “Write Once, Use Anywhere” in action when you work on React Native.

Native rendering

WebView components used in many hybrid apps are now a thing of history with the help of React Native. The building blocks of React Native are basically native components which are reusable and can be directly compiled to native. Almost every component that you can use in Android and iOS has a counterpart in React, which gives the apps made using React Native a more native look.

Such component-based structures also give room to mobile app developers for building apps using a web like approach for app development. Compared to most of the hybrid frameworks, it is more agile without using web even a bit. Apps built using React Native have the looks, speed, and the functionality of native apps.

Augment existing apps without overhauling

You can easily apply the UI components of React Native to the code of any existing app without rewriting anything at all. For businesses wanting to augment existing apps without overhauling, this is a huge advantage of using React Native.

If the app you made was built using Ionic or Cordova, you can reuse that code easily using a plugin. That is the level of freedom that React Native gives to the mobile app developers using it to make hybrid mobile apps.

JavaScript based

Anyone who knows JavaScript can easily learn how to work on React native. It is essentially why it is so easy for front-end web developers to be mobile developers in the blink of an eye. They don’t have to learn Java or Swift. All they need to know is JavaScript, platform APIs, a few native elements, and a few design patterns native to the platform.

That is still not all. Its library includes inline styling debugging, support deploying, and CSS styling. While it is new, it is quickly maturing since Facebook is planning to continue looking after the growth of React Native.

Superior UI

Ever found Facebook’s UI to be flawed? React Native is even more flawless! React Native is focused primarily on building mobile UI. It is more UI-focused than JavaScript frameworks like MeteorJS and AngularJS. Its UI is truly responsive and has a fluid feel owing to JavaScript intercommunications with native environments. Hence, the apps built using React Native load quicker than most of the available hybrid apps.

Efficient native app development

Native app development is often associated with lower developer productivity, lower efficiency and higher time to deploy the app. React Native changes everything. It brings the agility and speed associated with web development to hybrid development space, all with a highly native look and feel.

It brings together ReactJS’s superior app performance, and DOM abstraction for cross platform mobile app development.

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